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Ebang E9 miner is a type of bitcoin miner with high hashrate which released by new three board listed company in Zhejiang Province billion state shares (stock code: 833294). E9 uses mine chip designed by itself independently(chip has advanced 14nm technic process), the hashrate of it can reach 6.3T/S, proportion between power production & consumption is 140W/T.

Official parameters of E9 miner:
Hashrate: 6.3TH / S (-5% ~ + 10%)
Power consumption: 140W / T (-10% ~ + 15%, AC / DC 93% efficiency, 25 ℃ operating temperature)
Chip amount: DW1227 96pieces (14nm LPP technic process)

Here comes the latest evaluation from Cybtc :

1. outward appearance

E9 miner adopt 5-layer supper hard box, put two pieces hard foam board between miner and box on top and bottom respectively which call floating package and it can achieve a very good shock-prevent performance. There wrap a layer pvc film on box which played a certain moisture-proof effect, the box printed with logo and manufacturers information.



Inside of the box is a miner and self-contained controller.


Miner is long column type and the chassis shell use a solid alloy material, looks exquisite.


In the front face of the miner you can see the honeycomb shape protection net where use to let air out, and the honeycomb design has the advantage of reducing noise,this side face also has net cable interface and double pci-e 6 pin power cable interfaces of hashrate and status lamps.


On the back of the miner, you can see the single cooling fan design, the fan is 12CM(12v3a, highest speed is 3000r) and connect to controller through the four-pin connect cable, wind go in through the fan.


The other side of the miner paste information of manufacturers and manufacturers’ logo


The top of the miner is a controller that connects to 2 pieces hashrate plate through cable.
Following are physical parameters of the miner.



Test power supply we used this time is miner professional power which developed by wing bit independently, output power is 1500W and the conversion rate is 93%, conversion rate close to gold ATX power, self-contained 6 pieces pci-e 6 pin power cables.


E9 miner is easy to assemble. First you need to connect to power supply, and make sure that both power supply cable interfaces are connected of hashrate plates.


Then connect to internet.


Here is the complete connection pic of the miner.


3.Installation settings

Turn on the power, miner will assign ip address automatically, scan the latest ip device to access and go into the background(need sure that they are in same ip field Indication about settings of net and ip please refer to this post).

You also can search and modify miner ip through wing bit management software .Download address:



Input mine ip address on browser, there is a password login box, input initial user name and password by relative information.


E9 miner management background is entire Chinese interface, the default home page is the state and the system settings page, you can see the operation information of miner.


Network settings


Mine pool settings


More indication about interface settings can refer to official document. Download Address:

The state lamps of miner under normal operation .



My operating environment: room temperature 19 degrees, indoor noise 39dBa more or less.

No complex settings when E9 miner is working ,you just need to set network and miner pool done in advance ,then the miner can operate and adjust automatically .

with optimization of the hashrate, the frequency set to 735w, fan speed set to high level, measured average hashrate is 6.6T


Measured power is 1020W


After long time running, mine pool hashrate curve was stable and no obvious fluctuation.


For noise part, using a silent gold power supply, when the miner under stable operation, the fan speed set to low level about 2000r, measured noise is 70dBa with spacing 20cm from fan.



Fan speed set to medium level about 2430r, measured noise is 76dBa with spacing 20cm from fan.



Fan speed set to high level about 2700r, measured noise is 80dBa with spacing 20cm from fan.



When the fan set to be automatic, we measured the minimum noise is 66dBa at night .


For temperature part,the chassis is 32 degrees.


Heat sink plate is 44 degrees.


Air inlet is 23 degrees.


Air outlet is 32 degrees.



Based on years of experience in operating telecom equipment and cloud hashrate, wing bit have developed mine management software and it has complete and simplified two versions. This management software has multiple features, easy to operate and manage.





1. Mine work has exquisite manufacture and to provide Chinese user interface, easy to use.

2. Average hashrate is 6.6T, power is about 1020w (Note: Miner power consumption is slight different depending on their features). With good performance, as a 14nm chip miner, there should be some room for optimization.

3. Noise part, fan speed set to low level and with stability ,the noise is about 70dBa. If the temperature is lower, the noise is lower.

4. Heat sink part, we measured the chip temperature is only 40 degrees. But the temperature difference is a little obvious from begin to end.

5. Management software provided can manage the miner and the network, also has powerful function, it not only can cope with a batch of operation settings of miner, but also alarm the emergence of abnormal miner, and mark the location of the miner in bothway,easy to manage for mine.

6. manufacturers throughout the country more than 10 service points will gradually open after-sales service. For the miners’ requirements in this area, worth the wait



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