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Cyber Bitcoin reported that there are currently at least 7 blockchain ETFs listed around the world, including the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and the Toronto Stock Exchange, etc. According to a research report released in May, several files launched in 2018 Blockchain ETFs are showing a strong upward trend. Now China, which is developing blockchain innovation in full swing, also intends to use the blockchain ETFs to stimulate investor enthusiasm.

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Penghua Fund, which has more than $ 80 billion in assets under management, submitted a blockchain ETF listing application. China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) also announced its acceptance on the 24th of this month. If the case is approved after examination, it will be China's first open blockchain ETF.

The Shanghai Securities News reported on the 26th that Penghua Fund, a well-known Chinese fund management company, has applied to CSRC to launch the first blockchain ETF, which is the first fund project with a blockchain theme in the true sense. According to the official website display as of June this year, Penghua Fund's asset management scale reached 564.5 billion Chinese yuan, a total of 159 public funds, 10 national social security and 4 pension insurance investment portfolios.

It is understood that the share of equity funds established reached a new high this year, and the contribution of ETF cannot be erased.

However, the current concept of blockchain stocks in the market varies, and investors do not know much about blockchain. Therefore, the industry believes that if the Penghua Fund Blockchain ETF is first launched, it will make it more convenient for investors. The entry of the pipeline into the blockchain market will surely trigger other companies to follow suit. With the maturity of policies and industries, blockchain ETFs may grow into a countervailing existence with 5G ETFs in the future.

Shenzhen Blockchain 50 Index

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange also issued an announcement on the 24th of this month. In order to reflect the market performance of blockchain companies and to meet the needs of investors for indexed investment tools, the top 50 areas with a daily average market value in the past six months were specially selected. Blockchain-related companies have launched the "Blockchain 50 Index" using weighted free market capitalization.


It is understood that the areas covered by the Blockchain 50 Index include banks, games, securities, and even medical care, picture copyright, and information technology, and the reference companies are Hailian Finance, Giant Interactive Group, Pingan Bank, EastMoney, Yuan Guang Software have comprehensively covered the relevant application scope of the current blockchain.

It is worth mentioning that this also includes the Chinese gaming company, Wholeasy, which entered the cryptocurrency mining industry in 2018. After the bitcoin bull market, the company invested up to 500 million Chinese yuan to the mining machine manufacturer Ebang purchased 100,000 bitcoin miners, but the two parties are currently in a lawsuit over the difference in the number of miners received.

On the first day of the launch of the Blockchain 50 Index, it achieved a 1.15% increase, and the closing point was at 3150.05. Despite its good performance, considering that most large companies have not yet entered this field on a large scale, most fund managers And securities firms are still on the sidelines, expecting that listed companies with excellent fundamentals will lead the index to rise strongly.

At present, among the companies included in the Blockchain 50 Index, 26 perform well in the range of increase, of which 7 companies have achieved an increase of more than 20%, and the turnover rate of several other areas has reached 400%; among these, Donghua Software, Forms Syntron and Leo Group both rose more than 40%, and the first two were closer to 50%.

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