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Cyber Bitcoin
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INNOSILICON recently released a new generation of SHA256 algorithm bitcoin mining machine: T3+57T BTC Miner

T3+ has 4 operating modes that can be adjusted. The official parameters are as follows:

e mode - overall machine power consumption: 2100W, the whole machine computing power: 40T

b mode - overall machine power consumption: 2600W, the whole machine computing power: 45T

f mode - overall machine power consumption: 3000W, the whole machine computing power: 50T

p mode - overall machine power consumption: 3600W, the whole machine computing power: 57T

We received the T3+ manufacturer's evaluation machine (model: T3+58T) in the first time. The following we brought the fresh evaluation of this bitcoin mining machine to the miners.



The INNOSILICON T3+ Bitcoin mining machine is packed in industrial carton, with the logistics warehousing logo printed on the packaging carton, and the model, hash rate, and mining machine SN bar code.

The size of the package is 305*203*278mm, and the weight of the whole container is 13.5KG.

Unpacking the outer package, the T3+ mining machine is wrapped with a dust-proof plastic bag, which is packaged by a customized anti-static pearl cotton to enhance the safe transportation of the logistics.

INNOSILICON T3+ bitcoin mining machine adopts a double-tube inlet and exhaust-type heat dissipation design. The size of the mining machine is 338*207*293mm, and the weight of the whole machine is 12.3KG.

The double-tube design is beneficial to shorten the mining board so that the heat dissipation area is enlarged, and shortening the air passage is beneficial to the rapid discharge of heat.

The mining farm can be placed upright or lying down according to the condition of the rack. When standing upright, the name of the miner, the calculation power, the IP address acquisition method, the login name and password, and the precautions for the use of the mining machine can be seen on the side.

The mining machines produced by INNOSILICON are basically equipped with bottom anti-slip mats. The bottom of the mining machine is equipped with anti-slip mats to reduce the friction on the rack during the racking process, which helps to protect the frame paint surface and reduce the possibility of paint rusting.


The control panel of the INNOSILICON T3+ is equipped with a protective case that hides and protects the wire, making the machine look cleaner than the previous model.

A hole is opened in the protective case to observe the cable condition, but there is a small problem that the protective case has a small opening and cannot be disassembled, because the warranty label is attached, in case the fan is broken or other small problems are a little bit trouble.

The control board interface has an SD card slot, an IP address reporting button, an Ethernet interface, a reset button, and a status indicator.


INNOSILICON T3+ IPset (IP address reporting) setting button usage:

1. Press the IPset button for 1-4 seconds.

a. Send the IP of the machine to the "SetIP" tool.

b. With the "SetIP" tool, set the miner to a static IP within the specified range of the tool.

2. Press and hold the IPset button for 4-15 seconds, the static IP will change to dynamic IP, and the pool settings will be restored to the default settings.

3. Press and hold the IPset button for more than 15 seconds to switch the machine IP to static IP and restore the IP to the default IP:

INNOSILICON T3+ Reset button Usage and function:

Press the reset button to restart the machine. Press and hold for 5-10 seconds to return to the factory settings.

INNOSILICON T3+ status indicator description:

The Normal Indicator status is continuously lit to indicate a static IP, and flashing indicates that the IP address is automatically obtained (DHCP).

Fault Indicator: when the light is off, the status of the mining machine is normal; when the light is on, the network or mining machine is faulty.

The INNOSILICON T3+ uses four 12V 2.7A fans to provide heat for the mining machine.

The 4-core fan used in the air inlet and the 6-core fan in the air outlet are designed to distinguish the front and rear fans and preserve the possibility of separate control of the front and rear fans.

The fan power cable is wired with a tamper-proof design and a cushion is placed on the contact surface of the housing.

The INNOSILICON T3+ integrates a conversion efficiency of 93% and a maximum power of 3700W. The integrated power supply has a switch, and the power supply adopts a dual fan active air supply type heat dissipation.

The power supply and the mining board are connected by a connecting bronze medal, and the power supply line and the voltage regulating line of the control board have been glued and fixed.

It should be noted that the integrated power supply must be fitted with a 16A socket and a 16A power cord. Since the customer needs different types of plugs, the mine machine does not have a standard power cord.

