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Cyber Bitcoin
Rockminer T1 applies Friedcat generic solution, its official performance data: hashrate 800 GHash/s, power consumption 1000W.The Rockminer T1 we received is a pre-production sample, the content shows below is the newest evaluation for this sample.

1. Unsealing the package

Rockminer T1 was packed by 5 cartons and rigid foam, the protection is pretty good enough for transport.



Accessories contain a controller and a power adapter for the controller.


Viewed from the front side of the miner, it has 12cm x 4 ultra-strong fans. Design of
the wind channel is obvious, air goes from the front side to the back side.


Viewed from the back side of the miner, 4 back-to-back PCB boards form the wind
channels, 2 fans for cooling eachwind channel.


Viewed from the left side of the miner, we can see the data cables, power interfaces, a warning label and a CE certification label (essential for export).


Each PCB board contains 24 Friedcat2nd gen chips, 2 PCI-E power interfaces, jumpers and data interfaces.


An aerial view of the miner.


Product size and weight information.


2. Installation

We use a Delta 1300W server power supply to do the evaluation.


Install Rockminer T1 is quite simple, firstly plug in the power, then connect the 6-pin output to any power interface of a PCB board.



Connect the controller with the power adapter and a network cable. Connect the UART1 port of the controller with the data cable from the 4th PCB board.



Power up the system, when the miner is in operation, the 1st LED of the controller is flashing, the other 2 LEDs are on.

3. Test

The default configuration webpage address is, different network condition requires IP address modification,
I’ve modified the IP address.
Homepage shows miner status.


Test status shows the status of every single chip, “o”means OK.




If you updated the settings, wait for rebooting.


Default frequency:270, we set it 280. 12-hour hash rate curve, as shown below.


4. Measurement

Lab temperature: 30℃, lab noise: 41dB.
Power consumption: approximately 1040W.


20cm away from the miner, the noise level is 78dB.


100cm away from the miner, the noise level is 72dB.


Power supply is quite noisy, 10cm away from the power supply, the noise level is 75dB.


When the fan of the power supply works in full speed, the noise level could reaches to 84dB.


The temperature of the PCB board is 55℃.


The temperature of the heat sink is 73℃.


The temperature of the case is 40℃.


The temperature of the controller is 40℃.


5. Summary

Rockminer T1 applies Friedcat generic solution, its case is capable to absorb electromagnetic radiation. 4 ultra-strong fans for 4 PCB boards help to improve the air flow and reduce the temperature. Rockminer T1 support cascade connection, a controller support 8 miners, it is good for building a mine.

Compared to some famous ultra-strong fans, the noise from the 4 ultra-strong fans is acceptable, according to the evaluation, noise from the server power supply is loud, especially when the fan of the power supply is in full speed. If you replace it with a silent power supply from old miners, noise level would be lower.

The temperature of the case and the PCB boards is good, thanks to the 4 ultra-strong fans. The heat sinks are a little small, if you replace them with larger heat sinks, the temperature may be lower.

According to the 12-hour hash rate curve, the miner is quite stable,average 830 GHash/s at 280 freq, the performance is better than the official data, overclocking is possible.

As for the power consumption, 1040W at 850 GHash/s, expected power consumption for Friedcat 2nd generation chips.

The End

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