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Cyber Bitcoin reported that Sonny Singh, chief commercial officer of bitcoin payment processor Bitpay, told Bloomberg Television that the current unexpected bull market in the cryptocurrency market is a direct result of the growing interest of large companies.

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He believes that this interest will only grow in the coming months, in order to expand the price range of Bitcoin even higher than many people expected.

Singh cites many well-known brands and is now headline news using blockchain technology or directly implementing his own cryptocurrency, such as Facebook's GlobalCoin and JP Morgan's JPM Coin,

You are beginning to realize that these currencies are actually used around the world, and now people are very excited because they can see the light at the end of these use cases.

Singh also reflects the two sides of the current regulator, but warns that as Bitcoin gains more exposure and mainstream dominance, they will not be able to support private cryptocurrencies (such as GlobalCoin) and will be distracted (such as Bitcoin),

How does the regulator show us the Morgan we like, but we don't like Bitcoin and Ethernet? will become very difficult. They need to be classified: 'Digital Currency - These are the rules for all digital currencies. 'And this is the industry's waiting - there are regulations in which we can follow and follow an organized way to prove that everything is legal.

Bitpay itself recently boarded a bitcoin train with another big-name company in the news, when it signed with telecom giant AT&T to help them accept bitcoin payments. In February, it helped the Wikimedia Foundation to allow non-profit organizations to accept bitcoin payments.


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