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Shenzhen StrongU Technology Co., Ltd (StrongU) was founded in Shenzhen, China. They are committed to providing high-speed, low consumption computing chips, serving in the blockchain industry and artificial intelligence industry.

Based on advanced semiconductor technology and high-performance chip, realize the vertical application in the blockchain industry, including chip design, hardware products, embedded software, PC software, and Internet platform development.

In April 2019, the market price of DASH was about 360 USD. StrongU launched a Dash mining machine STU-U6 known as high computing power, high yield, and high cost-performance. According to the announcement at the time, In terms of parameters, the computing power is 660G, the power consumption is as low as 1300W, and the dazzling halo comes on with a power consumption lower than 2W/G. However, many miners have been disappointed when they were delivered in September and October. The computing power has not gone up much, and the power consumption ratio has not decreased. The computing power at the time of shipment is 420G, the power consumption is 2100W, and the power consumption ratio of the whole machine is only 5W/G. The power consumption ratio is only comparable to the mainstream models in the current market. .

Although a little disappointed, Strong U6 is still the Dash mining machine with the highest computing power in the market, and the machine is small and has some improvements that are different from traditional mining machines.

StrongU Miner STU-U6 is the X11 algorithm mining machine, which is mainly used to mine Dash. Of course, other X11 species can also be mined. After the mass production and delivery, the official rating of the calculation is 420G ± 10%. The wall power consumption is 2100W ± 10%, and a 6-month warranty is provided.


The packaging box of STU-U6 is very small and exquisite, of course, it can't be reflected in the photo. The size, gross weight, and net weight are directly marked on the outer box.

Unpacking shows that the STU-U6 has an integrated power supply, uses dual fans in parallel, and has one-side air-supply cooling. The net weight of the whole machine is 8.5 kg.

It can be seen from the side that the STU-U6 is small and compact, the machine is very short, and it feels very lightweight when carrying the miner. The short body also helps to quickly bring out the heat.

STU-U6 can stand and lie down. Of course, according to traditional mine racks, it can only be laid down, and the erected size is still beyond the standard.

The integrated power supply model is STU-HQ2680, which provides a maximum output of 2500W, and the power conversion rate is 93%.

The power supply has a switch and uses a 16A power cord. According to our experience, this power supply should be a specific power supply for mining machine from RSPower. It seems that STU-U6 attaches great importance to the power supply of U6.

The integrated power supply is connected to the stainless steel connection piece used between the hash board. The cables protruding from the power supply are used to power the control board and regulate the voltage of the mining board.

You can see the miner model, computing power and power consumption at the top when the miner is placed.

The control board is similar to other mining machines, with status indicators, restart/reset button, LAN interface, and IP address report button, but it has one more factory maintenance interface and 4 status indicators than other mining machines.

In terms of heat dissipation, the STU-U6 uses two 12038 12V/5A fans, and the small power consumption will not bring too much noise. Of course, the current miners do not pay much attention to the noise.


Plugin the power cord and network cable to start up. The status indicator of the STU-U6 will light up when the system is turned on. Three of them will stay on after the system completes the self-test. Different status lights will be lit, and you can find the fault information of the miner according to the fault light

status indicator when power on

status indicator during normal operation

You can download the official tool stu_IP_Reporter when searching for IP in batches. The usage method is very simple: open stu_IP_Reporter \ click "start" \ press the "IP report button" on the control panel of the miner to get the IP address of the miner.

Enter the miner's IP address in the browser's address bar, enter the user name and password (by default both: root) to enter the machine control panel. The first page displays the miner's system information

Enter "Miner Configuration" to modify the information of the main and backup mining pools, worker name, and passwords. After inputting, remember to click "Save & Apply".

Click "Miner Status" to view the running status of the mining machine. The computing power will be displayed about 5 or 6 minutes after the information of the mining pool is modified. The page will automatically refresh and the computing power displayed in the background will meet the standard.


The ambient temperature when testing the STU-U6 is 25.8 degrees, and the air outlet temperature is 44.4 degrees. The temperature control is still good.

Inlet air temperature

Outlet temperature

After running for a while in F2Pool, it showed that computing power also reached the standard, with an average of about 420G in 24 hours.

24-hour computing power curve of F2Pool

After measuring the computing power to reach the standard, the power consumption of the Chuangyou U6-420G is 2109W, and the power consumption ratio is 4.98W / G.



Generally speaking, StrongU STU-U6-420G is very good. Although the power consumption ratio is not as expected, the large computing power of the small body can still bring a good mining experience.


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