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Cyber Bitcoin reported earlier that the Binance cryptocurrency exchange recently released a report by its market research and analysis agency, "Binance Research". Noting the increase in the activity of stable currencies. And the risk-sensitive mainstream companies such as Facebook and Samsung may further promote the adoption of cryptocurrency.


According to the report, stable coins continue to see adoption growth, especially in the first four months of 2019; this, in turn, means that their use as alternatives to preventing volatility is rapidly increasing. While medium-sized stable currencies such as PAX, TUSD, and USDC showed moderate trading changes, the overall 24-hour quotation of Coin's stable currency showed a significant increase in the “market share of BTC and ETH”.

In addition, the existence of a non-US dollar-base stable coin also proves that the intrinsic value of a stable currency is not only tied to the US dollar. On the contrary, the relative expansion of other currencies is also becoming more and more popular: “The expansion of non-US dollar stable currencies as indicated by Trust Token’s new products (HKD, AUD, CAD, GBP, EUR) may bring several key developments of."

More importantly, the report's analysis suggests that the current participation of companies such as Facebook and Samsung is a viable gateway through which the large-scale adoption of cryptocurrencies can be achieved with its vast existing user base,

Stabilizing currency initiatives from various non-financial companies, so Facebook and Samsung can further promote the development of the digital asset industry by introducing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology into their vast existing user base.

In commenting on the current "Facebook Coin" and the "Samsung Coin" being developed, Coin Research pointed out that these technical teams have the advantage of becoming a well-known brand. In addition, the challenge to the payment industry is much more powerful than traditional financial companies because they have the resources they need to execute quickly. This may mean that the future role of these companies in the digital asset industry may be key and a potential “key growth driver for the global payments and digital asset industries”.

A large number of reports on stable currencies indicate that global interests are intended to provide the value of digital storage, exchange media or simply "various alternative financial services." These emerging digital asset classes continue to address volatility within the industry.

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