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Bitmaintech Ant-power supply was released in May 2015 and was made in-house by Bitmain for use with their Bitcoin miners, the project took a year to complete.

Most Bitcoin miner use a 12V 6-pin PCIe connector. The connector was originally designed for graphics cards and other high-power PCI-E devices, this is why when many choose to use ATX power supply on miners, there is a lot of redundancy (5V and 3.3V rails) and unused cables meant to power hard drives and mother board. Although PC case power supply is good enough to support the miner, the cost for redundant material can be used for higher level and more stable power supply especially for Bitcoin miners as it reduces efficiency. Bitmain’s PSU improves efficiency by not including the unnecessary connectors and voltages. Bringing down costs and reducing excess clutter.

The following is the Ant-power supply official specification:


Power efficiency:


How does it perform in the real world? Let’s see in our review from the perspective of a miner.


The Ant-power supply comes in a standard layered brown cardboard box with foam inside for secure transportation.



It uses a brick-shaped design, metal case with Bitmain logo on the front.


There are basic specifications on the side (model number: APW-12-1600-B2), we can see it supports a wide voltage range 176-264V, +12V/133A and can provided up to 1600W power output.


It provides 6 output rails, two PCI-E 6pin connectors in each group (12 PCI-E connectors in total)



We can see American standard 18AWG printed on the cable, which indicates that the cable is designed to operate at a temperature of 90℃ for longer life.


At the front there is a cooling fan and AC power cable connector (AC cable is not included), the fan is the intake and it blows air through the whole PSU and out the other side. This is a similar design to most miners, a convenient way to cool a mining farm.


At Rear there are 6 groups of PCI-E cables, you can see they are fixed by screws and also soldered at the end. The design of the front and rear is very similar to classic server power supplies.


The length of the cable is able to reach to 4 Antminer S3s easily.


The following are the dimensions and internal structure.


(Caution: there are high voltage circuit unit inside power supply ,you need to ware electronic gloves and shoes – Opening is not recommended unless you know what you are doing. )

You can see there is a layer of insulated film and the design is very compact.



There is conformal coating for the PCB, to prevent electrically conductive dust from causing damage or high voltage sparks discharging to help increase the life-span.



First of all, we compare with two common case power supplies  (Note: due to the differences of the power efficiency, meaningful comparisons are limited.)

1.    Super flower golden 450W power supply with Antminer S3 , the power is 355W (79% loading, 355/450=0.788)


2. Dell server 750W with Antminer S3, the power is 400W.


3.Ant 1600W with Antminer S3, the power is 356W (22% load, 356/1600=0.222)


4.For the Power efficiency , according to review for Super Flower 450W on ZOL, the efficiency is 90.26 at 79% load.


According to the 80 Plus certified standard, Ant-powersupply was even better and could even be certified as 80-plus Platinum!


5.It gives good performance at full load, allowing for 24/7 stable power.


6.Noise Level: We measured 68dBa in normal use.


7.Heat: Temperature on the cables and the end of power supply case both are 36 degrees.




Power efficiency is pretty good, it coincides with official specifications. This will save mining costs compared with server power supplies and it can reduce the costs for redundant hardware. This could translate to $279 per year in savings in theory.

Formula: (full load 1600W , 206w/hour*24/1000 so $0.765 per day , 0.765*365= $279)

The compact design means you can save space and as it provides up to 6 groups 12V output wires, it can power up 12 hashing boards (if each board needs only one connector), a single PCI-E connector can handle 265W power output. As the power connectors are PCI-E, the PSU is compatible with most miners since most of miners use this power connector.

The Bitmain Ant-power supply is suitable for high temperature environments on mining farms. In the south of China (where we did our test), the temperature is 30 degree or more in the summer, the temperature of our testing room also reaches around 35 degree.

It performed really well during the burn-in test we did and it was designed with high standards as we saw from the cables and components so it will last much longer than normal power supplies designed for desktop computers in the high temperature mining environment.

The noise level is pretty awful at 68dBa, but it ensures the power supply is stable and provided with enough cooling.

The power supply doesn’t comes with a switch, we suggest you use a power strip with a built-in switch.


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