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On April 7, 2019, the Bitlmain Antminer S17 Series bitcoin mining machine was launched for sale. The Antminer S17 series was equipped with the second generation 7nm BM1397 chip of Bitlmain. The Antminer S17 series bitcoin mining machine includes five models of S17 Pro, S17 and T17 models. It can be noted from the product naming that this is the first time that Bitmain has introduced the name of “Pro” to the S series.
Recently, we received the Antminer S17-56T bitcoin mining machine. The following is a third-party independent review of the to the Bitmain Antminer S17-56T bitcoin mining machine.


The Antminer S17-56T outer packaging is packaged in industrial carton. The box is marked with manufacturer information, logistics warehousing logo, mining machine specification model and strip identification code. The outer box size is the same as the ant S15 size: 486*388*265mm, packaging transport weight About 11kg ▼


Open the carton, you can see that the inside of the custom two pieces of pearl foam in the form of a cover to seal the mining machine, to ensure the safety of the mining machine in the process of logistics, leaving a gap around the convenient mining machine to take ▼


After taking out the pearl foam on the upper side, you can see that the inner mining machine is wrapped by an anti-static bag. ▼


Antminer S17-56T uses parallel fans, front and rear double exhaust air unit design, the whole machine size 295x 298x180mm, slightly larger than the Antminer S15, the whole machine weighs about 9 kg ▼


The Antminer S17-56T is designed as an all-in-one machine, and the mine can be placed upright or horizontal depending on the size of the rack. The most obvious change is that the power supply and control board are getting bigger, and the changes are reflected in what needs to be further analyzed. ▼




Antminer S17-56T Infrastructure:

Disassemble the cover of the control panel and unlock the secret of the control panel box. The reason for the increase of the control panel box is to hide the connection line of the control panel, the power supply and the power board connection sheet. ▼


In this way, the appearance of the whole machine can not see other wires except the fan connecting cable, and the appearance looks more simple. The hidden connecting piece solves the problem that the previous generation ant S15 connecting piece may be exposed to the short circuit of the mining shelf. ▼


The control board is connected with four kinds of wires: 4 cooling fan power supply lines, 3 power board connection lines, control board power lines, voltage regulating lines, and these wires are respectively unplugged ▼


The control panel of the Antminer S17-56T was also improved with the previous series except the previous interface to adapt to the development of the new model mining machine ▼




Next, separate the power supply box, remove the power connection piece with the Allen key, and press the air outlet side card to push out the air inlet to remove the power supply ▼


The power supply model of the Antminer S17-56T is APW9. Three "Nidec" 12V 0.64A fans are used to provide heat dissipation for the power supply. The temperature of the air outlet of the test power supply is slightly higher than the temperature of the air outlet of the power board ▼



The control box can be removed after the cooling fan wire is disconnected, and the buffer isolation pad is installed on the lower side of the power supply connector of the control box ▼


The Antminer S17-56T uses four "Nidec" 12V 1.65A fans in the heat sink, and each fan is equipped with a metal shield ▼


After the fans are removed, the internal power board can be seen. The three boards built in the Antminer S17-56T can be taken out by removing the baffle. Each mining board carries 48 pieces of the second generation 7nm BM1397 chip. A total of 144 chips forming the hash rate of the 56T SHA256 bitcoin mining algorithm ▼



The Antminer S17-56T is thoughtfully designed. The cooling fan power cable is protected by an isolation layer in the wiring to avoid the risk of damage and short circuit caused by the fan power cable being squeezed. ▼


Compared with the previous generation of Antminer, S15, the Antmier S17-56T not only hides the connection position, but also adds an insulating protective layer under the connecting piece. ▼


The aluminum chassis adopts one-piece molding technology, and the material is thicker than the previous series. ▼


The physical size of the Antminer S17-56T is close to that of the Antminer S15, but the power board is shorter. The power board is placed in the chassis and there is still a certain space in the box. Why not consider the cost factor to make the box small? The reason should be to consider that the air volume on the air inlet side can be more evenly passed through the heat sink ▼


By observing the power board, it can be clearly seen that there are heat sinks on both sides of the power board, and the size of the heat sink is not the same. The heat sink area on the air inlet side is small, and the heat sink area on the air outlet side is larger. It plays a very good role in the balanced heat dissipation of the whole machine ▼


Antminer S17-56T Configuration:

We used 10A sockets for running tha machines but need to pay attention to temperature changes, especially the current high temperature season. Pay attention to the following two points before running:

  • Antminer S17-56T requires 2 power cords, and the miner does not provides power cords.
  • The power consumption of the Antminer S17-56T exceeds 2200W (220V 10A), and it is necessary to ensure that the power supply to the miner is greater than 10A.

Connect the Antminer S17-56T to the power cord and network cable, then enter the panel of local router to find the IP address of the miner named "antMiner". ▼


Or use the Antminer official management software "BitmainMinerTool" provided by the ant official to set the IP address of the mining machine after the network segment where the current mining machine is located ▼



Enter the found IP address into the browser address, and you will be prompted to enter the username and password. The default user name and password of the mining machine are both “root” ▼


Considering the getting virus opportunity of the mining machine, the most reason is because the user has not modified the default password, so the first thing to do is to modify the default password of the mining machine, enter the “system/administration” page, enter the current password in the first column. "root", enter the new password in the second and third columns, click the "Save&Apply" button in the lower right corner to save the current modification, and then log in again with the new password.


