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As we all know, in all kinds of digital wallets, the security of hardware cold wallets is the best, and almost all exchanges, currency companies, and large volume trading users are equipped with cold wallets. However, for retail investors, the cold wallet of several thousand dollars is not only expensive, but also cost-effective. And cold wallets are often too professional, and some feel like killing chickens with a knife.

So, is there a cold-wallet that is moderately priced and suitable for the average user's lightweight design? Yes, the ColdLar Touch is such a cold wallet product, it has only one bank card size, and the built-in CC EAL6+ security chip can pass NFC works with mobile phones. While taking into account the convenience of the mobile wallet, it also has the security features of a cold wallet isolation network.

ColdLar Touch is very cheap, and its official price is currently only about 30USD. At the same time, in addition to the retail version, ColdLar also provides personalized customization services for business users, let's take a look at it together.

The lightest and thinest wallet in history


Compared to traditional mobile phone styles and watch-style cold wallets, ColdLar Touch is a card that is the same size and thickness as a bank card. It can be easily inserted into a wallet and can be fully portable.


The retail version of ColdLar Touch is a black card body with the words "ColdLar Touch" on the front and the NFC logo. It is a distinguished black card.


The back of the card is printed with a logo icon supporting the currency, as well as official website and customer service phone information. As a well-known hardware wallet brand, ColdLar's after-sales service is still very good. If you encounter problems in use, you can call customer service to inquire.

Although the price is low, ColdLar Touch still complies with the BIP32, 39, and 44 protocol standards, and has built-in high-certified CC EAL6+ chips. CC (Common Criteria) is a universal assessment of the safety of information security products and systems recognized by all countries in the world. It is also the most comprehensive and authoritative evaluation criterion. For civilian products, CC EAL4+ is usually achieved and the safety factor is already very high. Some mobile phones and firewall products with built-in security chips on the market generally pass the CC EAL4+ or CC EAL5+ evaluation. So, it seems that ColdLar Touch has built-in CC EAL6+ chip, and its security level has reached the military level.

For digital asset support, ColdLar Touch currently supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and tokens that meet the Ethereum ERC 20 standard. But this is not fixed. With the upgrade of the wallet App function, the supported currencies can also be expanded. With the maturity of popular public chains such as EOS and TRON, the corresponding standard tokens will increase, and ColdLar will follow up with the fastest speed to provide more public currency support for ColdLar Touch.

Exclusive custom corporate gifts



In addition to the retail version, the business user ColdLar also provides exclusive customized services for ColdLar Touch. The pattern and text of the card can be printed as needed. For example, if "New York Times" wants to hold a summit, it is necessary to prepare a gift for the guests present. What kind of gift is not expensive, which reflects the attributes of the blockchain enterprise? The customized version of ColdLar Touch is a choice. The logo and introduction of Golden Finance can be printed on the wallet. Because the ColdLar Touch card wallet has a high use value, it is not easy to be discarded, so the propaganda role will be more durable.

The pictures and text on the back of the card can also be customized, such as the URL of the custom party, the introduction, and so on.

In summary, the ColdLar Touch uses card design, light and portable, low price, but also has a high degree of customizable, not only to meet the needs of ordinary speculative users, but also to customize a currency identity with the company Good choice.

Add a heavy lock to your digital assets

Don't look at the ColdLar Touch has no screen, can not operate independently, but it still has built-in CC EAL6+ security chip, and can completely isolate the network, with two basic characteristics of hardware cold wallet.

ColdLar Touch needs to be used with the ColdLar wallet app, but unlike other Coldlar cold wallet, ColdLar Touch is transmitted via NFC, so currently only Android phones with NFC function are supported. The Apple iPhone series is not currently open for NFC, so it cannot match ColdLar Touch. However, according to ColdLar, they are negotiating with Apple. After Apple’s NFC function is opened, the ColdLar Touch wallet will support the iPhone.

The ColdLar Wallet App also features a hot wallet and a cold wallet to create multiple wallet features. Creating a ColdLar Touch wallet is as simple as setting the name and password when you create the card close to your phone.

It is worth mentioning that ColdLar Touch protects the security of user assets and prevents the leakage of private keys. The mnemonic interface forcibly prohibits screen captures, and provides a mnemonic card to facilitate the recording of mnemonics in writing.

The detailed tutorial on ColdLar Touch is not covered here, but in general, ColdLar Touch is similar to the popular App wallet on the market. To say it is different, it is a security lock more than the hot wallet.

In general, in addition to the vital private key, the Hot Wallet App will usually require 2 sets of security passwords: one is the login password and the other is the transaction password. Only knowing these 2 sets of passwords will make the cryptocurrency transfer.

ColdLar Touch has a lock on the basis of the hot wallet. In addition to the input transaction password, the ColdLar Touch card needs to be attached to the mobile phone, and the data is transmitted through NFC to sign the transaction and complete the transaction.

In other words, even if someone gets your phone, you guessed your password (you have to say that some friends are used to passwords such as birthdays, license plates, etc.), but if you don't have a ColdLar Touch signature, they cannot move your assets.

Similarly, if your phone and ColdLar Touch are lost at the same time, don't worry too much, because strangers can't guess your unlock and transaction passwords. But the most important thing is that you remember the written mnemonic, don't lose it or steal it, because getting a mnemonic is equivalent to controlling the ownership of the wallet.

There are other issues with ColdLar Touch, such as the loss of ColdLar Touch, and will assets be lost?

The answer is no, because ColdLar Touch only serves as a signature. As long as you have a private key (mnemonic), you can reset your wallet and re-binding a new ColdLar Touch card.
In summary, ColdLar Touch has the security features of a cold wallet, the transaction is carried out through the built-in security chip, and the security factor is significantly improved compared to the hot wallet that has been connected to the network.

With the continuous development of the blockchain industry, cryptocurrencies have been recognized and accepted by more and more people, and gradually become mainstream investment products. Therefore, people's demand for wallets will be more and more diversified. Except for exchanges, enterprises and investment that are not sensitive to price and ease of use, investors and investors in the currency circle need to be cheap and portable. The wallet product, ColdLar Touch, is a lightweight, customizable hardware cold wallet that came into being in this market demand.

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