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Cyber Bitcoin
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Hello everyone, I’m AL.F, This time I wanna show you the KNCminer Neptune 20nm bitcoin miner, also known as the first 20nm bitcoin miner in the whole world.

It cost me 10,000 dollars, though the hash rate of the miner reaches to 3THash/s, for the sake of customers’ cost recovery, KNCMinerhas promised to send me another 3THash/s miner for free when delivering the 3rd purchase order. However, according to my calculation, it is still pretty difficult to recover my investment cost.

It has been a couple of days since I got this machine, but for some reasons I can’t test it earlier. (By the way, The Canada customs charged me 1500 Canadian dollars fortariff. T^T )

OK, let’s do the evaluation.
The package isn’t seriously big or heavy, much better than those which weighdozens of kilograms.


Open the package, some protective thick cardboards and bubble warp is covering the goods.


Aset of KNC Neptune 20nm Bitcoin Miner consist of 5 modules and a controller.



The controller package includes 5 data cables and a PCB with a KNC customized control panel on it.


The control panel has a small LCD screen.


Network interface and power interface are placed at the same side of the control panel.


Bottom side of the control panel.


Data cables.


Here comes the most important part: the module, viewed from the top side.


Viewed from the front side, it looks fabulous.


The back side indicates that it needs a data cable to connect with the control panel and a 6-pin power supplyto power it up.


A big fan is embeddedinto the module.


Anenormousradiator is also embedded into the module.


Unscrewing the module, there are 2 screws in3 sides.




I believe it is the same radiatoras Jupiter’s and Mercury’s.


Viewed from the front side, it looks fabulous.


Another side.


A large built-in fan helps cooling.


Thanks to the huge radiator, itkeeps the PCBs away from dusts.


The interfaces on back side.


According to official recommendation, it needs2x1200W power supplies, so I chose the ENERMAX MAXREVO 1350W power supply.


Assembling,plug the data cable into the module.


Plug the same data cable into the control panel.


Connect the module with my1350W power supply via a 6-pin cable.
Of course, we need a jumper to activate thedesktop PC power supply.


Just short circuitthe 4th port and 5th port.


The miner worked!


The small LCD screen is used to display IP address of the miner, or current hash rate when the miner is in operation.


Each module contains a chipset, each chipset includes 4 cores. The average power consumption for each module is 300W.


Unfortunately, 3 coresfailed to initializein this module. Still, could be worse,I found another module was broken entirely. I had no idea whether it was related to my bad luck or bad quality of the product.


So I got the average hash rate of 2200GHash/s, the good thing was, it’s quite stable, the error rate was nearly 0%.


I’ve contacted KNC for assistance, they replied my e-mail within one day, and promised to send me good modules with free international shipping as soon as they receive my malfunctioning components.Their after-sales services are not bad.

Let me do the math: The 13 working cores generated 2200 GHash per second, which means a module with 4 cores generates approximately 676 GHash per second, so 5 modules could do more than 3.3 THash/s. and the power consumption could up to 1500W. Thehash rate to power ratio is 1G : 0.45W, I believe it has the best hash rate to power ratio in the world.

As for the popular concern about its noise, I have to admit that the built-in fan is the quietest fan I’ve ever seen among all the miners. It sounded pretty much like from a family computer. Still, this benefit comes with a price, each radiator costs 400 RMB.
Hope my new modules arrive soon, and get this miner worked with full speed.

That’s all for the evaluation, thank you!

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