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SF100-the first 28nm Dual-Mode Miner is getting into mass production

In Crypto currency mining history, there used to be a  unique type of sha-256 and scrypt dual-mode miner, which  are famous Gridseed 5-chip USB miner and G-Blade miner.   The dual-mode miners accomplished huge success in 2014.  Even now, there are still quite a lot of 5-chip USB miners  and G-Blades running all over the world.

With the experience of developing dual-mode chip and miner  manufacturing succeededfrom Gridseed, Sfards Technology  has successfully developed and produced the first FD-SOI  28nm SHA-256 (Bitcoin) and Scrypt( Litecoin ) dual-mode  mining chip SF3301, in massive scale. After more than one  month evaluating, prototyping, and extreme-condition  pressure testing, the first 28nm dual-mode miner, SF100,  is about to be produced massively.


SF100 dual-mode miner has 24 SF3301 chips, with the  running modes as following:

1.        Dual mining mode, Bitcoin hashing power 1700 GHS +  Litecoin hashing power 47 MHS, the power consumption at  wall of whole miner is 960W.
2.        Bitcoin single mining mode: Hashing power 1700  GHS, power consumption 770W.
3.        Litecoin single mining mode: Hashing power 47 MHS,  power consumption 180W.

With 0.45W/GHS + 3.8W/MHS, the power efficiency of SF100  is by far the best in the market. It is also possible to  overclock to certain extent (Sha-256: 2T, Scrypt: 55M).

The unique ability of dual-mode mining makes SF100 the  best choice of mining community. It offers more choices to  dig potentials not only of Bitcoin, but also of Litecoin  and other altcoins. For fiat currency investors, dual-mode  is good for them because SF100 maximizes their profits;  for Bitcoin“fundamentalists”, it’s also preferable  since the altcoin revenue helps them to cover the power  cost of mining Bitcoin.

Based on recent Bitcoin and Litecoin price, a dual-mode  SF100’s revenue equals to a 2.8-3.2T pure Bitcoin miner,  which makes it 0.3-0.34W/GHS power efficiency. (Take June  19th price for instance, one SF100 generates 4.2 USD from  Bitcoin and 3.8 USD from Litecoin, in total 8 USD per  day).

SfardsTechnologywill be selling SF100 to public on July;  the first batch quantity is limited. The SF3301 chip will  be available for sale on August.
If you are interested at our products, please send email  to


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