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Cyber Bitcoin
After a 40G bitcoin miner issued last year, BTC Gardens introduce his latest bitcoin miner, AM-V1, based on newly developed firedcat 40nm chips with about output 310GHs and power consumption 324W. The miner consists of two blades, each blade 16 chips.?

1. Packing

Let's burst out shot of the box. Carton boxes with foam board. Ensure safety transportation.


The miner with simple structure and a simple frame supporting two blades.


Both should be 14cm PC case fans. We expect it can provide a quite quiet mining environment.


Two LAN cables. One is connect to raspberry pie and the other is for the interconnection between the two blades.


2. Hardware Connection

A ATX power supply is needed for the miner. Conversion cables, PCIE 6pins convert to 2 pins, is required for connection and they are provide by the factory. We plug in the PCIE 6 pins to the power supply and 2 pins to the blade. The power supply need to short circuit the green and black on its 24 pins for turn on the power supply.


Connect raspberry pie with 26pin connector cable provided, mining machine pictured above on the left side of the socket is to raspberry pie, the right of the jack with the cable connected to the left socket of another blade. You can refer to the diagram.


After complete the connection between the miner to power supply and ti to the raspberry pie. Short circuit the 24 pins of power to turn on the miner. You can see a amazing light from fans.



3. Software Configuration

Input the IP address of miner,, into the browser and press "enter". You will see the configuration page of the miner. If your routers IP is not, please modify it before connection with miner. Configuration page is very simple, just three pages: cgminer, Network, cgminerstatus.

cgminer pages are for modify mining machine, e.g. frequency of blades. But according to manufacturers, the frequency can be only set to 310.




cgminer status


The output shown is 309.36G. It is match to the specification.


About 300G shown on the mining pool (f2pool).

The power consumption is about 322.5W.


The selling point of this miner is quiet. It is quite quiet compared with other mining machines. The noise level of it is like ANTMiner and suitable for mining at home or office.


4. Conclusion

The wiring and settings of AM-V1 bitcoin miner are relatively simple. The most selling point is quiet!?

From the message of manufacturers, two miner can share one raspberry pie. You can connect the LAN cable form the second miner to the plug of second blade of the first miner.


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