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Cyber Bitcoin
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Recently, Bitmain has launched a batch of Bytom (BTM) miner, the model is Antminer B7. Before we experience the mining machine, we first understand what is Bytom (BTM).


Bytom (BTM)


Bytom is an interactive protocol for a variety of bit assets. Heterogeneous bit assets (local digital currency, digital assets) and atomic assets (issued in the physical world, securities, dividends, bonds, intelligence information, forecasting information, etc.) that operate in different forms on the Bytom blockchain can pass Bytom registers, exchanges, participates and gambles on other more complex and smart contract-based interactions. Bytom is committed to bridging the atomic world and the bit world, promoting the interaction and flow of assets between the two worlds. Its mission is to create diversified assets and a programmable economy. Bytom Blockchain is managed by the Bytom Foundation (Bytom Foundation non-profit foundation) registered in Singapore

Full name: Bytom Blockchain Protocol
Abbreviation: Bytom
Official website:
Wallet download:
Block Explorer:

Mining pool supporting BTM mining: F2Pool | Antpool | UUPool | viabtc
Wallet supporting BTM: Cobo Wallet | BEPAL | Bitpie | Bixin | Bycoin
BTM supporting exchanges: Huobi | OKEX | AEX88

Machine Introduction

Antminer B7 uses the Tensority encryption algorithm, officially announced the hash rate 96KH/s, wall power consumption is 528W, energy efficiency ratio is 5.50J/KH, adapt to 12V, 680W DC power.



Antminer B7 machine is exquisite and compact, the measured single machine weight is 2.76 kg, and the mining machine measurements size is 243.9*130.6*155.7mm



Both the controller and the power terminal are closed with a pull-out cover


Press and hold the button on the upper side of the air outlet to push the cover in the direction of the air inlet side to push the cover open for easy connection of the power cord.


A positioning pin is also arranged inside the cover plate, and it is stopped when pushed to a certain position. It is not recommended to close the cover immediately after plugging in the power cable. If the test is no problem, then close the cover plate, otherwise the position of the cover plate is too large, actually It is not convenient to use in operation


The Antminer B7 adopts a single fan design. The whole machine only has a fan on the air inlet side. It is estimated that the B7 heat will not be too large, and the temperature and noise will be relatively small.


Antminer B7 has built-in 3 mining boards with a total of 18 chips. Each power board uses only one 6pin power plug, plus one control board connector. The whole machine only needs four 6pin connector power cords.



According to the current mining machine power supply has standard 10 pieces of 6pin connector, Antminer B7 can use a standard mining machine power supply with 2 mining machines


Antminer B7 also uses cgminer. The console operation page is the same as other Antminer. You can set the mining pool and worker to excavate.


After more than an hour of testing, the hash rate remains at 103000H/S=103KH/S, which is equivalent to the officially announced calculation value of 96KH/s.


The two Antminer B7 have reached an average of 100KH/S in the Shuangyou Mine for 24 hours. The hash rate is stable and the fluctuation is small.


The power consumption of the Antminer B7 is measured in two ways. In the case of a single power supply, the power consumption of the ant B7 is 579W.


In the case of a power supply with two mining machines, the power consumption is 1173W.


The noise is small. If you switch to mute or PC power supply, the fan sound is slightly louder when you just turn it on and will be very small in normal operation.

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