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Cyber Bitcoin

Hi guys! Recently, many miners got their SP20 Bitcoin Miner from Israel Spondoolies-Tech production. Evaluation of the brand new miner are shown below.

Official Data:


RockerBox ASIC Specs

Process Node:        28 nm
Package Type:        19mm X 19mm FCBGA
I/O:        Serial protocol with clk, datain and dataout
Rated Hash Rate:        Rated hash rate: 200 GH/s per chip, with a wide range of overclock/downclock options
Rated Voltage:        0.7 V, recommended voltage range is 0.63 V - 0.8 V
Power Consumption:        0.34 W/GHs in typical corner

Technical Specs

Item:        SP20 - Jackson
Effective Hash Rate:        1.7 TH/s ± 10%
ASIC:        Total 8 Spondoolies-Tech RockerBox ASICs
Controller:        TI Sitara 1GHz (based on Beagle Bone Black)
Controller Board OS:        Linux (embedded)
Mining Software:        cgminer with custom plugin
Size:        D 382mm; W 110mm; H 137 mm
Network:        Single 10/100 Ethernet port
Fans:        1 X 120 mm
Power Supply:        Not Included
Power Connector:         4 * ATX PCIE
Input Rating:        12 V DC
Nominal Power Consumption:        1200 W With a 0.9 Efficiency PSU
Ambient Operating Temperature:        0 °C to 35 °C
Emissions Compliance:        FCC / CE
Safety Certification:        CE

You will need a few accessories and a power supply to get started. Due to the load required, I would recommend two smaller PSUs over a larger one.

1. Unboxing:                                     

Shown is the paper box housing it came in:




Box is about the same size as an antminer s-3.





Just as the same as Avalon4 28nm Bitcoin Miner, it was designed using rectangular column. Case color is silver. Without staining, so it can effectively reduce the cost. At the same time,it giving a cool feeling to our.


Take this miner apart to see.









2. Running:      

For my first test I've used a Recom M1600 I had laying around. The M1600 is an 80+ bronze PSU able to output 1600W, it is 85% efficient, so not the best you can find efficiency wise, but it has enough juice to run an Sp20 at full speed without problems.



•Using a browser, navigate to to see all SpondooliesTech hardware on your network.
•Click on "Go to miner" to visit the SP20's configuration page.
•Login using "admin" as the username and password.
•Navigate to "Pools", enter miner information.
•Navigate to "Settings" and change parameters as desired. Use basic voltage settings unless you know what you are doing.


Running at 1620 GH/s in 23 C enviroment it was using 1190W at the wall on a 220V circuit.


Today I've reduced speed a little using SP-Tech's recommended tweaking, that is reduce voltage alone, I've reduced max voltage down to 0.70 from 0.75 because chips were throttling due to heat. I'm now hashing at:


With chip temperatures all under control.


And power should be around 1 kW at the wall, but I have no photo, alas.

I use slush's proxy to handle all of my units, to be able to point them to the pool of my choice without the need to reconfigure each one of them.

What follows is a graph I make from slush's proxy log file, it shows last day of hashing for this instance of the proxy code which receives the hashing of the Sp20 and of three old Bitfury's rigs (bf2,3,4 in the image).



Noise test:The noise level is quite high - the decibel tool on my phone gives me around 80dB.




3. Summary

Power: The chip is 28nm process, power consumption is 0.34 W / GHs. According to the machine power consumption calculation on the wall, about 0.71 W / GHs, this is an ideal situation, in fact, will be higher than this figure.

Cooling: A single extremely powerful 120mm Y.S. TECH FD121238UB fan is used in a negative pressure tunnel arrangement and can move up to 200CFM. Each chip has its own custom aluminium finned heatsink on a copper plate. Noise levels at the default 80% are very loud but also required to reach the rated hash rate at ambient conditions below 30C. It may not be possible to achieve the full speed above 30C, which may be ~1500GH at 40C.

Noise: Many miners have test, noise level is quite high. Use the decibels tool has about 80 db in test.                     

The website price


Price: Priced at $ 659, according to the current exchange rate, about 4080 yuan (excluding power supply, freight and customs duties).  Compare it with The Cybtc Miner Shop selling "Dragon mine 1.5T"(with power, the price of 4,999 yuan), the price of the two products on almost.

Translator-editor: Cyber Bitcoin
Bitcoin address: 36tU5WR6gVnEnvQjBoQUFraLa5FAdQMHvE
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