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Cyber Bitcoin reported, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling tweeted, "I don't understand bitcoin. please explain it to me. " The message immediately triggered a response from the blockchain and cryptocurrency community.


"V God" responds to JK Rowling

Vitalik Buterin, the "V God" of Ether, tries to explain it in more concise terms, writing that "(Bitcoin) is a digital currency. There are about 18 million of them at the moment, and they are not tied to anything behind them, their value lies in themselves, like 'collectibles'. Vitalik then goes on to explain the characteristics of bitcoin, such as "a network not controlled by any centralized regulatory entity", "free from political manipulation", "could be a global digital payment method", and most importantly "based on cryptography technology that enables bitcoin to operate securely".

In addition to attracting the "V Gods", J.K. Rowling's discussion string reached 1,300 replies in just two hours, with a variety of commentary, some using graphics, some blog posts, some inviting J.K. Rowling to listen to her podcast, and even some "Harry Potter fans" trying to use the Harry Potter plot to explain "what bitcoin is" with great care.

Despite the community's "flamboyant" attempts to make J.K. Rowling understand "what is bitcoin really? But she didn't seem to "buy the bill" too much, and later tweeted repeatedly that she still couldn't understand it, even saying "I don't think I trust this.

"Man of Steel" Musk is also involved in the reply to JK Rowling

"Iron Man" Musk also participated in the discussion. He even revealed that he still holds 0.25 bitcoin. Tyler Winklevoss, one of the founders of the Gemini Exchange, responded to Musk more jokingly: "So how do you buy things on Mars?", Which probably means that Musk has too few bitcoins in his hands.

Among the many replies, which one is the one that JK Rowling "likes" the most? The answer is "Try to imagine: the same thing, it exists, but in reality, it doesn't really exist. Then it's "Bitcoin. Such a reply is surprisingly "reasonable" to J.K. Rowling.

J.K. Rowling has over 14 million Twitter followers, and one of her postings can generate a lot of discussion, which can have a nice "effect" on the development of blockchain technology, or the adoption of cryptocurrencies such as "bitcoin". However, someone took the opportunity to do something bad by opening a fake J.K. Rowling Twitter account and claiming to have "bought $100 in bitcoin" as part of the hype. J.K. Rowling then tweeted to explain "I don't own Bitcoin."

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