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Cyber Bitcoin
Harley-Cloud Information Technology company was established in early 2016, it headquarter in Shenzhen released its first production, panda miner.

Some of the rising stars in the field of digital currency which has equally matched with bitcoin,try to avoid hashrate monopoly of professional miner by modifying mining algorithm.Competitive coin developers modified the algorithm makes the existing professional miner can’t be compatible, and must use computer equipment such as computer cpu or graphics card miner  which makes more people involved, more widely distributed.

In most of the improved algorithm, graphics card mining has highest efficiency, programmer calls the core of graphics chip to develop mining program, and AMD core number is much higher than computer cpu and NVIDIA series graphics card, so the performance is much better, in theory, graphics cards can support new generation of digital currency and the new improved algorithm, and graphics miner is the only one can support the most kinds of algorithm currently.

The traditional graphics miner need to buy desktop computer accessories to do self-assembly, complex hardware and software installation makes it inconvenient, the hardware part also has some mining unrelated resources, waste of energy and equipment costs, in addition , compatibility is also uneven, in such a background, the Panda Miner came into being.

Panda Miner was developed from Feb 2016, and now the developer has perfected graphics parameters on the basic of regional mature industry chain and summary of the advantages of graphics card miner on existing market,panda miner is going to be leading miner among industries.

Panda adopt 8 pieces integrated professional AMD RX 480 graphics card, abandoned some of the mining hardware resources through a reasonable design,it not only saved the cost of investment, but also make the same performance of lower power consumption, its professional design make mining be more convenient.

Official parameters of Panda Miner:
Amount of graphics cards: AMD RX480 * 8
Hashrate/Power consumption: 230MH (ETH) / 1380W; 1160SH (Zcash) / 1100W

Here comes the latest evaluation from cybtc:

1. outward appearance

The Panda Miner we received this time is for mass production (with manufacturers customized professional power version)
Panda miner adopt inside and outside double-layer carton package, printed with manufacturers’ logo on box, two hard foam board on top and bottom of the miner which has the effective protection of transporting, carton size (length 93CM * width 36CM * height 22CM).


Panda miner chassis is a flat design, using a metal material, black matt paint, on the top of the miner is miner logo. With beautiful and exquisite workmanship.



In front of the miner has 5 diameter of 8cm four-wire cooling fan (12V0.8A) , where air go out through.



On the back of the chassis has five louver heat sink fences, 4 of them equipped with cooling fans, where wind go through in.


One side face of it has 7 pci-e 6 pin power cable interfaces.


The other side face is the computer peripheral interface, switch button and status lamps, the bottom left corner attached a id number of remote control software and password label.



On the back of the miner, there is a small removable panel(showed as below pic), inside are the motherboard's memory and solid hard drive, which is very convenient to maintain, this kind of design is similar to notebook .



At the corner of top face has a parameters label of the miner.


Now go to internal structure, you can see the miner are make up with eight graphics card, 4 pieces on top and bottom side respectively. Card design is easy to maintain.



Graphics card equipped with supper thin metal heat sink, with a horizontal wind duct which has a better performance than common aluminum thick heat sink.


The other side of internal structure is the main control board, you can see the motherboard chip and CPU.


Here is the physical parameters of the miner.


Self-contained power supply is 1600w, with 7 pieces pci-e 6 pin power plug (standard cable is 16awg). Official customized professional power supply is the Grand. Grand power supply has a good performance and its own dragon series is widely used in various types of miner.



Following are physical parameters of the power supply.


The miner we received this time weight 7.7kg , power supply net weight is 2kg, packaging cartons net weight is 2.7kg, total weight is about 12.4kg. (The above physical parameters are manual measurements, with slight deviation.)


Panda installation is very simple, make power supply interfaces be full.




Connect to the display.


Connect mouse and keyboard to miner


And then connect to internet


Below is complete connection pic.


3.Installation settings

Switch the power button ,turn on the power, the network and status lamps are on.


After ten seconds, the display shows system page.


Operating system is widespread Microsoft , windows10 version. You can view all information of miner.




Panda Miner offers three major popular competing mining options at present, ethereum, Zcash, Monroe.
  Miner operation environment and the mining process has been debugged already, you just need to finish some simple settings then you can start to mine. Settings about mining Ethereum is simple, click edit of eth.bat APP on desk and then modify wallet address to your own and save it, then double clicking document ,then just start to mine.





Mining page is be refreshed all the time , you can see the real-time hashrate and real-time power.


Measured the average hashrate is 232M after 24 hours operation ,and there is no obvious fluctuation on hashrate curve.



Panda Miner can do remote control by installing Teamviewer software.



The noise of test room is 38dBa, room temperature is about 17 degrees.
Ethereum under normal stable operation has 235M hashrate ,turn off display ,measured power consumption is 1295W.


Noise part, when miner under normal operation, measured noise is about 81dBa with spacing 20cm from miner.


Temperature part ,air inlet is about 21.5 degrees.


Air outlet is about 28 degrees.


The power consumption of Zcash. Open Zcash directory editor on the desktop. Go into config.txt file to modify the wallet address to your own address.




Double-click the start.bat file to start mining



Hashrate is about 1400sol to 1800sol.




1). Panda miner has exquisite workmanship, easy to use, and support remote control operation.

2). Actual hashrate and power consumption close to the official one, has stable operation.

3).For temperature, due to the short air duct, the temperature difference is not obvious from begin to end.

4). Adopt 9 powerful fans, then the noise is a little high, equip high  speed fans to achieve high stability and adapt to multiple mine environment. The actual wind duct of miner is not long, if the room temperature is low, you can chose a lower speed fan. Noise has a certain optimization space depending on temperature of mine ground.

5).Operation system (win10) has many procedures in the background, which theoretically can affect the stability of miner, so it need to further optimization.

6). Graphics card miner can support a lot of algorithms, can download mining software and configuration software on competitive coin’s official website. Theoretically, graphics miner also can support future new algorithm, coupled with the support of official follow-up software, it does have a good performance.

7).In the field of competitive currency, the algorithm is upgraded all the time,at the situation of lacking miner of certain algorithm ,for miners who want to build graphic card miner, panda is a good choice which has the advantage of stability,cost ,sustainability.


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