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Cyber Bitcoin
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Blessed are the miners who have been paying attention to FPGA programmable mining and demand for silent and portable. Today we received a new model of FPGA programmable mining machine, code SK1. Let's explore the charm of this FPGA wireless quiet mining machine AGPF SK1.


What is an FPGA?

FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) is a field-programmable gate array. It appears as a semi-custom circuit in the field of application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC). It not only solves the shortcomings of custom circuits, but also overcomes the original The disadvantage of programming a device with a limited number of gates. The FPGA mining machine uses a programmable chip, so the FPGA mining machine can switch different mining algorithms like the graphics card.


The AGPF sk1 outer packaging is made of industrial cardboard, with dimensions of 175*100*116mm and weight 450g ▼


There is an AGPF sk1 host in a package. The host is wrapped by air bubble film to reduce the damage to the host during logistics and transportation.


After unpacking all the packaging, the AGPF sk1 mainframe reveals the true capacity. The more conspicuous is the cooling fan. The whole machine is small and light, the size is 166*90*58mm, and the weight is 400g.





AVC fan is used for heat dissipation, compatible with 1150 cpu fan ▼


FPGA mining machine AGPF SK1 supports wired and wireless network connection methods, greatly expanding the placement space of mining machines ▼




The controller uses the Raspberry Pi Zero W, the Raspberry Pi Zero W uses a 1GHz single-core CPU, 512MB of memory, with a Mini-HDMI interface, a Micro-USB interface for data transfer, and a Micro-USB interface. Powered by power, supports wireless and Bluetooth, and is equipped with 16G TF card ▼




FPGA mining machine AGPF SK1 IC chip uses Xilinx single core, model is XC7K420T ▼



FPGA mining machine AGPF SK1 power supply mode is a common 6pin interface, the official published power consumption is about 80W, ordinary ATX power supply can run, simple and convenient ▼



Use experience:

FPGA Mine AGPF SK1+ connects to an Ethernet and power supply when used ▼


The software supports the convenience of web page management, firmware and algorithm upgrades like ASICs such as Antminer and Avalon. The SK1 boot image file uses the wired link by default (the wireless function should be turned on by itself). After accessing the router, it can automatically obtain the IP address, find the IP address of the mining machine by entering the router or scanning software, and then input the found IP address into the browser. Enter the login page in the address bar ▼


AGPF SK1 supports wireless network, which can be placed according to the flexible location of the site without being affected by the network cable. Enter the network/wireless page, click SCAN to scan WIFI, select the scanned WIFI, and enter the password to complete the wireless setup. Click ENABLE to enable the wireless hotspot to facilitate the connection configuration of the phone. Click EDIT to enter the editing page ▼


Defaults username is "root", enter the default password "admin" to login to panel ▼


The home page shows the current miner version and hardware operation. First of all, you must first upgrade the program, upgrade the mining program to help optimize the mining machine and get the newly unlocked cryptocurrency. There are two ways to upgrade the firmware:

First Way is to upgrade with TF card

First download the upgrade file to the local, link: Extraction code: 1g6n

They are:

[openwrt-brcm2708-bcm2708-rpi-squashfs-sysupgrade.img.gz] There is no need to decompress the firmware for the web page.
[openwrt-brcm2708-bcm2708-rpi-squashfs-factory.img.gz] upgrade firmware for TF card, you need to extract the file to the local disk before use. Generate img format file

Insert the TF card into the usb card reader, connect it to the computer, use win32DiskImager to write the decompressed openwrt-brcm2708-bcm2708-rpi-squashfs-factory.img


Click the Write button to start writing the card. The writing process is about 15s. After the completion, it will prompt OK.

After confirming that the writing is completed, the TF card can be pulled out, then inserted into the controller of SK1, and powered on.

Another Way is online web page upgrade

Turn on your SK1 miner and navigate to the miner control page. Click Backup/Flash Firmware under the System tab.


In the Flash new firmware image area, click Select File, browse to the SK1 web page upgrade file [openwrt-brcm2708-bcm2708-rpi-squashfs-sysupgrade.img.gz] and click the blue Flash image button on the right. After the system automatically completes the upgrade file upload, it will prompt the following page:


Here to verify the upgrade integrity page, you will be prompted to upgrade the MD5 value of the file for verification. After confirming the correctness, please click the PROCEED button in the lower right corner to confirm the upgrade. Do not power off the system during the upgrade process. Otherwise, the system files may be damaged and the system cannot be started.

After the upgrade is complete, access the Pools tab under the Miner list, select the mining profile, or set your own payment address and miner password on the page by entering the profile name in front of the [_______ ADD] in the lower left corner of Pools. Click ADD to generate the configuration, then set the mine pool, wallet address and miner password, save it, you can easily switch the algorithm and the mining pool after the configuration is completed.


The mining machine control page Status option can view the current miner speed ▼


Mining pool operation interface ▼


The FPGA mining machine AGPF SK1 has a temperature of 39.5 degrees at the heat sink and a board temperature of 36.6 degrees.



The highest power consumption is veo, use antminer silent power supply machine 88w, use a gold standard 85W power supply ▼



The FPGA mining machine AGPF SK1 is a variable multi-algorithm mining machine. The current firmware is version 0.1.5. It supports virtual currency mining of three algorithms such as Veo, Skunk and xdag, and later will support verus and vbk algorithms and other algorithms.

AGPF SK1 supports online upgrade of algorithms, and the published algorithms can speed up.


In addition to supporting multiple algorithms and multiple currencies, it is more powerful in computing power than graphics cards. For example, the speed of the veo algorithm exceeds that of 1080ti, and the xdag algorithm is equivalent to the speed of 2-3 pieces of RX470 graphics cards, while the price and power consumption are compared with the graphics card mining machine. Also has a great advantage.

A minor drawback that can be improved is that a metal shield should be added to the fan.

FPGA mining machine AGPF SK1 is small in size, low power consumption less than 100W, supports wireless network, can open wireless hotspot, plus ultra-low mute effect, perfectly match miners. First, miners can communicate with other players. You can hang on the nicehash rental power.

FPGA mining machine AGPF SK1 is now abailable on Cybtc Self-operated Mall.

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***Cryptocurrency Introduction:

Modified SHA-256



Official website:


Mining pool: (recommended)


Current market price: VEO/USD : $110.97

Skunk algorithm

Hyundai DAC[HDAC]


Official website:


Mining pool:


Official website:



Official website:



Official website:
Block Browser:

C25 Coin[C25]

Official website:


Mobit Global[MBGL]

Official website:


XDAG algorithm

Dagger [xdag]


Chinese official website:



Current market price: XDAG/USD : $0.00304


Official website:



Current market price: VRSC/USD : $0.162


Official website:



Current market price: VBK/USD : $0.0335

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