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Edited by qqqpeter at 2019-12-2 17:28 reported that On October 26, Chinese leader Xi Jinping stated that he would "use the blockchain as a breakthrough point for independent innovation". In just one month after the wave of blockchain in China, China has made great efforts to rectify and plan for the blockchain. Many practical applications have been carried out and on December 1st, at the "First Blockchain Service Network Partner Conference", it was announced that "Blockchain + Urban Brain City Platform" will be launched in Hangzhou, a new first-tier city in China.

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The first members of the Blockchain Network Service Alliance (BSN) led by China National Information Center are not small, including China UnionPay, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Merchants Bank, WeBank, and other telecommunications and financial giants. It is worth noting that the first members also have a cryptocurrency exchange, Huobi.

According to Chinese local media, Xinhua News Agency, the "Blockchain Service Network" is a national blockchain service infrastructure platform that spans public networks, regions, and institutions. The network is top-level planned by the National Information Center, and is sponsored by China UnionPay and China Mobile uses relevant blockchain technology and existing network resources and data centers for independent research and development, hoping to build a blockchain bottom-level technology service platform that is unanimously recognized and commonly used by the industry, and promote the deployment of the blockchain industry, serving the construction of new smart cities and digital economic development.

Xinhua News Agency pointed out in October that more than 50 public city nodes in 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities in China have completed or are deploying blockchain service networks. Zhang Xueying, the deputy director of the National Information Center said,

With the gradual adaptation of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, BSN will provide high-quality, customized services for China's smart city construction and the development of the digital economy, and will spawn a number of new industries based on blockchain applications, New formats.

Shi Wenchao, President of China UnionPay, also believes that in the future, the blockchain service network will be closely connected with partners such as governments, enterprises, institutions, and technology companies to break down industry barriers and achieve data interconnection, resource sharing, and business collaboration in various industries.

It is conducive to solving the problems facing the development of the real economy.

Shi Wenchao said so.

Hangzhou launches "blockchain + urban brain city platform'' pilot

The Zhejiang Provincial People's Government
announced in May this year that Hangzhou used Alibaba Cloud and Alibaba Dharma Institute's related technologies to successfully use Hangzhou’s “city brain”, a city management platform that combines big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence technologies, to successfully Real-time analysis of traffic data, optimization of traffic lights and other adjustments, and overall traffic efficiency of elevated roads increased by 15.3%.

Urban brain, Image from Alibaba official website

Now, the blockchain service network and the urban brain city platform will be officially launched. It is expected that the blockchain service network and the urban brain technology will be used to explore more efficient, transparent and credible government services.

Xinhua News Agency pointed out that at present, blockchain technology has three application scenarios of government service “run once”, hotel disinfection supervision, and road health ecological detection on the urban brain city platform. In view of the low development difficulty and low cost of the blockchain service network, the advantage of the Xiacheng District of Hangzhou City was that it only took one week to realize the interface docking and data uploading.

Run at most once: The goal of government service reform is to use the service model innovation of “one window acceptance, combined service, and one-off settlement” to allow enterprises and the masses to go to government affairs to achieve the administrative goal of "run once".

Faced with this blockchain service network alliance composed of Huobi, China Telecom, WeBank, and other parties, Liu Yunan, director of the National Information Center said,

The blockchain service network can effectively reduce the threshold for blockchain applications and facilitate the rapid promotion and application of blockchain technology.

He expressed his optimistic view that the popularity of blockchain in China will be accelerated through the blockchain service network.

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