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As is known to all, subject to the influence of chip production scheduling, the new craft chips of mining machine,this year, are hard to come out in a short time. So the main course is also the 28 nm chip.Avalon continues to maintain the high intensity of r&d, upgrading the Avalon fourth generation 28nm miner mill version from 4.0 to 4.0. In just a little more than a month. Below I will introduce the new version of this minging machine.

(About the evaluating of Avalon4.0,please refer to here:

Avalon4.1 still uses the chip of Avalon4.0., the following are the parameters of the chip:


The chip code:A3222
Production process:TSMC 28 nm
EncapsulationFN56-8×8, 0.5mm
The rated voltage:0.65V–0.8V
Rated frequency 400 MHZ (typical)
The extraction of rated speed: 25 GHS @ 400 MHZ (typical)
energy efficiency of chip:0.4 ~ 0.6w/g

1.The process of opening

Avalon4.1 uses the five layers of cardboard packaging,Covered with foam respectively from above and below.Plastic bags have the effect of moisture,and you can see the Cable on the side of the mill.



The shape of same as Avalon4.0 which we received one month ago , but  it has obvious 4.1 label on the side of  data interface.



On the side of mill has Stereoscopic logo of Avalon


There are Honeycomb ventilation holes.led lamp,data interface and the power interface.You can see the  mine machine is composed by two work force board side by side.



There has a fan on the back of the mill which model is 4715kl-04w-b56,12038 12V 1.3A.



Along with the box parts include cables and a AUC adapter.


AUC is made up of plastic in order to protect itself.


Wire conforms to the industrial standard and there also has label


Cable consists of four lines and interface with card button.


Blow is the physical parameters of the mill, it may has slight deviation because of  the manual measuring.


2.The parts of install

This test uses the 1000w power of the Great Wall.


The controller of Avalon4.1 can uses Raspberry Pi or TP-Link703 router.In this test, we use Raspberry Pi as controller. I will provide the method of upgrading the firmware by Raspberry Pi.
First of all,Connecting cable and usb cable.




Turning on the power.


Connecting Raspberry Pi and cables and wet cable.



After opening the mill,its IP address will be assigned automatically. Finding the latest access IP devices in order to Into the background of mining machine.(The default network segment is 192.168.0.*),about the network and IP Settings you can refer to this post:

we can see the logo and password box in the control interface.

First we open this interface which is MM system developed by Avalon.This system integrates the optimal configuration and it’s operation is very convenient.


The home page of background






We should set up the corresponding voltage before running.The default voltage is 4.0



Using the default frequency(450:390:370)to dig the pond,the Pow is 24h,the maximum is 1.1T hash/s ,the minimum is 0.9T hash/s,1T hash/s on the overage.


The lamp of status display continuous changing.


The lamp in the middle of AUC adapter keeps flashing.



Runtime environment:11-15°room temperature,59humidity,38dBa indoor noise.

The power of Avalon4.1 (include Raspberry Pi )is 616W when the mill work normally(Chip Frequency(Default: 450:390:370))


The maximum of noise is 52dBa when the mill work normally,the normal value is about 41.7dBa.



Measuring noise is 39.7dBa from one meter distance.


The temperature of heat sinks,closing to the one side chip’s root,is 31°。At the same time ,the temperature in the background is 42°.


5.The internal structure of mill

The internal structure of 4.1 is as same as that of 4.0, but some accessories such as the electronic have some difference.





6.Ultrasonic testing

(1).chip frequency:500:450:430,chip voltage:8125,digging the pond 24h,1.14T hash/s on the overage,power:747W



(2).chip frequency:500:500:450,chip voltage:8375,digging the pond 7h,1.25T hash/s on the overage,power:948W(speed of fan is 20)

(3)Chip frequency:570:510:470,chip voltage:8500,digging the pond 10h,1.3T hash/s on the overage,power:1038W(speed of fan is 20)


Overclocking ideas, In the condition of constant voltage, appropriately increase the frequency, when DH values change is too high (over 1%), taking 125 step (the default voltage of 8000 increased to 8125 and so on the highest support 8500 voltage) appropriate  to increase the voltage value. (Note: the frequency and the voltage value of each machine visual physical slightly deviation above overclock test only for reference), put a piece of official frequency voltage meter for reference.



(1).As the first upgrade of the version 4.0, compared with the version 4.0 evaluated last time, Avalon 4.1 keeps the
same POW as 1T hash/s with power decreased 10%, and has
nice steadiness.(Affected by the efficiency of power conversion and physical factors, the power of each ore machine is
slightly different from others.

(2).Well done with the concern of noises. The sound is just like a fan in the ventilated mine environment.

(3).The ore machines provide a solution for compatibility. The machines can match the controller of earlier ore machines (RPi,703), moreover, one controller can drive hundreds machines, and two powers of earlier single model Avalon 23 can drive an Avalon 4.1easily. Meanwhile, the MM interface provides simple settings and graphics monitoring.

(4).Have the ability to over clock . Actual measurements justified the machines can drive steady with over clock of  1.14T, 1.25T. So far they have reached over clock of 1.3T, driving steady with the average over clock of 1.3T.(ps. The ability to over clock of an ore machine is about its physical factors, the normal range is between 10% and 30% )

(5). Considering the heat generation, we don't have to worry about it when the machine is driving with default setting since the chip is working on its normal frequency, the normal temperature is about 42 degrees celsius, and there's slight heat near the air outlet. However, the temperature of the chip will reach 46 degrees celsius in the condition of over clock. The fan will accelerate to enhance cooling, the speed will increase to more than 20 as default setting, apparently the noise gets louder at the time. The speed of the fan  and the temperature of the chip will decrease while the frequency is down.

8.The appendix (method of upgrading the firmware of Raspberry Pi and MM system,different of hardware from 4.0. to 4.1.)

(1).Method of upgrading the firmware of Raspberry Pi Click on this address :

Connecting sd card of Raspberry Pi to the computer.

Open the Win32 Disk Imager to burn,you download the software by this address:

(2).Upgrading the MM system

Download the software:

Into the interface of background

(3).Different of hardware from 4.1.

Please take notice of that we found that the current power supply 4.1 uses some batches of 8pin port,The main difference lies in 4.1 hardware is marked and the inside of the force plate mill,there is a clear distinction

Some tips:

For ordinary users, upgrading  MM system online is dangerous.
(1).we can just upgrade the firmware on Raspberry pi
(2).we had batter not to upgrade more than 5 mills on the same time.
(3).we need to change the white line when we connect to Raspberry Pi


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