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Cyber Bitcoin
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Recently, Canaan released the new Avalon bitcoin mining machine A10. The official A10 parameters are as follows:

Hash rate: 31TH/s (-5% to +10%)
Wall power consumption: 1736W (0% to +15%)
Energy consumption ratio: 56W/T (minimum 50W/T)

Today, We are going to review this A10 prototype maichine. The following is the Avalon A10 third-party independent use evaluation brought by the Cybtc Evaluation Team.

Avalon A10 appearance

The Avalon A10 mining machine received this time is not a production packaging. We will not send it out of the box. Let us focus on the performance of the mining machine.

The A10's mining machine was changed from the previous cylindrical single-fan cooling to a dual-fan parallel cooling, and the power supply and the mining machine were integrated. The physical size is 292×190×190mm, and the weight of the whole machine is 7.95kg. It can be placed flat or upright according to the mine frame. ▼





The Avalon A10 power supply is a barely HQ2100-W02A power supply with a maximum efficiency of over 94%. It can adapt to the complex power supply of the mining garden (AC input 176V~300V), with IIC software communication, according to the working state of the chip, the output voltage can be adjusted in real time in the range of 12V-14.5V, the power supply has switches, and the connecting plate connect the power supply and the mining board. ▼




There are 2 AUC3 data transmission interfaces on the Avalon A10 MM (controller), 1 LED indicator, the indicator light can be illuminated by the button under the “CGMiner Status” interface in the background, which is convenient for finding the mining machine and 2 heat dissipation. The fan interface and an interface connected to the power supply are used to adjust the voltage ▼




The Avalon A10 uses two models of QFR1212GHE's 12038 12V 2.7A 4-core fan. The air outlet baffle is designed with a hexagonal cutout that echoes the Canaan logo. The mining board can be seen from the outside. , visual inspection that Avalon A10 built in two mining board ▼



Avalon A10 mining machine accessories include 1 mining machine power cord; 1 raspberry pie; 1 AUC3; 1 AUC3 cable, 2 micro USB cables, 1 connected Raspberry Pi and AUC3, 1 Power supply to the Raspberry Pi, the official distribution policy is to buy more than 5 machines to send an AUC3 (added by a multiple of 5), 5 sets need to buy their own, in addition to the raspberry pie and power supply need to buy their own ▼


raspberry pie


AUC3 and cable


Micro USB cable


power cable

It can be seen from the dismantling of the Avalon A10 that the A10 casing is not integrally molded by the die, but is spliced ​​by different aluminum alloys depending on the position and function, and then fixed by screws. Complex, of course, this may be the reason for the engineering prototype, maybe the finished product will be another look after the market ▼




The Avalon A10 consists of two mining boards, each of which has 120 Avalon 16nm A3205 chips, and each of the power boards and heat sinks is reinforced with 18 screws to enhance the efficiency of heat conduction. ▼




There is a careful design to add a plastic tube at the power connection location to increase the safety of use ▼




Mining machine dismantling full map

Avalon A10 installation configuration

Hardware installation

The Avalon series of mining machines support series clusters. The operation requires Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi power supply, AUC3 and other accessories. Each 5 mining machines can be connected to 1 AUC with AUC3 cable, and 1 Raspberry Pi supports USB. The interface is connected to 4 AUC3s, which forms a cluster control of 20 mining machines. The advantage of the cluster is that it saves the cost of the network cable and the router, and also facilitates management and operation and maintenance. Considering the efficiency factor, the official proposal is to build a small cluster of 10 mining machines with 2 AUCs.

First connect the AUC3 to the miner with the AUC3 cable ▼


Connect AUC3 to Raspberry Pi with a micro USB cable ▼


Powering the Raspberry Pi with another micro USB cable ▼


Connect the cable to the Raspberry Pi and connect the power cable to the mine to complete the hardware installation. ▼



Complete wiring diagram ▲

Software configuration

The default IP address of the Avalon A10 Mine Raspberry Pi is (or You need to confirm whether the computer is on the same network segment. Otherwise, you need to modify the computer network segment to match the mining machine. Select "Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connection", click "Right/Properties" on the current connection icon, select "TCP/IPv4" and change the IP address to (or network segment and save it. , Raspberry Pi network and IP setting method ▼


Open the browser and enter in the address bar to enter the login page. The default user name is “root”, the password is empty (or root), and you can enter the miner control panel homepage ▼


Click the "Advanced Version" button to enter the Raspberry Pi Control Panel page, ▼


The different menu contents of the Avalon Raspberry Pi version are also different. We only focus on the three interfaces of mining machine operation, miner modification and network configuration. When you run the miner for the first time, you need to modify the network configuration, change the Raspberry Pi network to the local network, enter the Network\Interfaces page, select Edit to enter the network configuration page, and modify the IP address to be consistent with the current network segment. Click "Save&Apply" in the lower right corner of the page to save and enable changes ▼



Next, modify the mining pool address, go to the “status/cgminer Configuration” page, modify the main mine pool and 2 spare pools. After finishing, click “Save&Apply” in the lower right corner of the page to save and enable the changes, the controller will complete automatically. Restart ▼


Modify the above two to complete the installation and configuration of the mining machine, go to the “status/cgminer status” page to view the current running status of the mining machine and other information ▼


Other useful function pages ▼


MM brush firmware


Restart the Raspberry Pi


Modify user password

Avalon A10 test data

Test environment temperature about 20 degrees mining machine, city power supply 225V, ambient noise about 50 dB ▼


Power-on standby power consumption is about 10W, and the startup noise is about 53dB ▼


After the mine machine is running stably, the measured power consumption is 1847W, the peak value is 1850W, the close-range noise test is 85.4 decibels, and the distance is 2dB and the distance is 74 decibels. ▼


The temperature of the inlet air inlet of the mining machine is 28.4 degrees, the temperature of the casing is 38.2 degrees, and the temperature of the outlet is 50.5 degrees.




The power supply case temperature is measured to be 30.5 degrees, and the air outlet temperature is 36.5 degrees.



After 24 hours, the control page shows an average power of 31.3T ▼


The pool receives stable, 24-hour average power 31.21T ▼



❏ A10 machine is solid material, using Avalon 16nm A3205 chip, 16nm to achieve such a low power consumption ratio is really good.
❏ The calculation result of the whole machine is 31.2T slightly higher than the officially published value of 31T, and the power consumption of 1850W is also within the officially published range of 1736W (0% to +15%).
❏ Integrated power supply machine design facilitates mine operation and maintenance management.
❏ Avalon's unique Raspberry Pi cluster control increases the efficiency of large-scale mine management.
❏ After 24 hours of testing by Caiyun team, the power consumption is stable and the fluctuation is small.
❏ Noise and temperature are well controlled and noise levels are within acceptable limits.
❏ It is necessary to purchase accessories such as Raspberry Pi and USB power cord separately. When the miner is deployed in a small amount, the cost is increased. However, when the miner is deployed in batches, the equipment such as the network cable and the router can save the input cost and the maintenance is more convenient.

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