When the 16A power cord of the previous model is fitted to the 16A socket of the mine, there will be a small problem, that is, the plug width exceeds the standard. When the two sockets are together, they can be squeezed together, and the three together cannot be used. It is necessary to pay attention to the gap between the sockets. .

Installation and settings:

Before the mining machine is put on shelves, please contact the after-sales personnel if the following conditions occur:

● Open the package and check the mining machine to check if the warranty sticker is damaged.

● Shake the mining machine if there is a metal collision sound.

● Check that the four fans on both sides are in good condition.

After confirming that there is no abnormality, plug in the power cord and LAN cable, turn on the power switch, and the mining machine starts working.

INNOSILICOn T3+ Each mining board has an indicator light to indicate the working status of the board. Continuous lighting indicates normal operation. Blinking indicates that the temperature of the power board is too high and need to check if the fan of the mining machine is normal. If the indicator light is off, the power board is not running. Try restarting the mining machine.

INNOSILICON T3+ Bitcoin mining machine default using DHCP (automatically acquire IP mode), you can find the mining machine IP address through IP scanner "SetIP". You can download HERE.

When the number of mining machines is large, the "SetIP" can also be used to set the mining machine to a fixed IP address, which is convenient for managing and maintaining the mining machine.

Enter the found IP address into the browser address bar, enter the user name and password (default is admin) to enter the machine control panel.

Before configuring the mining machine, check the firmware version of the mining machine. Select the “Overview” page to view the current version number of the T3+58T mining machine.

Go to the official website to download the latest version of the firmware, click HERE to enter the download page.

Select “Maintenance/Firmware” to enter the firmware update page, select the downloaded firmware, and click “Upgrade Now” to start the update.

The machine will restart automatically after the update is completed.

After restarting, select “Settings/Pools” to enter the mine modification page, enter the mine pool address, miner number and password in turn, and click “Upgrade Pool” to save and update the current modification. To modify the mine pool, you need to pay attention to the address of the mine pool. The address must include “stratum+tcp://”. Otherwise, the page will prompt that some fields are invalid and the red highlight is displayed.


INNOSILICON T3+ Bitcoin mining machine has built-in 4 operating modes. This test is in Performance mode. When the mining machine starts up, it will automatically adjust the adjustment time of about 30 minutes. The calculation power will fluctuate somewhat.

The value recorded in this test is the value obtained after the mine machine has been running for more than 24 hours.

INNOSILICON T3+ bitcoin mining machine temperature performance

Air inlet temperature 25.6 degrees

Air outlet temperature 41 degrees

The side temperature of the mining machine is 30.5 degrees

Power outlet temperature 35.5 degrees

Power connection bronze temperature 34.5 degrees

INNOSILICON T3+ bitcoin mining machine power consumed and hash rate performance

The miner control page shows that the current fan speed is 90% and the measured power consumption value is 3472W.

The hash rate curve of the 44-hour operation is stable, showing that the calculation power is 57.14T, the acceptance rate of the mining pool is 99.9%, and the calculation power of the each mining boards is more than 19T.

The BTC.COM mining pool received little fluctuations, and the 24-hour average computing power exceeded 59T, reaching 59.4T. In the end, the power consumption ratio of INNOSILICON T3+ in P mode is 58.45W/T, and according to the official parameters, the power consumption ratio of the machine in E mode can reach 52W/T.


• T3+ measured pool receiving power reached 59.4T, exceeding the official nominal 58T, which is a big breakthrough.

• The measured power consumption is 3472W, the power consumption ratio is 58.45W/T, and the power consumption ratio lower than 60W occupies a certain advantage, and the lower power consumption ratio prolongs the mining cycle.

• T3+ comes with a power supply with a maximum power consumption of 3700W, and is properly overclocked and has no pressure.

• The volume and weight are smaller and lighter than the T2T-32T, and the noise level is controlled better.

• Four front and rear cooling fans are equipped with metal shields to ensure safe and reliable mining process.

• After 24 hours testing of the mining machine, the background page curve and the receiving capacity curve of the mining pool are stable.

• The T3+ bitcoin miner pays attention to detail, and the fan power cord is wired with a flood-proof design in mind.

• The control page features a night-time switching function to protect the user's eyesight and a bottom anti-slip mat is a good design for the placement.

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