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Cyber Bitcoin

Innosilicon, the world renowned creator of the dominating 28nm A2 Terminator, is proudly announcing the specification & availability of the exciting next generation 14nm ASIC code-named A4 Dominator. This is a full custom optimized LTC mining ASIC with a tremendous focus on efficiency and cost, providing an incredible up to 4Mhs per chip performance with as low as 1.5W/Mhs efficiency in a DCDC less daisy chain configuration. This will allow for next gen scrypt miners with an incredible 400Mhs to 500Mhs hash power per box, with easily over 300% better power efficiency over the previous generations and anyone else. The A4 miner will be the most profitable mining device in every category. Available as both an ASIC and a complete miner soon, nothing can touch the well-crafted A4 Dominator in terms of performance and cost in the next 2 years! Initial batch of A4 chips will be available in May for miner developer to design PCB and software. Mass produced A4 ASIC/Miners will be available in June/July 2016 based on pre-order sequence.
A4 Dominator ASIC & Miner Specifications:

A4 Miner: 400Mhs per 1KW power supply in one standard miner box
A4 ASIC: 3.5Mhs per chip performance at 2.5W/Mhs nominal, see tables below on modes
Extreme Low Power: ASIC with large memory running at single rail 0.6V
One Start and New PCB: eliminate the need of DC-DC components and enable 14 to 20 A4 chips running off the single 12V DC supply
PSU Requirements: common PCI-E 8Pins/6+2Pins with 12V output
Included: Raspberry Pi running the most user friendly A2 terminator software
Server Grid Reliability: built-in high-procession temperature sensor for automatic chip protection and variable frequency operation to maximize chip life time



A4 Chips’ DCDC-less Cascaded configuration, 14 to 20 chip per chain in one PCB

A4 Dominator is full custom optimized& taped-out in the world’s most advanced 14nm process, with huge amount of performanceefficiency over any 28nm node. Our chips are under mass production and initialbatch for developer will be available in May, with complete miners coming soonafterwards.


A4 Chip’s Package Diagram
The A4 Dominator will continuethe fantastic A2 Terminator legacy in serving our mining community. With theunbeatable price and performance, A4 Dominator ASIC/Miner will revolutionize howwe mine coins for the years to come. Please stay tuned for early bird discount!

For more information, pleaserefer to /, or contact usvia email account:,
Innosilicon Marketing
March 30th, 2016


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