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Cyber Bitcoin
According to the British "Financial Times" report, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has talked with his old rival Winklevoss brothers, because social media giants plan to launch their own cryptocurrency.

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Facebook has negotiated with a cryptocurrency exchange, Gemini. Gemini began trading bitcoin in New York in 2015, consisting of the Winklevoss brothers and Coinbase, which quoted sources as saying on Thursday that the company is working on cryptocurrencies via WhatsApp. To promote payment. The British "Financial Times" said that the currency will also allow Facebook's 2 billion users to exchange currency and buy things on other Facebook platforms.

Coinbase and Gemini declined to comment, and a Facebook spokesperson said the report was "speculative."

The brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are often remembered for suing Zuckerberg, claiming that Facebook founder Zuckerberg stole their thoughts on the social networking platform when they attended Harvard. The pair of brothers later won a $65 million settlement from the lawsuit.

Ben Mezrich, the original author of the film "Social Network" told CNBC,

Facebook's idea is to launch their own cryptocurrency, so who should I help? Now this pair of brothers knows more about cryptocurrencies than Facebook, so they are one of Zuckerberg's people who have to enter the world.

According to Mezrich, the brothers originally purchased 200,000 bitcoins for $7, and when the currency reached $10,000, they had $2 billion in bitcoin.

Barclays said earlier this year that cryptocurrencies could bring Facebook $19 billion in revenue opportunities.


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