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Dash has activated two sporks finalizing the 0.13 upgrade, locking in deterministic masternodes and activating InstantSend transactions by default.

Last week, Dash activated two forks, also known as multi-stage forks. These two final elements will determine the final functionality of the 0.13 release and ensure a smooth transition for the upgrade. The first fork, the fork15, brings a deterministic list of master nodes, which means that the private key of the master node will be split into three, belonging to the depositor, voter and master node of the deposit respectively. Operator. As Liz Robuck, product manager at Dash, said in a recent blog post, an important benefit of this move is to optimize the access process for the primary node network.

Liz Robuck said that the current Dash network deterministic master node list is the only source of information to determine the master node holders who get the block rewards in the transaction, instead of relying on P2P messaging to solve this problem. problem. In addition, when using the master node arbitration chain to verify transactions, the members of the arbitration chain will be selected based on the information on the blockchain. This ensures that the node agrees on the composition of the quorum chain so that the node can directly obtain a unique source of facts directly on the chain instead of maintaining the master node list.

After the fork 15 is activated, all the master nodes that have not completed the upgrade will go offline to the Dash network, leaving only the deterministic master node that has been upgraded. When the fork spoon is activated, the Dash network has nearly 4,700 active master nodes; after activation, this number has been reduced to less than 4,100. This is because hundreds of master nodes that have not been upgraded in time have been taken offline. However, as the number of active nodes that have completed the upgrade continues to increase, the number of active nodes that have returned to active status has gradually increased to the previous number. The current number of active primary nodes is 4,524, which is higher than the historical high (4,967) at the end of 2018. Declined.

The InstantSend transactions feature used by default will greatly improve the user experience of Dash

Ordinary users are most concerned about the 0.13 upgrade when the fork 16 or the instant send function is automatically enabled. Robuck said that the automatic activation of the instant delivery feature means that most Dash transactions can be sent instantly.

Robuck said that the Dash team is happy to provide default usage for instant messaging for network users who enter less than or equal to four times. These transactions account for 90% of the total number of transactions on the Dashnet network, which means that after the 0.13 upgrade, almost all Dashgo users will enjoy the convenience of instant delivery, without having to take on additional transaction cost. In short, the Instant Send feature will default to trading locks for transactions with a transaction input equal to or less than four times, and will not charge an additional fee that would be charged for the Instant Send feature.

Prior to this upgrade, Dash transactions were immediately broadcast and publicly visible by default, and these transactions took approximately 2.5 minutes to complete the transaction confirmation on the blockchain; while a few wallets and services that supported instant delivery were available. Choose to lock the deal immediately, but users who take such actions will have to pay an additional fee. After the upgrade, almost all transactions will immediately lock and settle the transaction, regardless of whether the wallet or service explicitly supports the instant delivery feature, and the user does not have to pay extra. This is different from the popular POS applications Spark and Anypay, as both of them show relevant notes and instant delivery transactions that have received Dash payment. In addition, service platforms such as Bitrefill can also identify instant delivery transactions and provide coupons immediately, compared to customers who pay in other currencies. Finally, users of trading platforms that support instant delivery can also complete remittances immediately between platforms, helping users control personal funds and seize opportunities for arbitrage. This advantage means that Dash has the unique advantage of trading.

The 0.14 version updates the online test network to further optimize the anonymous sending function and introduces ChainLocks that prevent 51% attacks.

The finishing of the 0.13 version enabled the optimization of the Dash function. In addition, the newly released version of 0.14 has also landed on the test network. It will perform multiple optimizations based on the long-term master node arbitration chain, one of which is ChainLocks. This is a process that uses the master node network to improve the mining safety and prevent 51% attacks and other similar attacks. Therefore, this innovation is expected to make Dash one of the safest payment networks in the world. Last but not least, the instant delivery function based on the long-term master node arbitration chain is an improvement on the instant delivery process. This significant reduction in resource consumption will be beneficial to the majority of users after the release of the 0.14 release. As Robuck said in another article, the above upgrades and optimizations of Dash will significantly deliver a functional user experience and reduce the time delay between irreversible transactions.

The instant messaging function based on the long-term master node arbitration chain will fully enhance the performance of the original instant messaging function when combined with ChainLocks. Previously, the instant send function required to complete the six-fold transaction confirmation; after the upgrade, the transaction confirmed via ChainLocks or the instant-send transaction based on the long-term master node arbitration chain did not have to be confirmed by the six-fold transaction, and the transaction involved a large amount of funds. Most can be used immediately for the next round of instant delivery transactions.

The next major upgrade of Dash will bring version 1.0, the debut of the long-awaited Evolution version. It will introduce features such as blockchain users and contact lists to provide users with an unprecedented smooth and user-friendly user experience in the field of encrypted digital currency.


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