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Cyber Bitcoin
Edited by ack123888 at 2020-2-9 11:00

Everything started so badly in 2020, and before the end of January, we witnessed: the US-Iraq dispute, the Australian fire, the white cricket extinction, the African locust plague, the death of Kobe, and of course the new coronavirus that has the greatest impact on China , many people want to restart 2020, this seems unrealistic. We don't know how long this epidemic will last, but it will have an indelible impact on the global economy and Bitcoin. Let's analyze together how much the epidemic has affected the Bitcoin and mining industry.


Bitcoin — some investors or institutions see it as digital gold

Will Bitcoin really become digital gold starting in 2020? First let's look at the chart of gold price after SARS in 2003


It can be seen that since SARS occurred in 2003, the price of gold has increased by five times in ten years. Even the financial crisis in 2008 has not been able to interrupt the crazy rising trend of gold in recent years. In 2003, China ’s total economic volume was only one-tenth of the world ’s total, and now China ’s total economic volume accounts for as much as 20% of the global economy. Of course, optimistic estimates that the epidemic may end successfully in March, but In general, the situation is not great. The impact of the new coronavirus, needless to say, was reflected on the first day of A-share market opening. 2020 is a key year for Bitcoin as a safe-haven asset. With more and more institutional investors buying, ICE, Fidelity, gray sacale etc.,obviously most of the funds in the market are bullish on Bitcoin As the term of digital gold, this also provides potential momentum for the future rise of Bitcoin.

However, some investors must pay attention to the fact that bitcoin has not really become digital gold. In many cases, it just looks like the asset of digital gold. The price of bitcoin has seen several interesting phenomena since 2020. During several small-scale conflicts, gold and crude oil immediately skyrocketed, and bitcoin also followed the rise. Note that bitcoin followed the rise rather than led the rise. The editors believe that the trend of bitcoin is getting closer. Gold is just that some investors want to make their prices consistent with the normal operation of the market caused by digital gold, but the value of bitcoin is not limited to acting as a substitute for gold. As a deflationary scarce currency, it must have potential appreciation. When the price will rise, how much will it rise? With the global interest rate cut, the level of market capital speculation, and the risk of economic downturns, the economy that is depreciating from reality will gradually take the old path of depreciation. In the next few years, Bitcoin is indeed the most noteworthy assets.

Physical mining — mixed by region

Just yesterday, a chinese miner jiang zhuoer broke the news that his mine in Xinjiang was forcibly shut down by police. .This can frighten all mining farm owners and miners. Some mining farms may also be infected by the epidemic. Of course, similar situations may occur in China. Due to local policy differences in various regions, the deepest part of the mining industry, the mininig farm, faces many uncertain policy factors, and deals with the relationship with the local regulatory authorities in the country. It is a hundred times more important than the price of electricity.


And mining, as the most important part of Bitcoin's devaluation, is the industry with the most stable output capacity in the entire blockchain industry. There is no one. For areas with severe domestic epidemics or areas with strict local policies, it is also helpless to carry out the necessary shutdowns of some mining farms that are not in compliance with regulations or have a dirty environment. Let ’s understand each other. However, oversea mining farmseem to be unaffected. At this time, the big bosses of oversea mining farm owners may be happy, and the bitcoin mining rigs will still operate correctly, and everything will run normally. The increasing fragmentation of Bitcoin mining sites is also a future trend. Therefore, the impact of mining on the epidemic is very limited.

In terms of bitcoin mining rigs, the three major chines domestic manufacturers also issued a unified announcement after the year: they will be postponed until February 10 to gradually resume the maintenance point and the delivery of the bitcoin mining rigs. It can be said that the bitcoin mining is difficult to enter, but it is a short-term problem. However, the logistics efficiency of various places must be affected by the epidemic situation and the transportation will not be able to resume normal operation soon. At the same time, the shipping time of the mining rigs manufacturers and the production time of the new machines will be affected to some extent and delayed. This has also led to another interesting phenomenon, that the growth of Bitcoin's computing power and difficulty has basically stagnated during the epidemic, which means that everyone's fear of mining in groups will cause the network's computing power and difficulty to skyrocket in the first half of the year. It's ugly. Ordinary enthusiasts can only wait for a period of time to participate in mining, or choose remote mining with reliable cloud mining is also a good choice.

Cloud mining— the survival of the fittest, halving is the biggest uncertainty

Speaking of Cloud mining, you have to fight hard.Iris Hash(immediately effective perpetual contract) sold out yesterday morning, which is the fourth time since the currency price surged yesterday. It seems that there are knowledgeable netizens who are always watching us, thank you here.


Closer to home, there are currently two types of cloud mining products. One is a perpetual contract (iris hash) similar to cloud hosting cloud mining, and the other is a term contract similar to a wealth management product (Bitdeer and Genesis mining) Represented by most hash power contracts). So during this time when the price of hash is low and the performance of the new mining machine is not greatly improved, in fact, it is a good time to arrange the mining hash power in the long term. Why people hesitant to hesitate? The reason is very simple. Bitcoin mining reward halving is coming. Many big concerns about the so-called halving of output have come up again.

In fact, many people have a wrong idea about halving the number of block rewards. The bitcoin mining rigs production capacity and benefits must be halved. No, let ’s see what happens after the halving.

Case 1: The currency price has plummeted. At this time, you may have to worry about not only the gain of hash power, but whether the platform you choose will suddenly run away. But if you choose iris hash, if we can't make you pay back in the short term, but also have confidence that you can pay back in the long term, the probability of loss is very small.
Case two: The price of the currency has skyrocketed, and you can make steady profits without losing money. How much to make, Bitcoin has the final say.

The price of bitcoin has been rising for a long time. At the current point in time, if you choose the most competitive long-term computing  hash power, you don't need to worry about the impact of halving at all, because the relative price of bitcoin's fiat currency has always been rising It just takes some time to see the answer left by history. Mining is a long-distance race. Any individual who enters mining or buys cloud computing power should not hold the illusion of getting rich for a short time, otherwise they will either be killed by the platform or killed by themselves. Bitcoin mining must make money in the end For investors with long-term layout ideas, iris hash perpetual contracts are also designed in accordance with this idea, and we want to share that  with all miner friends.

Last but not least, all staff members of cyberbitcoin(彩云比特) have officially resumed their work online on February 3. There are editors and programmers who work online at home, as well as hard-working staff at the mining farms. In short, please be assured that miners and users, your  hash power and mining rigs are running in a stable 24 hours. Hope we can spend this special period together. New year, come on!


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