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To mine, find Iris Hash, don't take a detour! Iris Hash - The leading Blockchain Cloud Computing Power Leasing Platform

Iris Hash Blockchain Cloud Computing Power Leasing Platform
is officially launched.


Q: What is cloud computing power?

A: Cloud computing power (blockchain cloud computing contract) is a remote online mining mode. The user purchases the cloud computing power contract through the platform, and the platform sells the mining machine's computing power to the user per T, and realizes the leased computing power mining and obtains the revenue regularly. Save yourself the complicated work of understanding the mining machine, purchasing, installing, and subsequent maintenance of the mining machine.

Q: What kind of people are suitable for purchasing cloud computing power?

A: For beginners, who are interested in blockchain digital currency, and also experienced users, that is suitable. For beginners, cloud computing power is the easiest and most direct way to become a miner. If you do not have sufficient funds to buy high-quality mining machines but want to participate in mining, choose a cheap, convenient, fast and easy operation, cloud computing power is very good for you. For experienced miners who already have some experience, cloud computing power mining is the best option to buffer market fluctuations, which is much lower than the natural risk of the speculation party. Under the current situation where mainstream machines are expensive and in short supply, It would be a better choice to choose to cover this part of the cost to the platform.

Q: How do I get mining rewards after purchasing Iris Hash Cloud Computing Power?

A: The Iris Hash platform settles all users' hashrate mining revenue on the day before 11:00 morning, and distributes the daily mining revenue (deduct mining pool fees) to the users' platform personal account. Users can check the purchased computing power and real fluctuations at personal center. When the minimum payment amount is met, the platform will initiate a coin transaction to directly deposit the coin into the address filled in by the user, and the minimum payment amount is 0.005 BTC.

Q: What is the maintenance cost of Iris Hash Cloud Computing Power? Is there any charge for other items?

A: Iris Hash Cloud Computing Power is based on unit computing power and the unit power consumption is fixed. The maintenance fee is calculated based on the power consumption of the computing power (without other extra costs such as getting on and off the shelf). User precharge kwh to support computing power operation. Each batch of orders will clearly indicate the price of the maintenance fee on the product page. The kwh in the user account will decrease as the computing power runs. The kwh consumed per hour per order is:
Kwh consumed per order per hour = order computing power (unit: T) X power consumption per T (or other computing power unit) (W) / 1000

For example:

1 computing power (10T / 500 watts) 30 days maintenance fee = 24 hours * 30 days * 0.5KW * 0.38 yuan / kwh = 136.8 yuan

The user needs to pay a one-month maintenance fee in advance after placing an order (currently, a maintenance fee of 30 days per 10T computing power is 136.8 yuan, and no other charges), and they will be charged at the same time when paying the computing power of the order.

Q: What is a perpetual computing power contract? Why is there no short-term contract for Iris Hash?

A: Iris Hash's perpetual computing power contract is a special kind of computing power contract. It is different from the traditional short-term cloud computing power contract (less than 360 days) on other platforms. Cloud computing power is a long-term process of obtaining mining rewards. In order to mitigate risks, unlike traditional short-term cloud computing power contracts (under the influence of the market, short-term contracts may cause you to be in a loss state at the end of the contract), a perpetual computing power contract has no fixed expiration date and settlement cycle.

In a perpetual computing power contract, user can run their own computing power contract until the output cannot cover the cost of electricity for a long time, and make the most of the remaining time value of computing power. In addition, the perpetual computing power contract, based on's many years of mining machine sales experience, we have integrated the spot computing power price index on the market. The price of a perpetual computing power contract will not deviate from the spot computing power price for most of the time.

Q: How long is the Iris Hash computing power contract? When will the contract terminate?

A: Iris Hash computing power in order to ensure that customers obtain the long-term best computing power and income right, the term of the blockchain cloud computing power contract provided by Iris Hash is long-term validity (the industry's first has no fixed term. Customer can choose to pay power maintenance fee when the output cannot cover the power maintenance costs continue to run) computing power contract.

The operation of the computing power of the order placed by the user will consume kwh in the user account. When the kwh in the user account is not enough to support the operation, the Iris Hash computing power platform will send SMS three days in advance. Formally notify the user that when kwh in the user's account is 0, the computing power stops producing.

There will be a payment grace period of 360 hours (15 days) after the output of computing power is stopped. After purchasing kwh again within the grace period, the computing power will automatically continue to output, and the output digital currency will be distributed to the user's digital currency account in the platform the next day. In the balance, if the kwh in the user's account is 0 and the duration exceeds 360 hours, the blockchain cloud computing orders purchased by the user is terminated immediately, and the computing power in the order is permanently invalidated.

Although the standard computing power of Iris Hash does not have a fixed term, the contract has an effective time. At present, there are two types of contracts that are effective immediately and after two weeks (the industry's first). Please pay attention to the product category you choose. Effective for after two weeks, that is, 14 days after the order is placed, the computing power officially starts to operate and generate revenue.

Q: How do users calculate their daily net rewards for cloud computing mining rewards?

A: Iris Hash computing power will not promise or show any static rate of return or false rate of return to the user, and the mining rewards are real dynamic returns.

The calculation method of the daily net income of Iris Hash computing power mining reward:                                 
Net income of mining rewards per user per day = Revenue per T on the homepage of Caiyun official website (Unit: Yuan / T or other computing power unit) X Power consumption per T (or other computing power unit) (W) X number of Iris Hash computing power purchased by users-0.38 yuan / kwh X 24 hours X Power consumption per T (or other computing power unit) (W) X computing power purchased by users (in unit: T)

You can use the calculator on the official website to calculate. The users of Iris Hash R1 standard computing power have a fixed power maintenance cost of 0.456 yuan / T / day (no other fees), and the electricity cost is the lowest in the current market (0.38 yuan / KWH). Daily output fluctuates with the price of BTC.

Q: In the market, there are a lot of misrepresentations about the size of the mine and the number of mining machines. What is the guarantee? Is it compliant?

A: For cloud computing power, the trust of the platform is the most important factor. was established in 2013. It is the earliest mining portal in China. It uses real mines and real mining machines' computing power. We make every effort to ensure the long-term stable operation of customers' machines, but because of the real computing power, there is an influence of factors such as the real fluctuation of computing power and power failure caused by force majeure. Iris Hash computing power is based on compliance operations. Customers can issue VAT invoices (computing power and electricity) as needed.

Q: How does Iris Hash computing power compare to buying mining machines and mining yourself?

Iris Hash Cloud Computing Platform provides the best high-quality long-term blockchain cloud computing services on the market, ensuring that customers can enjoy long-term blockchain cloud computing services as long as they purchase Iris Hash computing power. The customer will not miss the cloud computing rewards caused by the contract expires early. Compared with traditional mining: no deposit required, low threshold, easy operation, saving the trouble of choosing a mining machine yourself.

After placing an order, customers can check their own daily rewards. The operation is convenient and stable, and the minimum 10T long-term computing power can be a miner with a minimum of less than 2,000 yuan, and enjoy long-term computing power.

Safe, professional and stable, the operation and maintenance of mining machines can stand the test of time, and the brand can be trusted for six years.

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