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Cyber Bitcoin


Wenjie Zhai(The founder of  LK Group Limited,which is one of the largest bitcoin miner firm in china,LKETC 1.5T 1000W Bitcoin miner Evaluation by Cybtc)said:
"Today the LKETC field decided to cross the rubicon to do 14 nm projects; to sell existing 4000 1T bitcoinminers , 1000 sets of the whole sale RMB 1 million, additional conditions is that it must be mining pool in ; besides,  LKETC have borrow money demand for 10000 BTC, have priority to buy mill permissions, 20% annual interest, don't talk about other problems, 10000 BTC don't have much money, we don’t have stress if they only borrow money we pay back."

Netizens ask: " Can it have 30% profits for mining machine?"
Zhai: "0.3 yuan electricity conservative estimates 50%"

Netizens said: "ChongChong (Founder of COINS piggy bank which bankrupt) had also said  there is no reimbursement pressure"
Zhai: " just don't come if you don’t believe, I have how many suites and casr that everyone knows"
Netizen: "Have suites and cars, please go to the bank mortgage loans to deal with, don’t extort money from the coin citizens " Netizen: "That you can directly sell cars and suites for investment, twenty percent anyway. Afraid what?”

Avalon Ngzhang said: "ha ha ha ha, buy  Innosilicon GF14nm?, Do not that ant 16 design is finished? Hurriedly threw ,don't let the house get it"
Zhai,:"Specifically to talk face to face"
Ngzhang: "When you finished let me know if the performance doesn’t better than the Avalon 28nm version 3,I don't want waste money," "28 nm, for example, the earliest KNC power consumption 1.4 w/g, now 28 nm chip has low power consumption 0.4 w/g. Really feel 30million nre, design rules is more complicated than 28 nm production , to get one pace after 5 months’s 14/16 nm chips can reachs the designated position?"

Net friend: "at least to run the simulation to see what value you can get. The advantage of 14/16 is not on the design method."
Ngzhang::" Now the design of the bitcoins mining chip is not the apr process, the simulation results of the apr have no significance. Customization stuff that is a matter of opinion, the result can be many from poor."

QQagent (founder of Antminer) commented: "AJie last said KNC has dozens p force, but now also bravely decided to cast piece do mill, that proves it’s a good time to dig! Everybody bought mining machine through the summer, if you have a cheaper electricity. 14 nm is the story of the autumn, I wish A Jie harvest!"

On April 21,
Zhai said the update:
"14 nm project progress: has received different ways of cooperation intention,from six independent investors or institutions,now we stepped up new cooperation way currently; and we received 200 pieces of single wafer bet against orders, cash and please stop worrying worry about selling the bobbin- V ,scheduled to start officially roadshow this weekend, interested friends can contact our one-on-one demonstration, premise is that you have at least 5000 BTC, if you are the one,schedule is full - Wen-jie Zhai "

14 nm chip technology is the most cutting-edge technology at present, it is said 16 nm TSMC has to delay production to the end of the 2015 because of technical problems, and the Globalfoundries company announced that 14 nm process has been mass production this year in April 14

April 24 update
zhai say :“Progress 14NM Project: today made a difficult decision, because we have to put all of our 20 million RMB fund has entered BW pool of money, from today the idea of investors to pay close attention, and we the Express has been in starting ...... COMN ON

April 30
zhai say:" The Bitcoin miner 14nm ASIC project was named B-eleven,and today He received an investment from South Korea”



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