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Cyber Bitcoin
With the arrival of 2020, it is less than 120 days before the third halving of bitcoin mining rewards. The era of bitcoin mining power has arrived! Recently, Bitmain ’s latest generation flagship model, the Antminer S17+, has been officially launched, and we has also received new S17+ that have been ordered.

The Antminer S17+ bitcoin mining machine was first released by Bitmain Wu Jihan at the Global Digital Mining Summit on October 9, 2019. At the same time, another model, the Antminer T17+ model was released. These two models were officially launched on the official website on October 11, and the first batch of mining machines is scheduled to be shipped from December 1-10.

The Bitcoin mining machine Antminer S17+ is divided into 76T, 73T, 70T, 67T and 64T according to different hashrate, and the power consumption ratio is about 40W/T. In this review, we are going to test the performance of the Antminer S17+ 76T.


Starting from the S17 series of Bitcoin mining machines released by Bitmain in March 2019, the size of the Antminer S17's outer packaging has always maintained a uniform specification, 486*388*265 industrial carton packaging, and the box is marked with manufacturer information, ant logo, and logistics storage logo , Mining machine specifications and bar identification code, logistics weight 11kg ▼

The only difference is the addition of a label under the bar code of the mining machine, which is certified by the Customs Union technical regulations (EAC certification: Eurasian Union's unified standard and required certification to ensure product safety) and the Korea Institute of Technology Standards Electronics Product Safety Certification (KATS) KC (Korea Certification). ▼

The interior is packaged by a custom-made pearl foam cotton mining machine with a gap around it for easy access by the mining machine. The box is equipped with a mining machine certificate and multi-language instructions for use. It also comes with 4 small self-adhesive gaskets. ▼

The miner is protected by anti-static shielding bag ▼

Antminer S17+ 76T net weight 9.8KG, size 298*178*304mm ▼

The Antminer S17+ 76T is not much different from other S17 series miners. The miner uses an all-in-one machine design with front and rear dual exhaust and parallel fans ▼

The miner can freely choose the placement method according to the rack size, to adapt to different rack sizes, choose to place the Antminer S17+ 76T upright or flat ▼


Antminer S17+ 76T adopts ultra-high integration and integrated design of the whole machine.  ▼

Control Board

The control board cover combines the design of the Antminer S9SE and the Antminer B7. It combines the button and screw fixing methods. It abandons the slide-type design of the B7 and changes to the flip-type. Lift up to open the lid ▼

Various connection lines of the control board are arranged in an orderly manner. All the connection lines have been arranged. The control board and the computing board use a traditional cable connection ▼

The interfaces and function keys on the control board are similar to the previous models▼

Power connection tab

The new mining machine adopts a fully-wrapped body design, so that the machine's wiring is not exposed. Due to the change of the casing, the cover of the control board is separated from the power supply cover, so that an additional casing is installed at the position of the power connection piece. The casing is fixed with a buckle and screws ▼

After removing the shell, you can see that the connection between the power supply and the hash board uses two copper sheets to connect the three hash boards together. The copper sheets of the power supply are crossed, and the positive and negative poles are marked on the copper sheet. ▼

Power supply

Antminer S17+ 76T is equipped with a power supply model APW9+, which provides DC voltages of 12.3V, 14.5V-21V, rated power of 3600W, maximum rated current of 170A ▼

Antminer APW9+ power supply dual circuit pfc and pwm output can prolong component life and enhance reliability, using three fans to supply air to provide active cooling for the power supply ▼

Antminer APW9 + power supply dual input can reduce the power consumption and safety risks of input cable socket over heating ▼

Antminer APW9+ power supply weighs 3.2KG, is one third of the weight of the whole machine▼

Cooling Fan

Next, explore the heat dissipation guarantee of the Antminer S17+ 76T. The whole machine uses a total of 4 fans in parallel to provide heat dissipation, and the form of the buckle and screws is used to fix it on the case ▼

Bitmain officially claims that the Antminer S17+ 76T uses a deep customization to optimize the heat dissipation design scheme, and reduces losses through fine temperature control to make the mining machine run more efficiently and stably. This is reflected in the fans. The current at the air inlet is 2.7A, and the current at the air outlet fan is 3.14A, which is not much different but reflects the carefulness of the designer ▼

The baffle where the fan is installed uses a complex casting process. Sponge is also used as a buffer material at the contact surface with the hash board to reduce the impact of the hash board and the casing during the transportation of the mining machine ▼

The fan power supply cable wiring process also takes into account scratch resistance, protective materials are added to the contact surface with the chassis, and fan extension cables are reinforced with cable ties ▼

