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Integration of the four boards ,each has 12 chips,450g-480GH,Power 500W。What is the differents in the Miner X3? We make this evaluation for you...

Xiao Qiang has first new type miner base on Frycat's chip3 in May. The next is a small USB miner type R1, which has 3 same Frycat's chip, at computing ability of 36G. It is for experience.


The following June they has announced type R2, four boards, same Frycat's third generation chips, each has 12 chips,total 450g-480GH,Power 500W. It has fashionable appearance, which operation interface and net official station has English and Chinese, for global miners.


In this process, Xiao Qiang official collection experience feedback and suggestions, aiming at the complex environment and habits of domestic user,  e launched  field deployment and simple operation section to the miner, product code: R3, R4.

This time we got Xiao Qiang's miner type R4, four board each, 12 Frycat's chip each board. total computing ability 480G. Following is newest evaluation.


Open picture

R4 machine adopts five layer carton packaging, double bubble, a full range of package, to ensure transportation safety.


up and down have bubble too.


Two fans in front of the box.  Stainless steel chassis shell, look like a cube.


Incouding one of green edition raspberry Pie 2, and a 8G-SD card (Firmware)


physical parameters


Friendly, this is picture of power weight for you.


Could you see, there are two high speed fans, each has four line, in the front. Two of four line are for temperature control. The whilt line is for connect raspberry Pie2's USB. Black line is for its power.


The side of the box has provided with four round holes. These hole are for the PCI-E power supply interface, which can be used to connect the machine power supply.


Its back, two board make a tube for air corresponding, against front fans.



The evalation has same power of the LITEON LITE-ON servers power supply, 750W.


Xiaoqiang R4 machine connection is very simple. Insert the SD card into raspberry pie interface. In case of avoiding hand wet, weat to the raspberry PI may leads to short circuit damage, a pair of gloves can be used.


The black line will pit (raspberry pie power line) into raspberry pie 26pin port ,on the edge of the three groups on the needle (six pin).  Pay attention to the red line port outward.


The white data line connected to the raspberry pie USB port. Which has two USB port, select any one. Then from the router (or hubs, switches) stay one cable to connect the raspberry pie net port.


The machine power (power interface as a standard pic-e port, reverse mistake could not rest into, easy ). Xiaoqiang R4 miner could set the power position diversificationly. It could be left or right.


Pull on the power supply after your connected. You can see all the light in the raspberry pie, in the miner, power light.


Dream color atmosphere diagram


Software chapter

Put in address go to the control desk


First page, the status of the miner


Set the mining pool






Reboot after your set up. Restart will take about 45 seconds. During this time, do not do any operation. If you click on the page, it will take more than 1 minutes to finish.

Live computing force is around 480G at


24 hours late ,here is live computing force line.


Other measurement

Machine power consumption, temperature and noise measurement

The test environment:  room temperature 31 degrees, humidity 52, indoor static noise about 39dBA.

It is around 525 watt total power consumtion



The highest temperature is in the inside of the box. The heat sink temperature is about 40 degrees, In compliance with its parameter and the operation interface indicator. The chip temperature is higher.  Under normal circumstances the machine heat sink temperature is at several degrees lower than the temperature of the chip.

The noise, because of the field temperature is up to 32 degrees so that the fan has been in a high-speed operation. The zero distance contact noise is about 75dBA.


Side 10 cm noise is only about 69dBA.



1 Xiaoqiang R4 machine installation is very simple. By connecting raspberry pie, and powered into its software setup, it is easy to make it works.

2 The design of double channel and short channel, which let heat effective dissipation. Even in the highest position, the temperature is only 40 degrees. The data line connecting each blade was changed to 4Pin cluster, make sure the data transmission more stable. The improvement of this two aspects can improve the miner working more stability.

3 The chassis design, multi angle display, is very help for field deployment.

4 Noise, which is 75dBA if the fans in high speed. The level is slightly high, which is a common problem in high speed fan. Compared with some models fan screaming, this fan sounds more dull, which is not so bad.

If the field  temperature is low, fans will automatically switch to low speed, so that the noise will much decrease.

5 Suggestions: In order to for domestic users,  the fireware special for F2pool should be optimized. mine is good,  but many domestic line can not be connected to it or line does has very big delay.

The End

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