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Cyber Bitcoin

Recently, the new three-board listed company Ebang (stock code: 833294) suddenly hit Bitcoin mining, independent research and development 14nm chip, and released Ebit E9 Bitcoin Miner, in the coin circle caused huge vibration. So what is the Ebang? Why does it have to join the Bitcoin mining industry in the brutal competition? What is its core competitiveness? In the mining machine development process, it experienced what kind of story? With these questions, Cybtc editor ahr999 interview Chairman of Ebang Hu Dong specially, to uncover the mystery of Ebang for you.

Mr. Hu Dong: Master's degree (PhD in reading). In 1998, he graduated from Zhejiang University of Technology with a degree in Industrial Automation. In 2008, he obtained Master of Business Administration from Zhejiang University. January 2010 has been appointed chairman of Zhejiang Ebang Communications Technology Co., Ltd..

Company Overview

ahr999: Hello , I was ahr999, Cybtc’s editor.
Mr.Hu: hello

ahr999: I'm glad you accepted our interview. We have a lot of problems.
Mr.Hu: OK

ahr999: In the Bitcoin circle, we may be unfamiliar to the Ebang. Could you introduce your company first?
Mr.Hu: Zhejiang Ebang Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise with communication as the leading product, research and development, production, sales and service. In August 2015 the successful listing of the new three board. Based on the experience of the communications industry, while strengthening the ability and strength of enterprise technical support mechanisms, actively adjust the business strategy and mode of operation to achieve the target market occupation and enterprise competitiveness. Focused on the "block chain" and "cloud computing", through the unremitting efforts of R & D team, the introduction of duplication of computing chip research and development, and actively expand the artificial intelligence chip and software products.

ahr999: When is the company started to enter the chip development? I look at the company's Web site (, the previous product seems to have little relationship with chip development and bitcoin machine
Mr.Hu: Chip is the basis of Bitcoin machine, in order to produce excellent bitcoin chip, the key is to have the core chip R & D technology, the right choice of chip technology (14nmlpp), and good system design. Our company has been engaged in chip research and development has been more than 2 years, but the R & D chip is very difficult, especially this kind of repeated computing chip, which requires low power consumption, high power, we won’t publish the chip development and application before success. At present, in addition we do repeated computing chips, we are still doing communication chips, networking chips, the future will do artificial intelligence chips. IC will be our company is very important business, and now the bit machine is only our coins derived from the integrated circuit of a product line.

Focus on service

ahr999: From your conversation, I feel you are a partial technical chairman , right?
Mr.Hu: I used to research and development, managed production, marketing and technical department. Now, is to run the direction of partial, and after-sales service is in my direct control.For us who do communication, not only to do a good production, the service is also  very important, especially the communications industry services.

ahr999: Let’s come back to mining machine, compared to the current market, several miners, from the power consumption point of view, E9 is about 140W / T, at a moderate level. [Note: E9 machine on the detailed parameters, see T]]
The best on the market is about 100W / T, you think what is the selling point?
Mr.Hu: Power consumption ratio is a very important mining machine parameters, but for the miners is to talk about the ratio of income, the daily income is the price less electricity costs, each T's electricity in the proportion of total income is not, so the relative Power consumption in the machine than the good, E9 income will not have a clear gap, especially for low-cost miners. Relative to the power consumption ratio, more important is mine machine manufacturers to do a good job in product quality at the same time, we must do after-sales service. The quality of our E9 after a rigorous checks, and we will provide the best after-sales service. In addition, this machine's power is enough, we are 6.3T machine, the theoretical value is 6.7T or more, the actual rate of the pool is often more than 6.5T.

ahr999: I see your after-sales is "machine warranty period of six months, the controller warranty period of one year," can explain in detail?
Mr.Hu: This is entirely in accordance with the policy of the country's three packs to do, to remind you that human failure is not in line with the Guarantees policy. For more information, please visit:
ahr999: Then how the warranty? Where are maintenance points?
Mr.Hu: Our company has 13 offices in the country, these offices are mainly to do the original communications products, due to the special nature of the mine, we will continue to open the conditions for the Office as a maintenance point, and we are considering opening up partners to participate in sales After the maintenance work, please pay attention to our public number and the official website. We will be qualified in the mine site hosting our machine, if the customer's warranty during the quality of the machine, we will be the first time to replace our machines to customers. For more information, please visit:

ahr999: This level of after-sales service is really professional enough, as far as I know, there is no mining machine manufacturers have so many maintenance outlets.
Mr.Hu: These are the cost.

ahr999: If I was a miner, the machine is broken, sent to the maintenance point, a return to have time, and mining time is money. This part of the loss, your company will consider compensation? Asked this question because many mines in remote mountainous areas, the machine is broken, back and forth transport will take a long time.
Mr.Hu: This part is difficult to calculate, and very easy to dispute. Repair time caused by the loss, we have not yet considered compensation. We will try to quickly deal with and reduce the loss of miners. Therefore, I suggest that the miners to the nearest custody point and maintenance point to repair, for board or replacement. At the same time, we have to do a strict repair time constraints, please refer to the specific implementation of our official website.

ahr999: This part of the loss is indeed not good accounting, mainly because the mine is a special commodity, it is actually in the race against time, which also put forward your after-sales a higher demand.

