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World's leading manufacturer of bitcoin miner KNC recently announced to first deploy a 3D 16 nm processor at scale, and its official spokesman gave an interview to

Cybtc: Congratulations for the new 3D bitcoin mining chip, which makes KnCMiner the first company in the world to deploy a 16 nm processor at scale.

KnC: Thanks!

Cybtc:According to the announcement, the 16 nm mining chip will increase the efficiency in the mining farms six to eight times. As we know, the performance of Neptune is about 0.45 w/GHS. So, does this mean Solar can achieve 0.056 ~ 0.075 w/GHS? Can you provide the measured data?

KnC:We're not revealing exact figures at this moment in time.

Cybtc:Why does KnCMiner plan to equip the new mining chip in its own mining farm, rather than produce miners and sell them to more people?

KnC:Selling access to specialized cloud mining is more competitive than shipping hardware world-wide.

Cybtc:KnCMiner announced to complete tape-out of this 16nm chip about four months ago. However, it seems that the new chip has not been massive deployed in KnCMiner’s datacenter yet, because KnCMiner occupies only 5% hashrate of the total bitcoin network. Why does it take so long after successful tape-out?

KnC:A few months is not a long time when you consider this is the cutting-edge; these are the fastest processors ever put into production.

Cybtc:When will the new chip be massive deployed? Base on the announcement, the first of several new datacenters of KnCMiner is scheduled to launch in September 2015. Does this mean the new chip will not be massive deployed until September?

KnC:We're not revealing specific plans for individual chip lines at this moment in time.

Cybtc:A Chinese company, LK Group Limited, now moves down to 14 nm node for bitcoin mining, called “Plan B-11”. Their slogan is: “Producing 10 PHS per day is not a dream, the world will shake for us.” What does this do to KnCMiner’s plan?

KnC:We wish them good luck. A higher total hashrate increases the integrity and security of the blockchain, which is great for Bitcoin in general.

Cybtc:How do you think about the future of bitcoin mining? What is the next step of KnCMiner? 10 nm or 7 nm?

KnC:We'll be continuing pushing innovation within processor design, and we're researching every conceivable processing technology, including graphene and photonics.

Cybtc:What is the relationship between and Last year, many Chinese consumers complained that they asked for a refund from since they did not received their miners on time, however denied any refund. Now, the website ( has been closed. was for a time a web shop and a distribution partner in China, however it was never our domain or business.


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