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Cyber Bitcoin
Zhao Dong is a famous person between bitcoin players.Here is Zhao Dong's HashRatio 768G Asic miner with friedcat third generation chip.

1. Package:

Asic miner with plastic film


Power:Using the DELL server power.Secondhand,can reduce a lot of investment.


General appearance: compact,but let me feel worried about heat radiation.


Unplug the power plug in the Asic miner case,we can see 2 of PCIE interfaces.That means the miner not only can use the server power and can also use PCIE and ATX power.If you have a power supply already,it can save a part of the investment.



This asic miner did not take data line,but have a motherboard,looks compact.This kind of design also brings the maintenance problems.



2. Installation:

This is how to connected with the power supply:


Don't try to reduce the fan speed, otherwise it will cause the overheat protection.


Connect Raspberry pie USB port to the miner's USB port.Download the official firmware for raspberry pie.( firmware file size exceeds 7Gb.You should write the SD card with win32DiskImager under WIN7.Pls do not use winxp.


3. Software setting:

After that,insert the SD card to the raspberry pie and start it.


Go to IP address, you will see the state page.Here you can not directly change the setting.You should enter the raspberry pie system first,then input from the command line: sudo nano /etc/cgminer.conf editing configuration files, modify your worker.Press Ctrl+O to save, then exit(Ctrl+X).

4. Power consumption, noise and temperature test:



Noise: 90.58dBA(0 cm)





5. Summary

Zhao Dong said: "in order to save the cost,we chose secondhand server power supply,so the real power consumption is higher than the declared value.You can choose a nice one(power conversion rate is 90%),the power consumption is about 800W"

In addition,large noise mainly comes from the server power.

Anyways,this HashRatio 768G Asic miner have good design.But with the summer coming,there is also a problem --how to make the miner cooling? And the power consumption of this miner is not good as we expect.If you are interested,you have to buy 10 of this asic miner once time.

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