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Cyber Bitcoin

UPDATE: the following info is literally wrote from David.Fan  (Co founder of ASICMINER)

    In the start of 2015, bitcoins are not going well. Bter and KipCoin had been stolen, there is no processing scheme until now.Years later, the Friedcat lost again, complicated plot.

    Friedcat is one of the myths of bitcoin world in China .It  used  to monopolize  30% of the whole network power.the  stock of Friedcat is highly recommended by a Genius in the network, he claimed that :you can purchase the stock arbitrarily when the price below 7 BTC .Though, The stock seems to be was a real lie, but  it can prove Friedcat is very hot the  from one side. The whole story:

    (1) On October 24th, 2014: Friedcat released the cost-effective mining contract.:work force provided by the  Friedcat, sales and management is in charged by RockMiner . The sales website is HavelockInvestments.Details are in the cost-effective mining contrac  ".

    (2) On February 28th, 2015: The platform of Friedcat-AMHash posted an announcement on its official BBS account announced to stop share out bonus, because they are not received the BTC which is paid by Friedcat.

    (3) March 2, 2015: AMHash announced that s: from the beginning on December 25, 2014, a 3.546 P mine of Friedcat had been taken .And they has not received any information about the new deployment of work force  which is commitment by Friedcat.

    (4) On March 3, 2015:The principal of  RockMiner crazy XIAO QIANG public an announcement in weibo, Friedcat lost since January 25, the family has been reported.Specific reason is not clear,  some people guess 60% comes from private affairs, 40% of business pressure.All problems need to be seen, because the other people has no money in hand.

    (5) On the same day, Dongsheng Zhao claimed that he had get in touch with  the Huaian mine and get a reply  that Friedcat is fine. It will send  an announcement a few days. later

    (6) On March 4, 2015: The office of Friedcat in Shenzhen was emptied.The officer explained that the partnership team  is moving, burt the production continues to run.

    (7) On March 8, 2015: crazy XIAO QIANG released the details of AMHash , including the negotiation inthe beginning of the project . as well as the payment to Friedcat when the projects is running.

Event Analysis

    The core of event is the lost of Friedcat.There are two things: one is the personal freedom of Friedcat is restricted, he can't get in touch with the outside world.Another kind is He didn't want to be found. Which one dose the event belong to?

    Most people guessthe personal freedom of Friedcat is limited .the 3.546 P mine has been robbed.Friedcat talked with the opposite side .This seems to be reasonable.But it is hard to imagine that he will not contact with his family during the Spring Festival.

    Rumors that Friedcat turn out  20000 BTC on March 3.This is seems to be the ransom money.Things become more complicated now.
However, through the analysis, we found that the Rapt is unlikely.

    (1)The sales team of Friedcat claims that he is safe.


    (2)Crazy XIAO QIANG public an announcement in weibo, used the second person "you" directly .When a man is unsafe, warning is meaningless.So, we can also infer that Friedcat should be safe.

    (3)Dongsheng Zhao claimed that he had get in touch with  the Huaian mine and get a reply  that Friedcat is fine.

    (4)Friedcat turn out  20000 BTC on March 3.Would it be possible that others mastered his private key ?If this is the case, why he did not transfer all the money in one time, there is no need to send and receive dozens of times one day.So, Friedcat himself is still in very active with currency trading.If he cut off from the outside world why he kept issuing to others?

    Above all, the personal safety of Friedcat is not so bad.No matter where he is, we have reason to believe that he can contact with others, but he doesn't want to be found.Maybe he met some difficult things, but in any case, playing disappear games is not a solution to the problem.

Translator:    Warm Kitty
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