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Cyber Bitcoin
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In 2019, I successfully get a job as a maintenance worker at Iris Hash and came to the magical south of Yunnan.

I have always been interested in IT. When I first heard of Bitcoin many years ago, I went to Baidu with curiosity and searched for relevant information. I just watched some videos and information at random. There was a video that I still most remember. A foreign guy put more than 40 bitcoin miners in his home (then thought to be the computer host). When I saw the machine running buzzing, I couldn't understand anything in the specific video. I only saw that the video introduced that the indoor temperature reached over 40 degrees, and there were some noises of the fans. At that time, I was thinking, I play a computer every day, how can I not make this money-producing machine? Unfortunately, I didn't watch related video later.

In 2019, after the interview, I was accepted by When I came to the company, I saw a water-cooled S9-Hydro Antminer in the corner of the company's office. The first time I saw the mining machine excited me, and I asked my colleagues to ask all about bitcoin.

It's been more than a month since I came to the company. After the company's professional training, I learned about bitcoin, saw various types of bitcoin mining machines, became familiar with the mining operation specifications, and learned the basic operations. I was able to get my wish. Arranged for working in a mining farm.

When I went there, I was curious. The whole environment was completely different from what I expected. It is very noisy. A Mining farm is a modern high-tech mining area. You can see many different types of mining machines. At night, when you entering the factory, you can see thousands of mining machines operating at the same time. The lights turn the dark factory into a sense of science fiction - green, beautiful and shocking. Above the mining farm is a large reservoir. You can go to watch the sunset every day. The water's edge is covered with a mimosa. A light touch with your fingers will curl up, like a little girl frolicking by the water and seeing a stranger will be shy.


There is a reservoir above our mining farm. The water flows down from the reservoir to the river next to the mining farm. There are many fishes on it. You can also go to the river to pick up stones and fish. Of course, you can go fishing and it’s especially easy to catch! There are two dogs in the mining farm, one black and one yellow. They are particularly naughty. As long as you don't pay attention they will take everything of you and walk around you. The mango tree passion fruit is planted in the mining farm now, and everyone is welcome to come and eat fruits and grill them when they are mature!

Let's get back to the point.

The first mining machine I came into contact with was the S9k Antminer, which is a classic mining machine of the Bitmain. Although it is an old model, it is also a good machine for me to practice. Disassembly and cleaning of mining machines, restart and maintain when offline. Research and learn why the mining machine is offline. Is it caused by the power supply is not stable, the network is interrupted, or the miner is not working?

If the computing power is lost, you need to unplug the miner and restart it, or remove the mining board and clean it to see if there is any damage to the computing power board or chip. If it is determined that the damage needs to be repaired or repaired. There is a master in our factory, which is also my master. He is the most serious and attentive person I have ever met, and the person who knows the miners the most.


Basically, if the miner encounters something, I will first figure it out and deal with it. If there is any problem, I will communicate with my master or the machine manufacturer. The workshop organized by my master is the cleanest and most tidy in our entire mining farm. As long as the leader arrived at our mining farm and came to our workshop, he will unconsciously say that it is good, clean, tidy and safe. I am very proud, this is exclusive of my master.

The master gave me a lot of inspiration. First, worked hard. Second, it is rigorous and efficient. Third, take the initiative. These things are shown extremely extreme in him. This is what I must learn. What I have learned, wherever I go, these things follow me. The master is not only well-organized in his work, but also very enjoyable in life. Although he cooks for us every time by himself, the dishes are particularly fragrant. (The main point is that I don’t cook well and I only know how to cook noodles.)

After I came to the company, I gradually learned about various mining machines. The major manufacturers of mining machines are Bitmain (Antminer), Whatsminer, Avalon, Innosilicon, etc. Mining machines play the role of miners in the bitcoin world. Each mining machine is a miner. There are more than 2 million miners in the world. It is a magical thing to mine coin the same time on the same day and for different people. In addition, the mining machine will also be replaced (when the mining machine is old, it can only be replaced with a better mining machine).

The history of Bitcoin needs to start in September 2008. The financial crisis had just begun and it spread rapidly around the world. On October 31 of the same year, A crypto geek Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper on the mailing list of entitled "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System", which known as "Bitcoin White Paper". The nine-page white paper details how to create a decentralized electronic trading system that does not need to be built on the basis of mutual trust between the two parties in the transaction. In January 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto dug the first Bitcoin block, the Genesis Block, on a small server in Helsinki of Finland, and obtained 50 bitcoins reward. After that, the founding block was counted in the public account book, and the blockchain era officially began. However, its founder Satoshi Nakamoto has since disappeared, and no one knows who he is. (Interested friends can search the white paper to explore the mysteries)

Our company is mainly a blockchain forum. The business includes Bitcoin, mining machine mall, and Bitcoin mining machine hosting. In May 2020, the production of bitcoin began to halve, and the market price of bitcoin has been rising again recently. Recently, the company launched cloud computing power renting which is a better investment in financial management and mining products. You can contact our customer service!

The company is located in the beautiful southwestern city of Kunming, Yunnan (as called Spring City). Every winter, thousands of migratory birds (seagulls) fly to Dianchi Lake in Kunming for winter. Become our friendliest foreign partner! The atmosphere of the company is particularly good. The technical department, maintenance department, customer service department, sales department, etc. are always at work at any time. There is no gap between them. Everyone creates and maintains the company with care, like a big family.


The company's mining farm is managed in accordance with strict control standards, with modern video surveillance, complete fire prevention equipment, and cleanliness. The first time I entered the mining farm, it didn’t feel like the factory environment (because in my mind, the other factory is not very good except for the state-owned enterprise). But when I went into the company's mining farm, I saw that everything was neatly arranged. The distance between machines was kept the same. All the wires were neat and standardized, and the ground was clean. Colleagues clean the factory every day. In order to prevent all kinds of unexpected situations, at least one camera in each area is continuously monitored 24 hours a day without dead corners. Each plant is equipped with no less than ten fire extinguishing appliances, and the staff has professional clothing and gloves.

Each person's room has an air conditioner, separate bathroom (all-day has hot water), separate kitchen, toilet (you can see the scenery outside the window when you use the toilet. Haha, I often do this, so my feet will numb ...). Anything you want to eat can be bought in the market and you can cook your own meal. This is another small world that I have given me since I encountered Bitcoin and a powerful virtual currency world for all Bitcoin mine bosses! After entering the company, I started to contact all aspects of Bitcoin. It is also a new journey for me. I hope I can continue to learn more from your old predecessors! I also hope that in the future, I will roll around on this road and come up with a fixed point of my own. This is the diary about my life in the Bitcoin mining field.

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