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Cyber Bitcoin
Zhejiang Ebang Communication Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service which dedicated to data communication, optical fiber transmission system. It successfully listed New OTC Market in August 2015.

With the years of experience in the communications industry and service concept, Ebang state shares (stock code: 833294) the latest development of a new generation of Ebit E9 bitcoin mining machine for the wealth door by wing fortune. To create the heart of artisans products, home-style management to provide services. Ebang state shares will use superb service to create a new age of mining machine.

December 4 official website ( officially announced: a new generation of block-chain computing device Ebit E9  miners in the mainland area on sale. December 11 began the global public offering.


The introduction of new Ebit E9 machine, using the latest state-owned self-developed 14nm chip, the operator up to 6.3TH / S, energy consumption than 140W / T. Low power consumption, high operator power, for the global miners to bring high returns.

Ebit E9 Bitcoin Miner Official Parameters:

Hashrate: 6.3TH / S (-5% ~ + 10%)
Wall power: 140W / T (-10% ~ + 15%, AC / DC efficiency of 93%, 25 ℃ operating temperature)
Rated voltage: 11.8V to 13.0V
Number of chips: DW1227 96 pieces (14nm LPP process)
Power supply interface: 4 6PIN interface
Geometric dimensions: 290mm * 126mm * 155mm
By weight: 4.2KG

"Sincere service, customer first" Ebit E9 is the eternal theme of the mine, the state commitment to high-quality state-owned bitcoin mining machine, the most attentive service. Ebit E9 Bitcoin Miner gives you a powerful advantage.

Wing bit E9 Miner powerful advantages:

Strict implementation of the national three packs of policy, the whole six months warranty, controller warranty period of one year

In the certification of qualified mines, the company prepared to host the machine to provide backup arithmetic. When the customer's machine fails, the direct replacement machine (in line with three packs of conditions) or repair time is shortened to 12 hours to ensure that the interests of customers

Repair time is as short as one working day

After-sales service covers a wide area, the machine fails, the customer can choose the nearest maintenance point, directly for the board, replacement

Two independent counting board, rail-type veneer, monolithic disassembly and maintenance

Fully automatic cluster management software system, the machine running state of the whole intelligent monitoring, in line with the management and operation of large mines, for its fine management escort

Setup software
Simplify the IP settings, for large quantities of mining machine IP, mine, miners short time to provide convenient operation, greatly reducing installation and commissioning time

Free software to download the official website

Rugged aluminum enclosure, with a dedicated fan, greatly increasing the cooling effect

power supply
The operator board has DC / DC, power input adaptability

Group operation
Single installation, multiple groups, easy and flexible installation

Power consumption ratio
Stable performance, wall energy consumption than 140W / T

Anti-loose design
The use of anti-loose pad pad screws, high-standard packaging materials, effectively reduce transport, vibration and other causes of
loosening of parts

Ethernet interface, without having to re-purchase raspberry pie, AUI and other components, more convenient management

high quality
Product failure rate is low, reliable hardware quality. By the listed companies to do research and development, production and after-sales service support, to provide product protection

Signed a formal purchase and sales contracts and invoices to protect after-sales service

Provide first-class services, customer satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of billion shares of the target. Wing bit E9 miners is the world's miners trust and choice!

Welcomed by all

December 11, 2016, at the Chengdu Universal Center, InterContinental Grand Hotel Universal Ballroom (Address: Chengdu Hi-tech Zone, Tianfu Avenue, North 1736, Global Center) held wing Bits E9 new machine conference, when the simultaneous global sales, Unit price 858 yuan / T, the first batch of 5000 spot. Surprises and awards are waiting for you!


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