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Cyber Bitcoin reported that Cupertino-based technology giant Apple hosted the annual Global Developers Conference (WWDC), which updated its product lineup, although new products were first shown to the public. The event had a major impact on the discussion of future development on the Apple Software Development Kit. One of the development kits focused on cryptocurrency is called CryptoKit, and its debut at Apple's development tools is the company's first major sign to support emerging technologies.

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For technology giants like Samsung, Microsoft, Facebook and now Apple to some extent support cryptocurrencies, does this mean that mass use is closer than we think?

Apple launches CryptoKit SDK for iOS 13 on iPhone

At this week's WWDC, Apple introduced a new software development kit called CryptoKit, the iconic iPhone, iPod and Mac series of consumer technology products behind the company. The new SDK provides developers with an infrastructure that "secures cryptocurrency-operations safely and efficiently."

While the purpose of the SDK is to encrypt and protect other code elements running on Apple products other than currencies such as Bitcoin, the framework will undoubtedly help support emerging financial technologies and their corresponding cryptographic assets.

For the first time, iOS app developers can access the iPhone's secure zone and provide hardware wallet-level security for digital assets and more.

Apple's most fierce competitor in the smartphone space, Samsung, recently launched its flagship Galaxy S10 phone with a Blockchain Keystore app that allows users to password-protect tokens based on Ethereum. If Apple emulates and provides a cryptocurrency wallet built into the iOS 13 security layer - designed by the operating system CryptoKit - it will be a serious recognition of the cryptocurrency and a major leap forward for large-scale use.

The impact of Apple entering the cryptocurrency

Since 2015, Apple has sold more than 220 million smartphones per year on average, and after launching this year, the company will use more than 1 billion iPhones in global consumers in less than five years of shipments.

With the market share that Apple enjoys, the potential impact of iPhone-based encrypted wallets cannot be underestimated.

Apple joins other heavyweights in the tech world and is ready to support cryptocurrencies. Microsoft is another major technology giant that recently added encryption support. They recently deployed their Azure blockchain on the Nasdaq financial framework and updated their Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software to use Bitcoin as currency.

Facebook and their GlobalCoin project are also obsessed with the industry, which may change the face of money we know. However, given the lack of consumer trust in the privacy of Mark Zuckerberg and its Facebook social platform, the digital currency created by the giant may fail.

Considering the entry into the encryption space, Amazon is another major technology brand, but their users are not as loyal as Apple's users. Given the consumer's trust in Apple and accustomed to uploading their own personal privacy, photos, etc., this trust may be smoothly extended to the field of cryptocurrency.

As of January, Apple has more than 1 billion devices active, and if some users of these devices try to use cryptocurrencies, it will be a lot number.

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