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Cyber Bitcoin
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Recently, the price of bitcoin has risen from $3,000 to a short time at $8,000, and many new mining machines have been launched at this period.

On May 24th, 2019, HANGZHOU YIBANG JUSHENG TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD (Ebang)'s EBIT E12 series bitcoin miner launch conference was held in Chengdu Marriott Hotel. On the release of the theme of "To the heart, sincerity, ingenuity", Ebang released E12 series bitcoin mining machine equipped with a new self-developed third-generation 10nm chip.


The conference main point:

★ Two models of the EBIT E12 series bitcoin mining machine.
The original inspector of the General Office of the Supreme People's Court participated in the round table to thoroughly interpret the mining laws, regulations and policies.
★ Launched rack-mounted, mining board sharing bitcoin mining machine cluster concept.


In December 2016, Ebang held its first new product launch conference in Chengdu, creating a new era of Bitcoin mining products + services. On December 20, 2017, the second new product launch conference was held in Hangzhou. Today, Ebang returned to Chengdu again. It is expected that this conference will also bring a new round of bull market in 2019 as it opened the 2017 big bull market in 2016!


The opening ceremony was introduced by Zhang Jun, deputy general manager of Ebang.


EBang is a leading blockchain technology company with strong integrated circuit chip design capabilities. In the communication, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, Internet of Things and other industries, Ebang has professional technical knowledge and rich project experience. In the development of empowering the blockchain economy, the company has a broad vision and is extremely strong and currently ranked among the top three dedicated BPU manufacturers in the world.


At present, the business covers communication, integrated circuit design, blockchain, and provides blockchain application products and solutions for non-cryptocurrency. It has a blockchain research institute and focuses on the blockchain through innovative cooperation with key universities. Focus blockchain frontier technology field.

Round table forum


The round table forum was hosted by Poolin co-founder Zhu Xi, the founder of, Lv Lei, the Former Inspector of the Office of the Supreme People's Court, Yu Xīnnian, and the founder of Shanghai Wayi, Li Peicai, and the founder of the FenWoo, Lin Nianlong. They take part in "Whether it is the golden age of mining?" in-depth discussion.


Zhu Xi's relaxed and humorous host style has occasionally caused applause from the audience. At the same time, the speeches of each guest were accurately summarized. The whole round table was mainly discussed from the following three aspects:

1. Is it now the golden opportunity for mining?
2. The risks of mining are those
3. A 100-word summary message for today's press conference

Yu Xīnnian: The judgment of the Hangzhou Internet Court on a mining machine sales case is typical, and it is an affirmation of the customized sales model of the mining machine. On the tuyere of the blockchain, "pig" can also go to heaven, but people standing on the ventricle should understand that there are not only spring breeze, east wind, but also hurricanes and tornadoes. High returns are always accompanied by high risks. Regulations are in line with reasonable and compliant development. In the face of new things, we must have the same enthusiasm for fire, the same calmness as ice, and the courage to innovate.

Lv Lei: At present, the currency price is in the early stage of the bull market, the mining machine technology is close to the bottleneck, and the output growth is limited. At present, participating in mining is a relatively good period of risk. At the same time, participants should pay attention to avoid participating in emotional air projects when the market is skyrocketing, and avoid emotional and reckless decision-making. On the other hand, under the conditions of capital advantage and social resource advantage, do not underestimate the interactive game effect of blockchain.

Li Peicai: First of all, it is a good time to participate in mining. At present, the risk of mining is relatively small. Even if the price of the currency falls, the mining loss is limited. Participating in mining investment may increase the return of the currency as the price of the currency rises. However, participating in mining this professional investment must find reliable people and reliable teams. Otherwise, income and expectations will be seriously inconsistent.

Lin Nianlong
: The full release of mining capacity should be around October. With the halving of bitcoin production next year, today will be a good time to participate in mining. In addition, miners should learn to use financial instruments when they participate in mining. Don't simply repeat the excavation and selling, use the hedging tool to lock in profits and control the risk. Finally, Lin concludes that it is the word “Done!”.

EBang EBIT E12 Bitcoin Miner officially released

Hu Dong, Chairman and CEO of Ebang Jusheng, officially released the EBIT E12 Bitcoin mining machine, and also provided customized service for EBIT Mining Machine to provide customers with the best cost performance.


The EBIT E12 series bitcoin mining machine is equipped with a self-developed third-generation 10nm chip, code-named BW1233B. The chip uses a large number of customized cell libraries to optimize the internal power network. It adopts an all-in-one structure, and the whole machine has a lower operating temperature and longer working life.


E12 Hash Rate: 44TH/S Power consumption ratio: 57W/T
E12+ Hash Rate: 50TH/S Power consumption ratio: 50W/T

Live machine show


Rack-mounted, mining board sharing bitcoin mining machine cluster concept

At the same time, Hu also introduced two cluster multiplexed bitcoin mining products, pluggable mining version, heat sink snap-on assembly, power supply, rack reuse, easy to upgrade, separate calculation version of convenient transportation The required mines can be contacted by Yibang for custom production at any time.



Sales price announcement

The prices of the two bitcoin mining machines of the EBIT E12 were launched. The price of the EBIT E12 is 190 CNY/T, the preferential price of more than 1,000 sets is 170 CNY/T, and the price of "EBIT E12+" is 215 CNY/T. More than 1000 sets of the preferential price of 190 CNY/T, delivery at the end of August.



At the same time, two financial allocation schemes are provided, and customers can consult through Ebang sales.

"EBIT E12" real machine show


During the coffee break, the miners discussed in front of the Wingbit E12 mining machine.



Finally, the on-site mining machine sales coupon lottery was held. The press conference ended in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. We quietly watched the price of the coin seem to have risen a bit and looked forward to it.


***You can check the price of EBIT E12 and E12+ on the EBang Webpage now.

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