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Cyber Bitcoin
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Bitcoin prices reached a maximum of $8080 today (Bitstamp), up 40% from $5,571 a week ago.

Basic analysis

There are two recent news about Bitcoin.

On May 7th, there were reports that international investment institutions, in addition to Fidelity Investments, began offering Bitcoin hosting services earlier this year, and it was announced that Bitcoin trading services would be launched. The price of the currency began to rise on the day.

On May 9th, the large-scale virtual currency exchange "Binance" was attacked by a large-scale system and stolen by a total value of 320 million bitcoins. Binance said that it will bear all losses in full through the User Protection Asset Fund. The market generally believes that the exchange should deal with the ideal of handling stolen money.

In addition, as bitcoin is halved every four years, the next half of production will be halved in 2020, which has caused many investors to expect the price of coins to rise.

Let's take a look at the currency chart for 2015.


Look at today, 4 years later, in 2019.


Do you think there are similar?

Technical analysis

Due to problems with the Bitcoinwisdom database that has been used, I used Tradingview today to see the trend of bitcoin prices.

Below is the monthly chart.


Starting in February of this year, the MACD and Stoch RSI indicators turned stronger, and the 20-month line rose slightly. According to the analysis, the price of coins can reach 16,000 US dollars.

Look at the weekly chart.


Since the fall in the currency price last year, the 20-week line rose for the first time in April, and it was the first time along the upper edge of the Bollier bands after the 17-year decline in the currency price.

Finally, look at the daily chart.


As the volume is large, and the price of the currency is rising, there is no risk of falling for the time being.

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