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On September 8, 2019, INNOSILICON core T3+ series mining machine new product launch conference was held in Chengdu Wanda Ruihua Hotel, on the theme of "excellent performance, extremely stable" new product launch. The conference is crowded and lively. INNOSILICON has released a new generation of self-developed third-generation T3+ series bitcoin mining machine, the A10 Ethereum mining machine, and the A9++ large ZCash (ZEC) mining machine.



Our squad had just landed from Kunming at noon on September 8 rushed from the airport to the venue of the conference - Wanda Ruihua Hotel. We entered the venue.


INNOSILICON new product launch reception.


Well-ordered venue layout waiting for the arrival of the guests.


The moderator announced that this INNOSILICON "excellent performance, extremely stable" new mining machine launch conference officially started.


INNOSILICON President Yan Gang
's opening speech: The theme ‘Get the advantage of the buyable product!!’. The cycle of the mining industry, the bear conversion period of the market presents its own unique insights. Yan always proposed that the current hash power growth is still lagging behind the growth of the coin price. In particular, the recent production capacity of wafers (chips) is insufficient. A lot of delivery is definitely a bottleneck. In the mining gold window period, in recent months, the advantage of the spot currency has been good. The most important thing for miners is to seize the quality spot mining machine. Because of only 440,000 coins left before the halving. This 1T hash rate is not the future of the 1T, knows the time and opportunity cost of calculating the mining machine. Early digging early morning locks the position to avoid uncertainty is a smart miner. The goal of INNOSILICON is to deliver quality and stable mining machines in a timely manner and solve the pain points of various practical operations for miners.


Charles, the head of Samsung China, introduced the good relationship with INNOSILICON in Chinese on the spot: INNOSILICON is the first Chinese customer of Samsung finfet and the largest number of products in China. It is also the market leader of domestic chip IP. Each generation of products has achieved beyond. Samsung praises INNOSILICON's technological innovation capability and will continue to support and INNOSILICON in IP and chip wafers. All aspects of cooperation.


Guest sharing session:

Wang Shuangquan, the founder of Zhongtian Yuncheng, shared the idea of constructing a mining farm and choose of a reliable mining farm. The founder of the Love Mining Family, Jin Yuanmao, shared the trend of cloud computing and mining industry. HashCow CEO Wang Chong and Guihua Technology CEO Xiao Guihua also gave a wonderful speech respectively.

Xiao Guihua, Founder of Guihua Technology, introduced his relationship with Bitcoin and his mental journey in the mining circle.


Hashcow CEO Wang Chong shares mining experience and his understanding of blockchain asset securitization.


Intermission time: The experience of mining exchange during the tea break was very hot, the crowds were moving, and the talks between the peers were very happy.

Meeting hallway between tea breaks.


Converging exhibition halls of major mining companies.


Heavy links: September new product spot officially unveiled INNOSILICON core T3+ series mining machine, A10 Ethereum mining machine, and A9++ ZCash (ZEC) mining machine.

The new generation of INNOSILICON core T3+ uses a more optimized chip integration design, 4 fan fault tolerant design (double redundancy), redundant design high temperature + adaptive protection



New T3+57T parameters: hash rate 57T, power consumption 3300W and low power mode energy efficiency ratio as low as 48W/T, September delivery.


High-performance version T3+67T Parameters: Hash rate 67T, Power consumption 3300W, the best energy efficiency ratio 46W/T, continue to optimize to 70T.


Two T3+ real machine display stands in the exhibition hall:


High-performance version T3+67T



Roundtable: Zhu Hao, co-founder of the Poolin mining pool, discussed with the guests the charm of the mining industry and the direction of the future mining industry.


After sharing the in-depth knowledge and experience sharing of the mining industry, the INNOSILICON September heavy new T3+ series mining machine conference was officially announced. INNOSILICON T2T 30T series spot bitcoin mining machine has become the best-selling model on the market this year since its release. It is expected that the new T3+ series mining machine will create more glory.

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