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Cyber Bitcoin
The Chinese court network reported that there has been a special word recently: blockchain. Simply put, this technology is a new way of data management based on cryptography, such as decentralization, non-tampering, traces, traceability, etc. Advantages have broad application prospects. However, along with the upsurge of the blockchain, there has been some chaos in society. Many companies have taken advantage of the situation or created momentum, and some even played tricks.


It is reported that the blockchain companies currently monitored in the country have the word “blockchain” or about 32,000 with the blockchain in the business scope, but after actual monitoring, they actually have blockchain technology. The company actually has about 10% of this amount. The same was true of the "quantum reading" that was once popular in the past. According to the merchants, quantum reading can firmly remember the contents of hundreds of thousands of words in a few minutes. Unexpectedly, for this lack of scientific basis, contrary to science Many people in the "quantum reading" of common sense have actually believed in it and have joined them. In addition to being defrauded of a lot of money, I am afraid there is nothing to gain.

In order to prevent blinding by the "blockchain" deception, on the one hand, the relevant state departments should strengthen the supervision of this aspect, and cannot let it grow wildly. Blockchain is a new field. It can't make technology become an illegal shield. It can't make such a new field become a regulatory depression. Once there is a regulatory depression, it may attract a large number of illegal criminal acts, constantly disrupt the financial order and disrupt the normalization of new technologies. development of. For those who are deceiving money in the name of "blockchain", they must resolutely crackdown on them and eliminate the illegal "blockchain" living soil; on the other hand, their own awareness of prevention is indispensable. To participate in commercial activities, you must first do your homework, and then you will join after you really understand it. Otherwise, you will blindly follow the trend and you will end up losing more.

The market economy is a rule of law economy, and it is by no means a Shantou economy. Gentlemen love money when they have a proper way, only to abide by the law is the right way, in the name of "blockchain", the pitfalls of deceiving money, not only for people but also for the law.

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