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Cyber Bitcoin
According to yesterday, Bitmain disclosed the latest mining machine sales model at a Customer Thank-you Meeting held in Chengdu. Innovation points include support for installment payments, support for joint mining, and purchase of large mining machines to send options. The machine sales market has added a strong financial color.

Tight money? Mining machine installments


According to the information disclosed by Bitmain, when buying 100-999 mining machines, miners only need to pay 50% of the cost to get the mining machines. Buying 1000-1999 mining machines, the first payment is 40%. Buying 2000-4999 miners, with a 30% down payment and for purchases of more than 5,000 miners, the installment payment system is designed to alleviate the shortage of funds in the mine and the pool (customer) and increase the sales of miners.

Don't want to buy an entity? Launch of mining machine lease

Bitmain has launched a joint mining model, that is, Bitmain provides S17 series mining machines and electricity costs (electricity price 0.35 Chinese yuan/degree), and partners cooperate with mining and operation and maintenance to jointly mine for one year. After deducting electricity fees, customers can get 25% of the net income of the mining income, and the rest belongs to Bitmain. If the net income is less than the electricity expenses, no income will be distributed.

Afraid of a slump? Buy mining machine to send put options

At the same time, in response to the large pain points of fear of large losses after the currency price plummeted, a model of buying options for mining machines was introduced. Beginning on December 7, 2019, Bitmain will prepare a portion of funds to purchase options from Matrixport to help customers lower the risk of falling currency prices. Orders over 10 million will receive 1% of the amount due on the order.

In fact, Bitcoin's mining machine market is essentially a medium-term call option, and Bitmain's idea of ​​sending a 1% put option is nothing more than giving customers a layer of insurance, and options as a non-linear financial derivative, Being able to hedge the mining losses of large households under extreme conditions is a more innovative marketing idea.

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