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Cyber Bitcoin
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At the end of this year, the bitcoin mining market has once again entered a small winter. The IrisHash team was invited to beautiful Shenzhen this time to participate in the 2019 International Digital Mining Summit Forum hosted by Lieyun Finance. While enjoying the warm winter here , We don't forget to send our carefully prepared customized gifts to the suffering miners friends ~

113507amytetzzhaynvja0 (1).jpg

The team arrived at the conference site. We entered the IDMS exhibition hall early on the 21st and started preparations for the early morning event.

113456duuoviidkydjizfi (1).jpg

The exhibition hall on the tall is already waiting for the arrival of the big coffee and miners, and the  team has already prepared for the arrival of everyone in the exclusive booth. As the itinerary was a little rushed, in order to hurry, we had to use the most grounded material, and the network cable from the mine took our gifts to the conference site. On the scene, we prepared a colorful cloud with the words 'Mining Together' Customized T-shirts, as well as exquisite small stickers about mining and POW are given to every miner friend who pays attention to  ~

115217sxcbbz32iosdboat (1).jpg

mining together Memorial T-shirt

Let's carry out mining to the end!
115232lvblwbkcnaobbpg5 (1).jpeg

Miners must win! pow to da moon

115248v4qd399ygo33qqkl (1).jpg

Network cable bundling

113523r3vxfl8vx6lzvxyn (1).jpg  Team ~

IrisHash is open to welcome customers ~ The orange background represents the purest bitcoin color!

113544t55g55acya0qmg30 (1).jpg

Focused eyes have our serious attitude

113702wpmspp6xifi0h2jv (1).jpg

Attentively explain and answer questions for newbie miners
233016smz2g9nxrex26uc2 (1).jpg

Relaxing atmosphere Mining is full of possibilities

114204x46agndiok6q6agk (1).jpg

IrisHash ’s eye-catching orange background and LOGO were particularly eye-catching at the conference site. Before the conference, a large wave of mine friends had gathered in the booth of Iris Hash. Claimed by the enthusiastic miners before the end of the field. The enthusiasm of the Shenzhen miners flattered us.

115400prrzmmwmp4g4h4uh (1).jpeg

Finally, a photo of cute men who was secretly photographed by the editor of at the venue ~ has been with you for six years of mining journey since its establishment in 2013, which has bitterness and laughter ~ mining is not easy And dig and cherish, We believe that 2020 will be a harvest year for miners! Come on in the new year, let us accompany Bitcoin to grow together! In the end, the editor made a hard introduction to the small white miners who want to start mining recently: Iris Hash  The most reliable choice for novice miners!

160946bs9qziziqszrxzdb (1).jpg


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