Mining boards

The mining boards can be seen after disassembling the fans. The Antminer S17+ 76T has 3 mining boards built in. The 3 mining boards are installed in the chassis through the fitted slot. ▼

Each mining board has 65 pieces 7nm chips on it, and three mining boards total 195 pieces▼

Both sides of the mining board are covered with stainless steel fins of different lengths. The fins on the air inlet side are short and scattered. The length and density are larger toward the air outlet side. Maybe this is the Antminer S17+ 76T deep customization to optimize the heat dissipation design, of course. More depth is reflected in software control, which is invisible in this aspect ▼

(Back of mining board)

(Front of mining board)


The chassis of Antminer S17+ 76T no longer uses an integrated die-casting structure, but is divided into two parts. Each side is formed separately, and then connected into a whole through a card slot. This structure makes the mining machine lie flat because the middle protrusion causes the mining opportunity to be a bit The slope, which can also explain the reason why 4 small self-adhesive gaskets are included in the package. The chassis is made of aluminum alloy, and the inner wall will show a rainbow-like color. It is not common. What material is used is not important. Researched, the miners who have studied also popularized ▼

Disassemble details

Attach a complete disassemble of the main structure of the miner ▼


Hardware installation

Antminer S17+ 76T does not provide standard power cords. Users need to prepare 2 power cords in advance. It is recommended to use National standard 1 square 10A power cord. The miner should startup with both power cords are connected. It is not recommended for home miners to use the same 10A socket with miner.

Connect the LAN cable to Antminer S17+ 76T, plug in 2 power cords, and wait for the miner to start up and finding the IP address of the miner. You can also use the Antminer tool combined with the IP report button to find the IP.

Software configuration

After finding the IP address of the mining machine, enter the found IP address into the browser address, enter the user name and password (the default user name and password of the mining machine are both "root") to enter the mining machine control panel ▼

Click the "Miner Configuration" page to enter the mining pool modification page. The default mining pool address is empty, you need to modify the address of the main mining pool and the name of the miner. Modify the address of the standby mining pool and the name of the miner as required. Click "Save & Apply "to save the settings and the miner can start mining automatically ▼

The previous model of Antminer often have built-in conventional and low-power mining modes and you can switch the mining mode with one click according to the requirement, but this function is not built in Antminer S17+ 76T, and it is not known whether it will be updated later.

The other three commonly used software configurations are modifying the default password of the miner (system / administration), setting a fixed IP address (Network), and updating the firmware (system / Upgrade).


We tested the Antminer S17+ 76T for more than 24 hours. The test ambient temperature is about 23.8 degrees, the noise value is about 56 dB, and the mains voltage is 226V ▼

Antminer S17+ 76T miner starts and consumes about 40W, 73dB of noise ▼

The network indicator is on and the fault indicator is red when starting. The miner will automatically adjust the frequency when starting. The miner will run normally after 3-5 minutes. ▼

After running for more than 24 hours, you can see that the control page shows that the computing power is 78.5T ▼

At this time, the temperature values ​​were measured again. The temperature of the inlet side of the Antminer S17+ 76T was 24.8 degrees ▼

Antminer S17+ 76T outlet temperature is 50.9 degrees, power supply outlet side temperature is 38.7 degrees ▼

Antminer S17+ 76T case central temperature was 31.7 degrees, the middle of power supply of Antminer S17+ 76T was 33 degrees ▼

The temperature of the power supply cable (GB 2.5 square) is 27.6 degrees, and the temperature of a single mining power cable (GB 0.75 square) is 28 degrees ▼

Antminer S17+ 76T has four PCB temperature sensing modules and 4 chip temperature sensing modules distributed on each hash board. The temperature of the PCB is in the range of 39-61 degrees, and the temperature of the chip is in the range of 57-80 degrees. ▼

Antminer S17+ 76T power consumption is 3100W, and close range noise is about 79dB. ▼


After 24-hour mining, mining pool receives a average hash rate of 76.67T, which meets the spectification. Antminer S17+ 76T tested power consumption ratio is 40.43W/T ▼


The CEO of Bitmain, Wu Jihan mentioned in the opening speech of the Global Digital Mining Summit that,

The cryptocurrency market has unlimited potential. At present, the total market value of cryptocurrencies is about 200 billion US dollars. I believe that cryptocurrencies will become common currencies in the future.

It can be seen that Bitmain is full of confidence in the development of the digital currency industry. After using the Antminer S17+ 76T bitcoin mining machine, we feels that Bitmain is no longer simply satisfied with manufacturing bitcoin with large computing power and low power consumption ratio. Miners are still working to improve the service quality and standards of the industry.


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