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Avalon A721 Miner is a type of bitcoin miner with high hashrate which launched by Jiananyunzhi technology company recently. Bitcoin miner adopt 72 pieces A3212 chip which is the sixth generation of Avalon (Avalon Mineral) bitcoin miner. Official parameters of hashrate is 6 TH / S, the power is 900W.

New upgraded A3212 chip adopt 16nm technic process which has a better performance than last generation.

Here comes the latest evaluation from Cybtc.

1. Exposure inside of the box

Avalon A721 adopt 3-layer supper hard box, put two hard foam board between miner and box on top and bottom area respectively which call floating package and it does achieve a very good shock-prevent performance. The packing box contains a variety of export information.



Within the box have one miner, one AUC adapter, one data wire (length of the wire is about 40CM), adapter and data wire are using pvc anti-static package.


AUC adapter adopt acrylic packing box, not only prevent signal interference but also has insulation performance. Beside,both data wire and adapter are labeled.


Wire and interface adopt a five-wire (five-pin) design, contact through buckling.


Miner is long column shape, the chassis adopt a new alloy material, it’s very light and very strong.


The other side has a parameter label of the miner.


On the back of the miner, you can see that miner adopt a single cooling fan design, make up with a four-pin 12CM fan (12v2.75a), a turbine outlet and a protective net which side is air outlet.



On the front of the miner, Avalon A721 miner adopt 4 pieces hashrate board which is different from last generation, and each hashrate board includes two pci-e 6 pin power interface, data wires Interface and status lamps.


Physical advantages on Avalon A721 Mine :

1. Using honeycomb-shape interface for air inlet and outlet and this design is used from Avalon A4, because it can filter and reduce noise physically to some degree according to some research.

2. Hashrate plate are added from 2 to 4 which can reduce maintenance costs and the load on the power wire ,it also be more stable.
Following is the physical parameters of the miner



Test power supply for this time is the Grand which has 1000W power.


Controller of AvalonMiner 721 plan to adopt raspberry (official hardware support for raspberry are B type, B +type, raspberry 2B type, raspberry 3), go through AUC adapter (each AUC can afford 5 Avalon A721 series connection), than go through the USB HUB (Universal Serial Bus Hub) to achieve the goal that every each raspberry can control about 20 miners. This evaluation used raspberry B-type controller(generation one), ways about how to use raspberry to brush hardware can refer to my appendix below


The most common microUSB data cable for Andriod phones is the connection between AUC adapter's data cable and raspberry power source cable .


Connect miner to AUC adapter


And then connect the raspberry (raspberry has two USB ports, any one is available), and then connect raspberry to power source and net.



And then connect miner to power supply, miner total has 4 hashrate plate and each plate has two pci-e power connection interface , you can connect both or single one.



Below is the finished connection pic of miner.



Turn on the power, miner will assign ip address automatically, scan the latest ip device to access and go into the background. Avalon A721 network segment is 192.168.0. *, need to modify to the same network segment between Avalon and ip device to enter to background, information about network and ip settings can refer to this post.

Input miner’s ip address to enter browser, first showed is Avalon A721 MM landing page, when you see Avalon logo and password requirement, just click enter, no need password here.


Avalon A721 mining settings only include two steps, one is the network setting (showed below)


Another one is miner pool setting

And then enter into MM home page, here you can see the operation information of the miner


It’s a traditional interface and you can set some advanced setting here.


I chose a operating environment with 18 degrees room temperature and 39dBa indoor noise level.
There is no need to set power , voltage and fan parameter of the miner ,you just need sure the setting of net and miner pool on MM page ,than the miner can adjust and operate automatically .
  When miner just started, the power of it is 6T, measured power is about 905w



After several tens of minutes automatic adjustment, the speed of fan comes to 2300 r under stable operation ,the average hashrate is 6.5T after long term working ,the highest is 7.2T,the lowest is 6.1T, no obvious fluctuations on long time running .


Hashrate is 6.52T, measured power is about 1027W under normal working situation.


For noise level, when miner is under stable operation and speed of fan is 2300r ,the noise is 63.5dBa with spacing 20CM from miner.


Under the situation of low temperature at night and speed of fan is 1800r~2000r, the miner is working normally ,then the noise is 53dBa spacing 20cm from miner.


The miner has a self-detection for all items when it begin to start ,there is a 2 seconds full speed working time for fan ,then the noise is 74.5dBa at that time ,it would back normal speed after that.


Temperature on different hardware in background: 28 degrees on hashrate plate ,78 degrees on chip and 22 degrees at air inlet.


36 degrees at air outlet.


5. Simple summary

1).Avalon A721 miner uses a new generation of A3212 chip, the chip using a leading 16-nanometer process among industries, the measured hashrate is 6.52T and the power is 1027W.

2). The operating system is designed to be fully automated from Avalon4 , it can adjust by actual situation and it’s easy to use.

3). Noise performance is acceptable, the speed of fan adjust with temperature automatically ,noise is 53dBa~64dBa under 20 degrees room temperature and the temperature is lower the noise is lower.

4). Controller using AUC adapter connected with raspberry and the system is compatible with a full range of raspberry version, easy to maintain and save costs. Taking a mine ground with 1200 miners as an example, the cost per controller is calculated at 100, which will save about $ 100,000 cost for the whole ground.

5). Hashrate plate are added from 2 to 4 which can reduce maintenance costs and the load on the power wire ,it also be more stable

6). It is recommended to use high-quality power supply with stable voltage When deploying the mine,.

7). For heat rising, the temperature difference is a little high from beginning to end.

8). Whatever for packing, technic design on box or background system ,this type miner all has a high level, the vendor also support a miner cluster management procedure, make A7 miner perform a leader among industries .


Raspberry Brush Hardware Indication.
First you need to download the hardware image from official website , then select the corresponding raspberry version

You also need to download the brush hardware software Win32 Disk Imager. Http://


SD card is connected to the computer through a card reader


Open Win32 Disk Imager and select the hardware image to start


Choose ‘yes’ to sure to write.


under writing




Finally, install complete hardware back to the raspberry .


International rule to btc donation: 1Hw62CdbWTeJQ6daggL5aQzy6mNST53wZq


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