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Cyber Bitcoin
Edited by qqqpeter at 2019-7-19 10:07 reported that Patrick McHenry, vice-chairman of the US House of Representatives Financial Services Committee (FSC) and a senior Republican (GOP) member, was asked in an interview on July 17 of CNBC. Whether the regulators will allow "new types of currencies" to appear, even though they do not have as much legal currency and money as current regulators and custodians.

Screenshot of CNBC Video

McHenry did not respond positively, but instead said,

I don't think Bitcoin can be killed. Even China, which has a firewall and an extremely disruptive society, can't kill Bitcoin.

He further explained that because Bitcoin has open decentralized books, no one can kill Bitcoin; others continue to try to imitate Bitcoin, but they are not completely open or completely dispersed, so there are different mechanisms. Kill them.

In the interview, McHenry expressed confidence in the existence of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not mainstream now, but even if exchanges such as Coinbase are forbidden to accept US dollars, it will cause great harm to Bitcoin. Bitcoin will continue to be in the dark network. And other places exist. McHenry said,

We are looking at a ten-year-old who is not the same thing and will be willing to give it for free, but now it is worth nearly $10,000 per piece.

Big companies like Facebook now want to imitate Bitcoin, so I want to understand the essence of Libra and its technology, not just the idea of ​​a white paper, we can kill these imitating bitcoins but not publicly This derivative currency - whether it is a commodity or a security.

McHenry’s second Libra hearing on the US Senate Banking Committee on July 17th asked questions about Libra’s definition of the financial system and asked David Marcus.

At the end of the interview, McHenry mentioned the current problem Libra facing,

We hope that Libra can understand all of their customers (information), but don't want Libra to use this information to do anything.

And this is also an interesting place, in order to comply with anti-money laundering regulations, you must know a lot of information; but in order to ensure that Facebook does not improperly use user information, they can not know any information.

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