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On May 19, 2019, the "MicroBT - New Generation Bitcoin Mining Machine Whatsminer M20 Conference" was held at the first Marriott Hotel in Chengdu. At the launch conference with the theme of “Extreme Win-Win, Successful Reproduction”, MicroBT founder and CEO Yang Zuoxing officially released the latest generation Whatsminer M20 series bitcoin mining machine.


The latest generation of Whatsminer M20 series bitcoin mining machines released by MicroBT has five models, all of which use Samsung 8nm chips.

  • Whatsminer M20: hash rate 45T, power consumption is 48W/T.
  • Whatsminer M21: hash rate 28T, power consumption ratio 60W/T.
  • Whatsminer M21B (repay old customers): Providing mining board as the same format of  M3 and the customer can replace the new board to their M3 machine. And the M3 component assembly is used to continue to use the control board, power supply, and casing of the M3 mining machine to reduce user cost and improve utilization. Hash rate 28T, power consumption than 60W.
  • Whatsminer M21S (economic model): provide standard 56T hash rate, power consumption ratio of 60W/T, low power mode hash rate 30T, power consumption ratio of 50W.
  • Whatsminer M20S (performance model): the highest hash rate, the best power consumption ratio, 68T power, 48W power consumption.

We recently received two new bitcoin mining machines, Whatsminer M21-28T and Whatsminer M21S-50T.

(Whatsminer M21S-50T and Whatsminer M21-28T)

Whatsminer M21-28T

Whatsminer M21-28T is similar to Whatsminer M3. It adopts integrated design, long power supply and short machine body.


The mining board of the machine is designed to be same format of Whatsminer M3 mining machine. The user can purchase the mining board separately and use the M3 component assembly to continue to play the functions of the M3 mining machine's control board, power supply, casing, and other accessories, reducing the cost of replacement.

Whatsminer M21-28T

Whatsminer M3

Whatsminer M21-28T officially announced that the hash rate is 28T, the power consumption ratio is 60W. The physical size of the mining machine is 380x130x220mm, and the weight is 6.7 kg.




Whatsminer M21-28T comes with standard P5-12-2200-v1 power supply, providing DC 12.8V maximum 172A output.



Whatsminer M21-28T power supply is fixed with specially designed aluminum profiles and assemble with the mining machines. The fixing bracket on the power connector side takes into account the power supply fixing and wire protection. It can also be used as the handle of the whole machine, which is very convenient.




Whatsminer M21-28T control board and the power board use the flat cable connection, Before starting the machine, check the cable connection such as this just happened to encounter the loose line.



The control board has an Ethernet interface, a TF card slot, an IP address reporting button, a system reset button, and a status indicator. The MAC address of the network card attached to the control board. The finding of machine IP address will be much more convenient with the MAC address.



Two 12038 fans are used, one for air-inlet and one for exhaust, and the fan power is 12V 2.8A.


Now the connection of the mining machine is more convenient. Just connect the power cable and the network cable. The power consumption of the Whatsminer M21-28T is 1790W. The noise of the machine running at a distance of about one meter is about 80 decibels.



The control panel shows a hash rate is 28.45T, the average 24-hour power of the mine is 28.53T, and the power consumption ratio is 62.74W/T.




Whatsminer 21S-50T

The overall appearance of the Whatsminer M21S-50T is the same as that of the M20S-68T that was previously evaluated by us. Except for the difference in hash rate. Whatsminer M21S-50T has a body size of 390x155x240mm and weighs 1055g.




Whatsminer M21S-50T has replaced the power supply with the latest P21-12-3600-V1, supports DC output of 12V 285A+12V 12A, and the power supply and control board have voltage regulating cable connection.


Whatsminer M21S-50T's power supply uses a 16A connector, the power cable uses a 3-core cable. The difference between the 10A power cable is still very obvious. Here to pay attention, 16A and 10A plug is different format.



Whatsminer M21S-50T measured power consumption is 3380W. The machine running noise at one meter is about 100 decibels.


The hash rate showed on the control panel is 50.75T, the average 24-hour power of the mining machine is 51.04, and the power consumption ratio is 66.22W/T.




Whatsminer M21S-50T's control panel also provides a low-power mode option. After selecting this option, the miner's power is maintained at 15-16T, and the power consumption is about 1500W, indicating that this mode has not been officially opened and not available in this moment.




After a comprehensive trial, Whatsminer M21-28T power consumption ratio 62.74W/T power ratio will have a slight advantage as M21S-50T power consumption ratio is 66.22W/T. But the overall hash rate difference is smaller.


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