Miner story

ahr999: Asked my own concern, how is the noise with E9, suitable for family miners ?
Mr.Hu: Noise is related to the working environment, the machine is in a low temperature environment, the fan speed is low, the noise is small, the average family is difficult to achieve low ambient temperature, the family miners is still a bit difficult.

ahr999: Why take the name Ebit? Baidu search found a lot of the same name, such as: China Telecom Ebit platform, Chengdu Ebit UAV.
Mr.Hu: Ebang shares the first homophonic wing, E is the wings: wings, fly together. We hope this product line can get better and better with the miners take off. We are not simply selling products, we have to build products and services of the ecosystem.

ahr999: Originally contains such a vision. Also, why is E9, the feeling is the ninth generation of products, should not be called E1?
Mr.Hu: We do when there are many versions of the chip, the last is the ninth version of the cast out, successful. Do mine machine chip is really not easy, we are also to commemorate this hard.

ahr999: So, I thought you fired a gun on it, there are eight versions of the original behind it? This story can talk about it inside?
Mr.Hu: Chip research and development is not easy, and to consider power consumption, we must consider the operator, consider the chip manufacturers, as well as packaging. There are a lot of chips to do the pit, and our chip actually came back in August, why is it released now? Packaging out of the question, to change the package wasted almost 2 months, are tears Yeah

ahr999: Tread countless, your R & D team has previously developed bit chip machine experience mine it?
Mr.Hu: Many sleepless nights, wing bit team all the first time to do bit cash machine. Cooling is the most difficult, the chip back to do the system, the system cooling problems, light heat sink mold 7, the circuit board with countless. Is relying on the past, we in the communications industry, a kind of tenacity and support down. Such as the real success of R & D, we whole heart was easy down.

ahr999: It can only say admire, the first time to do 14nm. In fact, I am curious, Bitcoin machine industry in fact have a relatively high technical and financial threshold. Want to turned out, almost unimaginable. The current survival of several are the old manufacturers. BitNet, BitTorrent, Avalon and Bitfury, all of which have been in this field for many years. But also closed down, such as: roasted cat, KNC, etc., competition is fierce.
Mr.Hu: Our communications R & D team to do the system is still very experienced, and has rich experience in other chip development, so we dare to do.

About bitcoins and the future

ahr999: The key is, you dare to do it, you do not think Bitcoin does not fly it? Virtual currency, the price collapsed, you are not doing it in vain
Mr.Hu: As with everything else, anything is at risk. Block chain is a good direction, Bitcoin is a good application. As long as the direction is good, it is worth trying.

ahr999: Do you have Bitcoin? How do you see the future of Bitcoin?
Mr.Hu: Yes,Bitcoin is different from the previous currency, it is entirely relying on the Internet to create and trade; Bitcoin unique technical attributes derived from its existing economic and cultural properties of the currency can also be used to develop the characteristics of bit coins Class financial products, I am optimistic about its development, I long-term bullish bitcoat.

ahr999: (⊙ o ⊙) wow, chairman of listed companies long-term bullish bitcoat, which is to engage in big news ah. What are your plans for the future? When the next mining machine released?
Mr.Hu: First mine machine and service well, the whole industry chain to do it together, and common development.

ahr999: I am very concerned about the development of technology, and now the chip in the power consumption than there is room for improvement?
Mr.Hu: Can be improved. However, the cost of each piece of the product is very expensive, we first consider the optimization on the system, the power to do better than once again cast film time has not set. In fact, it is not difficult to do better than the power consumption, as long as the frequency increase chip on it. The chip we tested, the maximum can be 90W / T or less, but the cost will increase a lot.

ahr999: Listed companies a lot of information to be open, to join Bitcoin Mining, your company directors and shareholders how to see?
Mr.Hu: This is just one of our product lines, in the case of legitimate compliance, to create more value for shareholders.

ahr999: How will you introduce Bitcoin to your investors in the future? After all, most people still believe that Bitcoin is a pyramid scheme.
Mr.Hu: I believe that investors are smart, professional, with the ability to independently judge.

ahr999: Well, thank you . I have little problem, do you have anything to say to the miners, or add to the above.
Mr.Hu: Mining industry profiteering era has passed, and now buy the machine, not simply buy a product, is to buy products and services, mining machine is an electronic product, manufacturers and miners should implement the national policy of three bags, billion shares We will work with you to establish a healthy development of the industry's ecological chain, but also the circle of funds, technology, management, experience, and other eco-chain into the industry, welcome to participate in the afternoon of December 11 1 point in Chengdu Universal Center, InterContinental Grand Hotel, Universal Ballroom product launches at the meeting I will share with you more information, but also bring to the mining machine finance, 48V power miners and other closely related with our miners Content, and thank you for your interview. Thank you for your attention to our wing bit machine.

ahr999: Today's interview ends here, thanks to Mr.Hu taking the time to accept our interview, I wish Ebang in the Bitcoin Mining out of their own characteristics, to create a harmonious ecological circle.

Cybtc ID:ahr999


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