Click the “Miner Configuration” page to enter the mine modification page, modify the main mining pool address and worker name, and reserve the mining pool address and worker name according to the demand. The mining machine has built-in mining and low-power mining modes. It is convenient to switch the mining mode one button at this page. After each setting is completed, click “Save&Apply” to save the settings and apply ▼


After saving, the mining machine will automatically restart the mining program. After the machine runs normally, enter the “Miner Status” to check the operation of the mining machine, including running time, hash rate, mining pool, chip status, running frequency, PCB board and Chip temperature, fan speed and other parameters information ▼


Antminer S17-56T Testing:

The Antminer S17-56T has two mining modes, conventional and low-power. We tested in the standard mode for 24 hours. The test environment temperature is about 25 degrees, and the noise level is 45 decibels.


Standby power consumption is about 290W when the network is not connected after booting, and the startup noise is 85 dB. ▼


Conventional mode test

Power consumption: After 12 hours of normal operation, the measured power consumption is 2648W and the peak value is 2660W, which is in line with the official published power consumption of 2520W ± 7%. The ant S17-56T uses 4 cooling fans. The fan rotation speed is maintained at 6000 rpm. The measured operating environment noise value is 86 decibels, and 77 decibels is measured at a distance of 2 meters from the mining machine. It is observed that the power supply is lower than the mine noise value. Slightly higher ▼



Temperature: Antminer S17-56T has three mining boards. There are four PCB temperature sensing modules and four chip temperature sensing modules on each mining board. The temperature of the PCB is in the range of 43-64 degrees. And the chip in the range of 64-84 degrees ▼


The inlet temperature is about 31 degrees, the lateral temperature of the mining machine is 33-34 degrees, and the temperature of the outlet of the mining machine is about 41 degrees.


The power outlet air temperature is 45.6 degrees on the side of the double fan air outlet, and the side of the single fan air outlet is 36.5 degrees.



Because the 10A power socket was used, the temperature of the socket was also tested. The highest temperature is the connection between the socket and the wall socket. The temperature reaches 70 degrees, the wire temperature is 30-34 degrees, the interface between the socket and the tester is 46 degrees, and the temperature value is a bit high. ***It is not recommended to use the 10A socket for long-term operation of the ant S17-56T mining machine


Hash rate: The control panel shows that the 24-hour power is 60T. After 24 hours of test data from the bitcoin mining pool, The 24-hour average power of the ant S17-56T is 59.6TH/S. Thus calculate the unit energy efficiency ratio = 2648W/59.6 ≈ 44.42W/T ▼



Low power mode test

After checking the option behind “Low Power Mode” on the Antminer S17 mining pool setting page and saving the change. The miner can run in low power mode, and the running frequency is reduced in this mode. . In low-power mode, the temperature and noise values ​​remain basically the same, and the power consumption is reduced to 2406W, which is about 240W lower than the normal mode. ▼


The 10A socket and wall socket connection temperature is about 66 degrees, wire temperature is 30-40 degrees, socket and tester interface is 47 degrees. ***Even in low power mode is also not recommended for long-term use of 10A socket to run ants S17-56T mining machine


The Antminer S17-56T control panel operation status bar shows that the 24-hour average power is 57T. After 24 hours of test data from the bitcoin mine, the 24-hour average power of the ant S17-56T is 57.3H/S. Thus, the unit energy efficiency ratio = 2406W/57.3 ≈ 42W/T is calculated. It can be seen from the operating conditions that the operating frequency of the mining machine is slightly reduced in the low power mode, from 635 in the normal mode to 605 ▼




After the 24 hours test in the normal mode, the Antminer S17-56T's computing power reached the standard and slightly exceeded the officially announced nominal value, the power consumption range was between 2646-2660W, and the average 24-hour power of the mine pool was 59.6T, the overall power consumption ratio is 44.42J/T, slightly lower than the officially announced 45J/T power consumption ratio.

In the low-power mode, the average computing power of the ant S17-56T in the mine for 24 hours exceeds the official distribution. The low-power calculation power reaches 56T, and the whole machine power exceeds the official nominal low-power mode. The power reaches 2,406 watts, and the power consumption is stable. The integrated power consumption is 42J/T, which is consistent with the officially announced low power mode power consumption ratio.

In addition, through the disassembly of the ants S17-56T bitcoin mining machine, we clearly felt the continuous pursuit and progress of Bitmain in product quality:

◆ The exposed power connection piece on the ant S15 is covered.
◆ The cooling fan power cord is equipped with a protective cover
◆ Power supply connection under the film and insulation
◆ 4 fans are equipped with metal shields
◆ Balanced air intake space reserved in the chassis
◆ Heat sinks of different sizes on the mining board
◆ Thickened chassis plate
◆ Built-in two mining modes, one-button switching is convenient
◆ The new AWP9 power supply unit is beautiful in design and easy to assemble and disassemble.

With a very competitive power consumption ratio and a 7nm chip process, the Antminer S17 series mining machine is likely to have a long life cycle, and like the Antminer S9 once again become a classic product in the Bitcoin mining machine.

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