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Mars Finance reported that Whatsminer mining machine employees, customers, investment bankers, and other sources confirmed the following points:

1. After Yang Zuoxing was arrested, Whatsminer shareholder and Bixin CEO, Wu Gang announced that they would stand up for the Whatsminer mining machine business.

2. The latest product of Whatsminer Mining Machine, M30, will be launched soon. The performance is about 38 watts per T. It uses Samsung 8nm chip, which performance is higher than the current strongest ant mining machine S17 Pro.

3. Investment bankers close to Whatsminer revealed that Whatsminer is indeed preparing for the listing of US stocks, but before the end of the investigation of Yang Zuoxing, the listing hope is not big.

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According to the news on November 8th, Yang Zuoxing, the owner of Whatsminer, has been taken away by the police or involved in infringing the trade secrets of a mining machine manufacturer. More than one person from the exchange and the mining industry confirmed the news. The head of the Whatsminer mining machine marketing declined to comment.

According to previous reports, the reason why Yang Zuoxing was taken away by the police involved intellectual property disputes in Bitmain. The time taken was about the end of October, involving a total of tens of millions of yuan. If the final investigation results are true, then Yang Zuoxing may face imprisonment for three years or more and seven years or less.

The report also pointed out that this is not the first time that Whatsminer mining machine founder Yang Zuoxing confronted Bitmain. In 2016, after Yang Zuoxing left the Bitmain to establish MicroBT (Whatsminer Mining Machine), Bitmain took him to court on the grounds of patent infringement. According to reported on September 11, 2018, Yang Zuoxing, CEO of Shenzhen MicroBT Technology Co. Ltd. (Whatsminer Mining Machine) received the "Civil Ruling Book" of the court. According to the ruling, the lawsuit of Bitmain was rejected.

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