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This evaluation to bring you Pinidea Dr2X11 DASH Miner

Dr2 mine official parameters:
Calculus: 450M (+ - 5%)
Power: 335W (wall)
The following Cybtc to bring you the latestevaluation:

First, out of the box exposure

Dr2 mining machine with a specialfive-layer hard box, double-opening foam board closed packaging, played a verygood shock effect.

With a box of mine machine, comes withcontroller.

Mining machine was a short rectangularbody, the chassis alloy material, matte black paint.

Before and after each of a diameter 12cm(12v1.6A) four-wire cooling fan.

Mine machine in front of the upper left corner there are twostatus lights, from the surface into the wind.

The back of the machine, you can see twopci-e (8pin) power interface and controller cable interface, from the surfaceout of the wind.

At the bottom of the machine, you can seethe operator board fixing screws.

Machine production process and design feelgood, compact and rugged.

The following is the physical parameters ofthe mine.

Second, the installation

The power used in this test is Zhenhuaiceberg gold dish 450w.

Dr2 mining machine installation is verysimple, first plug in the power supply, mining machine with a 8-port pci-epower (with 6 of the can).

Note that if the interface is 6pininterpolation.

Then access the Internet line.

This is the final wiring diagram of themine.

Third, debugging

Turn on the power after the boot, enter thedefault ip address into the background of the machine. (On thenetwork and ip settings can refer to this post.Http://

Into the background of the default homepage for the state machine.
Enter the pool settings, the password is:admin

When the machine is in operation, the twoblue status lights on the front panel flashes once every few seconds.

Miner behind the network port status lightson both sides of non-stop flashing.

Fourth, testing

My operating environment, room temperature30 degrees, about 41dBa indoor noise. The test of the pool is /dash / (to reach the world's coin pool, the pool of accounting for up to theworld's coins full force 30% of the network, more than 10,000 miners.)

Dr2 operation only need to set the powerand fan speed, fill mine information, save the application can automaticallyrun.

The following tests are performed for eachof the three different power and fan speeds: power and noise:

(1)    the operator is set to 450M,the fan speed is set to LV3, the measured mineral pool arithmetic average ofabout 480M or so.

Meastred power 307-312w.

Background detection fan speed in 3840-3930, measured noise75dBa.

About one meter away from the mine, measured noise 64dBa.

(2)    the arithmetic power is set to400M, the fan speed is set to LV2, measured mineral pool arithmetic averageabout 430M.

Measured power 291w.

Background detection fan speed in3660-3690, measured noise 73dBa.

(3)    the operator is set to 350M,the fan speed is set to LV1, the measured pool calculation of the average about375M.

Measured power 268w.

Background detection fan speed in 3450, measured noise69dBa.

Temperature, the operator is set to 450M, backgrounddetection chip temperature of 36 degrees.

Radiator roots close to the arithmetic plate measured at 34degrees.

Chassis case measured 32 degrees.

Fifth, the mattersneeding attention

1. Fan power corresponding to thefan speed can be free with the normal speed of the summer fan selectionLV2-LV3, such as your mine in the air-conditioned room or winter coldenvironment can be selected LV1, so the noise has declined.

2. Mineral pool choice Dependingon the region, select the connection rate faster mine pond, the specificoperation is as follows:

According to the mine pool site, use the local computerfollowed by ping the pool site, select the smallest value.

Sixth, summary

1. After nearly a weekof uninterrupted operation, mining machine operation of the various stages ofthe performance of stable, smooth operation of the operator did not appearlarger fluctuations. Than the official nominal arithmetic has a certainincrease, such as the actual measurement of 450M arithmetic operation to reachthe 470M or more, an average of 480M or so.

2. Own controller, easyto operate, almost do plug and play, and support remote control.

3. Noise due to the fanspeed is slightly higher sense of noise, the official use of a moreconservative fan configuration, equipped with a 12v1.6a fan, the cooling effectis quite good chip operating temperature is only 30 degrees, if the mineenvironment temperature is low In the case, can be replaced by slower fan speed(like 12v1.2a), so that further reduce the noise. So there is little room forimprovement in noise.

4.X11 algorithm arithmetic power consumption thanexcellent, this machine's performance: about 1M operator power / 0.65w power.Compared to the current mainstream R9 graphics card machine: about 1M operatorpower / 37w power. Performance up to 50 times! Great advantage.


(1)    internal mine pictures


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