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Cyber Bitcoin
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TODDMINER C1 CKB mining machine is the first Nervos ASIC mining machine independently developed by Toddminer, a technology company established in 2018, focusing on the development and manufacturing of multi-algorithm systems.

Before getting to know the TODDMINER C1 CKB miner, let's first understand what is CKB?

CKB is the native token of the Nervos Network's underlying main chain (Layer1).

Nervos Network is an open source project based on a layered network architecture design. It includes a set of layered protocols with blockchain technology as the core and compatible with each other. The security of the network is ensured through a layer (the underlying main chain Layer1) of the public chain protocol. With decentralization, the Layer 2 (Application Chain / Layer 2) protocol provides scalable transaction and computing services, as well as multiple application layer protocols linking business scenarios to build a public infrastructure for the next generation of encrypted economic networks.

Nervos CKB is a "common knowledge base". CKB truly binds the actual physical resources on the blockchain. Each CKB corresponds to 1 Byte of storage space on the Nervos CKB network. Nervos CKB is "Common Knowledge Byte", or "CKByte" for short. CKBytes represents the right of the unit capacity in bytes, so that the Token owner can occupy a part of the overall blockchain.

Nervos CKB is an improved version of Satoshi consensus mechanism based on Proof-of-Work (POW). Its design goal is to achieve openness, correctness and high performance in a distributed environment with network delay and Byzantine nodes. The CKB consensus is a variant based on the Satoshi consensus, which means that it also allows nodes to join and exit freely. Each node can either generate a new block by mining (running a specific algorithm to generate a proof of work), or participate in consensus by verifying the validity of the block.

The Nervos mainnet was launched on November 16, 2019, and its token CKB was also issued at the same time.

Nervos CKB total release in the past 12 years (Source:

Nervos CKB token issuance mechanism:

• Genesis block: 33.6 billion CKB, of which 8.4 billion CKB will be destroyed immediately upon release, with an actual issue of 25.2 billion CKB;
• Basic issuance (primary issuance): 33.6 billion CKB, issued in half every four years;
• Secondary issuance: 1.344 billion CKB per year, with a constant annual circulation, distributed according to the different status of CKB.

Nervos CKB mining difficulty (source:

CKB uses an ASIC-neutral proof of work (POW) mining consensus mechanism. Its goal is to distribute tokens as evenly as possible and make the network as secure as possible.

So TODDMINER C1 was born.

The TODDMINER C1 CKB mining machine uses the Eaglesong algorithm, using a 28nm chip developed by TODDMINER.

The TODDMINER C1 CKB mining machine adopts a mature and classic single barrel design with an appearance size of 41 x 22 x 24 cm and a weight of 4kg.

The TODDMINER C1 CKB mining machine is very concise. There is no obvious sign on the outside of the fuselage. There is only a SN code label of the mining machine model on the side of the control board.

The control board interface side of the TODDMINER C1 CKB miner is distributed with a TF card slot, an IP report button, an Ethernet interface, a reset button, and a running status indicator.

The TODDMINER C1 CKB mining machine control board and the hash board use a flat cable for connection.

TODDMINER C1 CKB mining machine cooling TODDMINER C1 CKB mining machine uses a 12038 3.2A dual fan to provide cooling for the mining board.

The TODDMINER C1 CKB miner is equipped with a RSPower HQ2000-A01 power supply. The actual output is 2000W, and a 10A power cable is included.

RSPower HQ2000-A01 power supply is equipped with 10 6-Pin plugs as standard. Only 7 plugs are used in actual use on the TODDMINER C1 CKB miner.

TODDMINER C1 CKB mining machine has two 8-pin power supply interfaces welded on each mining board. After the research and development engineer confirmed that there is no problem using the 6-pin plug. The 8-pin interface is designed to prevent wrong insertion, as long as it can be plugged in, there is no problem.

Use a 6-pin plug to insert it near the air outlet side. This is how it looks when inserted correctly.

Then plug it in the power and plug in the LAN cable.

Step 1: Find the Miner IP

TODDMINER C1 CKB miner is not using the same way as other machines to find IP, you need to use the official tool C1IPGetTool.

TODDMINER C1 CKB mining machine finding IP address procedures:

1. Computer and machine are connected to the same network segment
2. Double-click to open the IP acquisition tool C1IPGetTool.exe
3. After the machine is powered on, after successfully pressing the "IP SET" key, the red light will be on, and the tool will obtain and display the machine's IP.

Step 2: Enter the control panel

Open the browser, enter the displayed IP address, open the machine console, and enter the user name and password: both are "admin".

The control panel of the TODDMINER C1 CKB mining machine is in Chinese. Tap the upper left button to hide the menu bar, and tap the upper right button to switch languages.

It is simple and clear. The homepage is the operating status of the mining machine. The left side is the menu bar. The right side shows the current mining machine operation status, including computing power, temperature, fan revolutions, rejection Rate and the performance of the hash board.

Step 3: Set up the mining pool

Click "Mining Pool Settings" to enter the mining pool setting page to modify the name of the mining pool and miner. The naming method of the miner suffix can be selected as required:

1. IP: Use the IP of the machine
2. Custom: Use the set miner suffix
3. Hybrid: Use custom miner suffix plus last segment of IP

After finish the setting, click "Submit". The machine will start the CKB mining.

Finally, the power consumption of TODDMINER C1 CKB miner measured is 1382W.


After 24 hours of operation, the mining pool reception is 1530GH/s, combined with the power consumption of 1382W. It is concluded that the power consumption ratio of the TODDMINER C1 CKB mining machine is about 903 W/T.

24-hour mining power curve in F2Pool

With the advent of professional CKB mining machines, the network computing power of CKB mining will be greatly improved, and the relative mining revenue will be reduced. Miners need to pay attention to risks. Attach a mining profit chart of the current TODDMINER C1 CKB mining machine for reference only:

Revenue (Source:

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