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Cyber Bitcoin
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When I mentioned the FPGA mining machine, many old players who paid attention to the currency circle in 2012 have heard the names of FriedCat FPGA and Guilin watermelon FPGA mining machine. Many ashes players have even running collections. As a programmable chip, the FPGA mining machine can be switched to the same algorithm as the graphics card. What is not known is that although the BTC's asic mining machine has been popular in 2013, the FPGA mining machine has not completely faded out of the miners' sight. Taking the well-known ztex 1.15y quad-core FPGA board as an example, it is reported that it can run algorithms including scrypt, keccak, x11, lyra2z (many of which are open source), with its programmable and low power consumption. , for many professional players have accumulated a lot of receipts.

At present, the FPGA programmable mining machine on the market still exists. Recently, Cybtc received a new FPGA mining machine SK1. Perhaps it is a new choice for many miners who are concerned about FPGA mining and who have a need for mute & portable.


It is understood that this single-core FPGA mining machine adopts almost completely silent design, the cooling fan is compatible with 1150cpu fan, and the power supply mode is the common 6pin mode power supply for miners, which makes many home miners surprise in the network connection, the mine supports wired and Wireless two ways, greatly expanding the choice of placement space for mining machines. (Don't tell me where your first thoughts are placed, I understand). According to the currently known parameters, the power consumption plus fan of the Sk1 mining machine is about 80W under the limit state of full power, and the power consumption performance is different under different algorithms. The software side supports the same web page management/algorithm upgrade as Antminer & Innosilicon.



The project party told us that the product is currently known to support a variety of algorithms including xdag, hdac, veo, verus, nist5, blake2b, etc., which will be added to the web front-end control list. The hash rate of the whole machine is equivalent to the mining speed of 3-8 graphics cards of 3-8 pieces, and the output is stable. And with subsequent algorithm updates, Bittrex's recently launched IEO digital currency VBK has also been included in the list. It is understood that the product has been mass-produced and is expected to be put into the market around May 1st. The price is about 150usd, and it is expected to be launched in We will keep you up to date on the latest products.

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