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Cyber Bitcoin
A professional blockchain cloud computing power service platform-Iris Hash is officially online today!

Iris Hash belongs to bitcoin), bitcoin) was founded in 2013. It is the first professional one-stop service platform for digital currency mining in China. Our goal is to create a professional, clear and reliable cloud computing power platform. , So that every mining enthusiast or institutional customer can enjoy the most convenient and reliable cloud computing service, let more people understand the blockchain and bitcoin, feel the charm of it, and enjoy the development of the industry Gains!

Cloud computing power is a remote online mining model. Users purchase computing power contracts through the platform, that is, Iris Hash sells mining machine computing power to users by T, realizing low-cost lease of high-quality blockchain server cloud computing capabilities, obtaining stable digital currency revenue on a regular basis, and eliminating themselves Understand the complex work of mining machines, purchase, installation, and subsequent maintenance of mining machines.

Multi-currency real computing power, transparent distribution and settlement of mining pools, the mining pool revenue generated by the bitcoin)blockchain cloud computing shared leasing service platform will be automatically distributed to personal accounts through the bitcoin) platform, and no other fees will be deducted . Users can observe their computing power and real fluctuations in the personal center.

Four reasons to choose Iris Hash

1、selected mining farms and mining rigs


Iris Hash lays out domestic high-quality mines to provide stable and sustainable output throughout the year. A professional operation and maintenance team will escort your cloud computing server. With many years of experience, you will choose the highest cost-effective high-quality area on the market Blockchain cloud computing server makes your cloud mining journey worry-free. Every miner's mouse clicks behind the cloud computing power page are the result of numerous efforts made by bitcoin).

2、lowest cloud mining electricity  maintain  costs


The electricity time maintenance fee settled by monthly independent prepaid bills is 0.38 yuan per hour. Mining is as simple as playing a game in an Internet cafe. You only need to pay a certain amount of electricity maintenance time to open your cloud computing power contract. The average cost of domestic cloud computing power contracts is more than 0.4 yuan per hour, and most foreign cloud computing power platforms are as high as 0.5 yuan per hour or more. In Iris Hahs, you can find the most favorable and conscientious power maintenance costs .

3、Competitive long-term hash investment returns


The difference between the term of the Iris Hash contract and other platforms is that the hashrate contract has no fixed term and is valid for a long time until your output does not meet the electricity bill, but you can still choose a short-term loss based on your expectations of the market. As long as you pay the electricity contract, the mining coin will automatically restart. If you want to dig, you can enjoy it for a long time. Iris Hash computing power makes time the best friend of miners.

4、Transparent and compliant cost management

152619svg6jtco4qs45fgs.png bitcoin) Blockchain cloud computing power service platform provides transparent details of power maintenance fees, and will never allow you to spend a penny. The computing power fees and monthly power maintenance fees can be issued with ordinary VAT invoices. Except for electricity time maintenance costs and computing power costs, there are no other charges, and the charges are transparent to all naked. The payment and collection methods adopt a unified and independent account to strictly control the security of funds.


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